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@SoUlLeSs-_- P.O.V

I wake up just to go to a craphole where everyone hates me, just to come home to the same bullcrap. “Soulless” “whore” “freak” god they don’t get it they don’t freaking understand and they never will. I was normal I was happy...all till I came out, that’s when they all flipped their wigs. That’s when they all left. They all started hating me. I trusted him and he outed me to everyone. It spread like a wildfire on a windy day. “Omg did you know she’s a lesbian? She definitely loves all you guys, watch out!”

I go home just for the same bullcrap I hate my life I swear. Once I walk through the door my siblings are running all over the place my parents are arguing about something so of course, I go to my room lock it and stream just like I always do. It’s a waste of time honestly it’s not like I have millions heck I don’t even have 100 fans. I stream for about an hour before I get the same message I do every night. @Bukimina_sutoka has messaged you” I swear this guy or at least I believe they’re a guy just I get the creeps I read the message and of course its the same message that I always get. The classic “Hey cutie” it creeps me out so much that I shiver they must have seen it because they logged off.

I sigh and go back to playing my game. I look over at the screen and they logged back on. I decide to leave the stream “ Okay loves I have a history test goodnight morning or whatever time it is there” I blow a kiss at the camera and log off. I change my clothes and turn on music to block the sound of my family and dance around. The only time I let loose is when I have music.

My phone bings and I figure it Attoteki my best friend who moved back to Japan last month… it’s not, it’s them.

~@soulless-_- private messages~

[@Bukimina_sutoka ]

Hey cutie! Why leave so early?


History quiz.

[@Bukimina_sutoka ]

Wow so cold.


I’m busy please leave me alone

[@Bukimina_sutoka ]

Just trynna treat you right bbygrl

Read 11:30pm

Treat me right? What person wants to treat ME right? What if it is a girl? what if I have a small chance with her? No, I shake the thoughts away. It could be a 50-year-old creep for all I know. Well I mean maybe I could no go to sleep I am going to sleep I can’t be so lonely I’m fantasizing over an online creep!

I wake up to a loud banging on my door. I pop up and look at my clock, it’s 3 am who could possibly be at my door at three in the morning. I creep towards the door it feels cold and eerie in my house, I hear a loud ring in my ears and another bang on my door in a rhythm bang-pause-bang-pause. What in the world is going on? I pause and the door flies open nearly breaking the hinges the ringing in my ear stops I’m staring face to face with a 6ft man red eyes and deformed face he points at me and mumbles something before sprinting at me. He stops were our faces meet one inch apart. I can feel his breath on my face and clearly see the burns and scratches on his face. I’m frozen and horrified as he softly touches my face with his sandpaper hands he whispers “behind you” I snap my head behind me and I’m back in my bed sun is up birds are chirping. It must’ve been a nightmare.

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