Love Made Him Lie

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Destiny Dawson - this may seem like a usual name that nobody will pay a further attention to but if we look into this person's life then even while not being a writer we would have a wish to write something, anything about it.People must be wondering..what is so important and interesting about her life?Well,let me tell you.Her life is like a railway coupling and everytime she thinks that it can't get even more interesting the wagon that she is in gets unlinked from the further ones which causes her to go back in the past everytime she thinks that she passed it. °•☆●□▪︎■○▪︎○□▪︎■●▪︎□●▪︎○■•° Brennan Carter - *No information found*

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

So guys..another story of Rage is here.I really loved the idea of this one and decided to write it down and share with you.Hope you like it.Lots of love.

There are moments in life when you just stand, looking nowhere with tears streaming down your face unwillingly and asking yourself the same question, over and over – “What did I do wrong?”.

What about myself? Well, been there, done that. For some years it was the most active question inside my not so active brain. Until one moment in my life when I decided to out-win that sound by listening to music loudly. As you guessed, it did not work. Considering that I am still thinking about it while I should be working.

About working, I nearly forgot. I fought myself out of this haunting trance and tried to focus on the clients sitting in front of me, waiting for my answer. I may have been distracted for a few minutes but as I am guessing, they have not noticed anything. This is what happens at these moments of people’s lives, they forget about everything around them.

“Can you please repeat your question?” – I asked with a hint of interest in my voice. These clients are the most “original” ones that I have worked with, so their ideas really captivated me.

“Of course, we asked if it is possible to have a pool party?” – the woman asked with hope heard in her voice. I did not really know how to answer and decided to play it safe.

“You mean after the wedding?” – at my question both of them started laughing. Wow, I did not know that I was this funny…

“No, silly. We meant at the wedding itself. Both of our lives are tied to water and we thought it would be more memorable than some restaurant.” – this time the man, well the future groom asked. As I already said – “Original”.

“If you want it to be connected with water so much, then why don’t have it at beach?” – this question was also followed with laughter, but only after series of eye rolls. Wow, okay...

“It is just as basic as having it in a restaurant.” – I was not sure about how much success this wedding will have, but if they want it, who am I to not let them?

“It is your big day, so I won’t say anything but the guests should be aware of this or it can turn into a big problem.” – I was not kidding. People go to these weddings dressed in the best way they can and we all know that dresses and tuxes don’t mix good with pool parties.

“Well, you know more about this than we do so we trust your judgement.” – this is the best thing to hear from clients after working your ass off just to make sure that their wedding won’t turn into a disaster.

“Any other questions?” – I needed to wrap this up quickly because mom was at work which meant that I had to take Lucas home.

“No, that is all we wanted to talk about. Do you have anymore clients for today?” – I could not understand where this question jumped from. Out of interest or manners?

“No, you were the last ones for today.”

“Sweet. We wanted to invite you to a dinner to thank for your help.” – I tried to think of reasons as to why I could not because I knew if I would tell the truth, a series of questions will follow it. As much as I tried to think of something, I could not. So, I decided that truth is the only way out.

“It is really sweet of you, but unfortunately I can’t come. I have to get my son out school.”

“Well, are you here on your car?” – well, this just gets weirder by second.

“No, I took it to a mechanic.”

“Well, then we will take you to the school where you can get...”


“Yeah, Lucas and all for us can go and have a dinner. He must be hungry after a long day at school.”


“Please, don’t say not. It will do all of us good. We are stressed over our wedding and considering that you zoned out some times, you must be under a lot of stress too…so, what do you say?” – so they noticed…okay. I knew that if I said no, it would hurt them so…

“Okay, but we have to get going now because school ends in…” – I looked at the silver watch on my left wrist to check the time…oh, no…

“In 3 minutes. Oh my”, “Don’t worry we will get there on time”.

The car ride was anything but awkward. I was out of work which meant that there were no formalities needed.

Lucas’s school was not very far from my work considering that while opening up my business, I thought of it being as close to him as possible and that is why I bought an office not far from it. Considering that he had to grow up without a father, I always tried to be there for him. Sometimes I even ended up playing different sports with him on a father-son competitions where the fathers of some kids would not stop flirting with me, but I closed that page of my life a long ago.

“We are here.” - Amy’s voice was able to get me back to the real world where my kid was sitting on a bench waiting for me to get him. Without another word, I got out and rushed to him. The second he noticed his “crazy” mom rushing to him, his eyes lit up which made me beyond happy.

“Hey baby. How was your day?” – when I got him, he hugged me tightly. I never really loved hugging, but this little creature was able to make me love it.

“Mommy, don’t call me baby. I am a grown man who will protect you!” – the way he said it was so sweet that I could not stop the single tear streaming down my face. I think everybody wants to know why is there no father in the picture, but we will get to that later because this is an overthinking free zone.“And what will you protect me from my hero?” “Justin said that his father wanted to score you. I don’t know what it is but I will still protect you from him!” – and why was I not surprised.

The start to all problems is Justin’s father. How can he even say those kinds of things in front of his child? Gross!

“Don’t worry about him. He won’t even will be able to come close to me. And don’t repeat that thing, okay?”

“Why? Is it a bad thing?” – can you tell me how you explain this to a child?

“It is not really something bad, but let’s just say it is disrespectful.” – I tried to answer his question without giving out too much information. He will learn with age.

“Then I will never say it about anyone!” – well, I hope…

“So, are you hungry baby?”

“Depends…what will we eat?” – smart mouth…

“Don't worry. We are going to a restaurant.” – the word restaurant was always able to light his eyes up. I may have been a pro when it came to baking but other than that? Well, let’s just say spies could use my food to kill the big bad boys.

“Yayyy. What are we waiting for then? Let’s goo.” – when he is this happy, he looks so much like…

“Yeah, let’s go.”

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