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Travelling with her Dad on pack business, Everly is excited to finally be allowed to tag along. She wants to prove herself so she can finally step into the role she has been working for her entire life but everything goes wrong from the minute she gets out of the car. Literally. Is denying your mate worth dying for?

Romance / Fantasy
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Having three brothers is bad enough but them being ‘older’ is even worst. They’re only older by a few minutes but that means everything in werewolf hierarchy. And with our father being the Alpha of our pack, there is a lot of unnecessary testosterone being flung about. Pfft. With an eyeroll, my she-wolf Nymph agrees with me wholeheartedly. She is just as sick of the bullshit around here as I am.

The only source of calm in the daily male pissing contest that is my life is my Mom. She is a fucking Moon Goddess blessing in human form. She and Dad have told us the story of how they met so many times, I know it by memory, but it never ceases to humble me. Mom was running from her abusive ex, and nearly died in a terrible car accident. Dad’s wolf Harou recognized her immediately as his mate, but their path to each other still wasn’t clear. Only once the son of a bitch that hurt my Mom was dead, did Harou claim her and their mate bond was forged. Even now, more than twenty-eight years later they still can’t keep their hands off each other. The human part of me is grossed the fuck out, while the she-wolf in me admires their commitment to one another.

Mates. My she-wolf has been actively looking for our mate for a few years now, and at twenty-seven Nymph is feeling a growing need to have pups of her own. Hah! That’s what she thinks.



No way, no how! Bitch! Yeah, right backatcha sweetheart. I have a goal in mind, and I am not stopping until I reach it. And no wolf, whether he is my fucking mate or not, is going to distract me now! Out of the four of us, I am the only one who went to college. I studied hard and got my Business degree, learning everything I could. And in the five years since I graduated, I have been working alongside the pack’s current Gamma, so I’m ready to assume my Our! position when the time comes. No fucking wolf is going to ruin things for me now. Maaaaate. Nope. Don’t care. Ask me again in say… ten years. Maybe I’ll have time and interest then.

In the meantime, I’ll have to continue to make do with my own hands and toys. Yay. So much fun. I couldn’t be less excited if I were being told I had to use nail-embedded gelatine dessert. Mate! No! Being horny and wanting to feel a man’s cock inside me Us! is not reason enough to throw everything away now. No. Fucking. Way. So stop asking! Bitch. Knock it off Nymph, I’m not in the mood. The eyeroll the bitch gives me seems to imply I’m never in the mood and that’s my problem. Fuck her!

My usual bad mood is further soured by this growing all-too regular argument with my she-wolf so I’m really not in the mood for my brothers’ bullshit when I We run into them prior to the pack meeting. Our father isn’t revealing anything via mindlink, which has everyone on edge and this emergency meeting he has called isn’t helping.

Mom had to undergo an emergency caesarean, delivering four of us naturally too much for her human body. Luna. Yes, she is our Luna. But she’s also my Mom. And my fucking hero. So whether by luck, fate or destiny Killian was born first. Someday, when my father leaves the post as Alpha for our pack, Killian will take over. Being firstborn, the crown falls to him naturally, but he was also born for the role. Fearless, strong, aggressive in all ways and fucking brilliant – Killian is going to be an incredible Alpha for us when the time comes. Hopefully not for a long time though, because none of us are ready to see Dad go anywhere. It also scares the shit out of me that if something were to happen to Dad, Mom would likely soon follow, despite not being a werewolf. Their connection is so intense… I don’t think either will last long without the other. Horrible thoughts for another time.

Wherever Killian goes, Callum, the second oldest, follows. They’re constantly together, more like best friends than brothers. Of the four of us, the two of them look the most alike and they’re almost fucking identical. We all have our father’s silver blonde hair; Killian wears his cut short whereas Callum’s grows long. Callum will be Killian’s Beta when the time comes, so their close bond will only benefit the pack in the years to come, I’m sure.

My third brother is secretly my favourite Luv but I’ll never tell. Asher is the only one of us who was born human like Mom and growing up some of the other wolves were fucking harsh when they would pick on him. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for him, with the rest of his siblings shifting and exploring their new relationships with their wolves. Ash never has a harsh word for anyone, and maybe because of our oldest brothers’ close relationship, Ash and I are extra tight. I love him dearly and now that Nymph and I have come into our own, I will fucking tear the throat out of anyone who fucks with him. Killi and Cal always beat the shit out of anyone who needed it at school – no one fucks with our family. No one.

Except one another. And my big brothers are fucking relentless when it comes to me. Killi will fuck any she-wolf who stands still for long enough, and Cal has them practically falling at his feet. So gross. Asher is more discreet, so while I know he is also doing his share of whoring around – at least he doesn’t rub my face in it. The other two don’t care yet scare off any wolf who dares to come sniffing – not that I’m interested. Pfft. I’m not!

Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy having a man spend a few hours with his face buried between my legs.

“Where are your thoughts at, Runt?” Fucking Killian. He knows I hate being called Runt, so he makes sure he does it every single time he sees me. Asshole. Nymph growls, letting him know our displeasure. His wolf Rune growls back, reminding us of our place in the pack. She may submit to him but I fucking won’t! I direct my worst glare at him, and he insults me further by placing his hand on the top of my head and ruffling my hair.

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

I am now seeing fucking red, and Nymph’s growls are no longer of displeasure. She wants to bite him. I want to bite him. I don’t care that he is my future Alpha. He’s still my brother and a fucking asshole. Killian leans down and rests his forehead against mine, silently seeking forgiveness. Other than my Mom, I am the only woman in his life to ever see this side of him. None of us have found our mates, so the world only knows the hard side of Killian. That Killian pisses me off constantly. But when he does shit like this, all is right in our world. Nymph whimpers contentedly, as does Rune. We’re good. For now. I’m sure he’ll annoy me again in three minutes – that’s usually how we operate.

We head into the meeting room together, along with Callum. I find my seat next to Asher, who is already sitting, further away from where Killian and Callum sit. Asher and I have smaller roles to play in the pack’s future, and we accept that. Asher is human so can’t hold any official ranking title within the pack – which is fucking bullshit in my opinion. He has more than proven his value to the pack working as a liaison with human society in any dealings that come up. He knows as much as my brothers, carries as much clout – just in the human world. Werewolf society will never accept him as anything more because he is ‘simply a human’. So dumb.

And my role is considered fucking ‘flexible’ because everyone expects some prince fucking charming to walk in and sweep me off my feet. Yeah. Because that shit happens in real life. Uh – hello?! Not a fucking princess movie! And when my mate claims me, I’m obligated to follow him to his pack – wherever it is. Therefore… I’m fucking ‘flexible’. Fuck. Them. Mate. Yeah – because that’s the answer to everything. I have a family right here and this is my home.

Nothing is going to change that.

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