Love Lost

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Losing the love of your life can tear you down, but can you move past the hurt enough to forgive.

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-Family Outing-


"Yeah, beautiful?

Morgan's POV

Zeke and I have known each other since Junior high. We dated when we were freshman and we kept going strong ever since we graduated high school. We got married and had our beautiful daughter Abigail Sage Powell. She is our bundle of joy. Right now, we're pregnant with a baby boy and were due in March.

"You can set the coolers in now."


We're packing up to go on a family outing just the three of us. Zeke got transferred here in Washington because he got promoted as a fire chief. He says, he loves his job and wouldn't give up on it. But of course, he doesn't come home mid-morning sometimes.

I use to be a preschool teacher with my best friend Stephanie when we were living back in California. Stephanie and I are like sisters, we would do everything together since we knew each other in school. When we got together, we would let the girls play in the playpen and we watch them, while we're hanging out.

I love being a mother to Abi. She is our light every morning to every day. We can't wait to see her face when her baby brother comes to this world. She has green eyes like Zeke and brown hair like me. Before, I got pregnant with our baby boy. We had another miscarriage when we got back from camping with our friend's family. Zeke and I were devastated after we lost her. We tried again a month later and we conceived on our anniversary.

We got in the truck to head to the park for an outing. I looked back at Abi and she smiling and holding her feet in her little hands. Zeke intertwines our fingers together, he brings my hand to his lips and played a soft kiss on my knuckles. We smiled at each other.

"We need to do this more."

"I know we should. Sorry, about work it has been crazy busy lately with the new guys on the team and training." As he said while driving.

"Baby it's ok. I understand, and we are fine. I was thinking come down to the station and see my handsome and sexy husband. "

"You think, I'm sexy?"

"Yes, yes I do."

We both chuckled.

We pulled into the park parking lot. Zeke came and opened my door for me. He is so sweet and caring? I love him so much. He pulled out the scroller, and I got our lunch out of the car.

"Mama, " As I was getting the food out.

"Hey, pretty girl. You ready to have lunch and go down the slide."

She giggles and puts her thumb in her mouth.

I put Abi in her stroller and we started walking around to find a little spot in a shade, so the sun isn't straight down on Abi while we are eating and hang out.

We find a little small area under a hollow tree. Hollow trees are one of my favorites to go under them and think about my life and my future with Zeke and my kids. I am four months with our baby boy. We can't wait to meet him soon.

Zeke lay our blanket down on the grass. I put Abi down on the blanket, while I'm getting the food out of the basket. He gets some of her toys out and put them next to her to play.

"Here you go, princess." He puts the toys in front of her.

"Da da."

"Hey princess."

We started eating and playing on the blanket. I was between Zeke's legs. He was laying soft kisses on my neck and feeding me grapes.

"Mmmm, I love when you feed me grapes and I love you."

"I love you more gorgeous. And you look gorgeous in my arms while I am feeding you grapes."

A little puppy comes over and sniffs Abi. The puppy starts licking her face and she was laughing. A boy comes over and puts the harness on the little puppy.

"Sorry about that. I'm still training him." The boy said, while putting the harness on.

"It's alright."

"Is she ok?" He looks over to her with a worried look.

"Yes. She loves puppies."

Abi started crying when he took the puppy away from her. Zeke picks her up and gets the bottle of milk out of the cold lunch pail.

"Waa, waa." Abigail started crying.

"Anyway sorry about that."

"No worries bud."

We played on the slides for a little bit before we head home. Abi was worn out by the time, we got to our picnic area. Zeke and I packed up the stuff and head to the car to go home.


Abigail was having her night breast milk before she goes to bed. I was rocking her in the chair. Her little hand was on my breast while she was eating. Zeke comes in and kisses her goodnight before he had to leave for work.

"Night princess." Zeke was giving her kiss on the forehead.

"Night beautiful. Love you." He kisses me on my lips.

"Night baby be safe. I love you."

"I will. You sleep well." He leaves the out of her door.

"Haha, I will."

Zeke left and Abi got done eating. I put her in the crib and she fell right to sleep. I grabbed the baby monitor and head to the bedroom to go to bed.

Morgan Powell

Married to Zeke Powell

Kids: Abigail and one on its way

Stay home mom

Zeke Powell

Married to Morgan Powell

Job: Fire Chief

Kids: Abigail and one on its way

Abigail Sage Powell - Abi for short

10 months old

Parents: Zeke and Morgan Powell

Adam Young

Nine years old

Parents: Macie Young

Unknown dad

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