Thawing The Frozen

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Her parents named her 'Agila' - meaning "world". But what if the world turns her back to you? What if; all that was yours was taken away in one clean sweep? All it took was one fateful night...... Will you crumble or create your own 'world'? *** Your Agila is different from all. She is her own "knight in shining armour". She is strong but fragile. She is resolute but a victim to her own demons. Demons from past haunt her but she had closed them off. She is not broken and her heart has stitched itself back. But what about the scars? Will they ever heal? Beneath the hard exterior, can someone make her 'near dead' heart beat again? Unbeknownst to her, a pair of eyes always followed her: with arms open to catch her stumbling self and provide her a safe haven. But what stops 'him' from seeking her out? Why was 'he' always in 'shadows'? Maybe he carries a 'secret' that will blow away their lives. Will the waiting stop or the demons from past will sweep everything away again? Follow Agila in her journey to get back up, fight and claim what is 'hers'. Maybe an unexpected romance , ready to thaw her frozen heart lines the way. Because when life offers you lemons , you make a lemonade! - Harsii Tarahni

Romance / Mystery
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" It was the best of the times, It was the worst of times”

-A Tale of Two Cities

It was the same for her.

Conflict of all alternate emotions- survival or death, hope or defeat, mourning, or holding up.

It may be her lowest point but it gave her the strength to leave it all behind and get back on her feet.


She lay crumbling down the floor.

She didn’t know whether it was the road or ground of the cemetery. Nor did she care!

What exactly were a world without colors, a ship without an anchor, and a life without a “life”.


And that was exactly what she felt this exact moment, Nothing!

Maybe her emotions had died or all the tears had washed them away.

She didn’t know nor it was the time to ponder about all these things.

It just took one fateful night and her whole world came crashing down.

The thunderous sky was mocking at her and the rain enjoying her misery.

There came another rumble and a round of heavy downpour.

But maybe it was for the best; for it subdued all the noises inside her heart.


She never knew a perfect life but her life was “good”,

-Loving parents, a warm home, and friends.

But where were they all now?

Her nasty fate had played a cruel joke and took all that was ‘hers’ away.

All that was left was an empty shell, a ′ house’ and scars.

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