The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 10

I woke up feeling sick. My body felt like a hard rock on my really soft comfy bed. I groaned in despair and rolled over seeking comfort in my pillow. Here I thought I was relieved from morning sickness.

My mind drifted to Kelvin. I missed him so much. I wondered what he would be doing, how he was feeling, was he thinking about me? Before i could control myself, tears started rolling down my cheeks for the hundredth time in two days.

I picked up my phone and started scrolling through pictures of me and Kelvin. The emotions I felt were mixed, both sadness and happiness at the same time. I couldn't help but think, would he ever forgive me.

I wiped my tears quickly when I heard the knock on my door.

"Good morning Miss Eva" Clara walked inside my room with a tray of food in her hands. I managed to push myself up in a sitting position as I watched her place the tray on my bed. It was a sandwich, scrambled eggs and a glass of orange juice.

"I made breakfast, hope you like it" she smiled at me.

"Thank you Clara" I smiled back. The moment the smell of the eggs got up my nostrils, my stomach twisted and I found myself running to the bathroom and throwing up in my wash hand basin. I turned on my tap and washed my mouth thoroughly. I looked at myself in the mirror and shook my head. Great!

"Did I just throw up because of the eggs" I said in utter disbelief. Not that I was totally surprised, I knew women had some things they get allergic to during pregnancy but I didn't think mine would be eggs.

"I guess so, but its totally normal, just heightened senses. I took it away already" she smiled at me

"Have you been pregnant before?" I teased

"No Miss Eva, but I studied nursing in school" my smile faded away as my heart squeezed at what she said. I sat on the bed at stared at her.

"Don't mean to be intrusive but why are you working as a maid?" I saw her visibly get sad by my question and I regretted asking instantly.

"I'm sorry"

"No Miss Eva, its fine. My dad couldn't afford to pay for me and my sisters tuition so I quit so she could go on" my heart squeezed even more.

"That was a big sacrifice there" I commended. I couldn't help but think how similar we were. We both had responsibilities to our junior ones when it got really tough.

Well atleast she didn't have to be pregnant. My subconscious scolded me

"Come on, sit" I told her and she sat opposite me at the edge of my bed.

"You know, we are both similar in a way" i started, grabbing the sandwich, my stomach was growling already. "my father died leaving my mom, little sister brother and I. I was desperate enough to get this job because my mom was really sick. Please don't judge me" I finished and she looked like she was gonna cry for my sake. I didn't know why I was telling a stranger my story but I guessed I owed her since she told me hers, plus I really liked her, she seemed nice.

"Never miss Eva" she said

"Please call me Eva, miss makes me sound like a mother" she pursed her lips and looked down at my stomach. I bit my lip, realizing the irony of the situation.

"Eva" she smiled at me and I smiled back but deep down, I had never actually thought of what happens after I give birth. I would be a mother but at the same time not the mother. God there were so many things to think about, every one resulted in a headache.

I brushed it off, and took a bite of my sandwich "Hmm this is really good" I commented and she smiled once again, just as the door bell rang taking both our attention away.

"That should be Mr Leonard" she said getting up immediately

I groaned "what is he doing here, I don't wanna see him"

She chuckled lightly "I know, he can be a jerk sometimes" shocked I looked at her

"Well I'll definitely tell that to your boss" I teased but she probably took me seriously because she tensed up immediately.

"Kidding" she sighed

"I'll go get that" he said and left me alone with my sandwich.

Well, we were going to be good friends.

After eating my breakfast, I took a shower and dressed up in simple red shorts and a black t-shirt. Kelvins t- shirt. I made sure to waste alot of time so that before I got downstairs, he was gone.

Unluckily for me, he was not gone by the time I got downstairs. With my mouth hanging open, I looked to Clara who just shrugged at me.

Leornard was sitting so comfortably on the couch typing away on his phone while the TV played to nobody. My anger from the previous night resurfaced, so unsure of what to do, I turned around to walk back upstairs but his voice stopped me.

"Miss Eva" he called, I took a deep breath before i turned around to see him on his feet.

"Your baby is fine, you can go now" my words not sounding polite at all.

He looked like he was short of words for a minute before he regained himself.

"Would you like to come with me?" He shocked me by saying. I expected something like 'am sorry for yesterday' or even a slight remorse. He was really a jerk huh.

"Where?" I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Work" I tilted my head to study him. Was he joking with me? He literally told me stay out of his business. "You wanted to go there before, so what do you say?"

"If I remember your words correctly, you said 'you cannot go there ever' so what changed your mind?" I narrowed my eyes at him

"I guess that's for me to know" I bit my lip, considering the offer. Well damn me for wanting to see his work place, I couldn't even say no. I was mad at him!

"Well okay" I dropped my hands, "I'll go get dressed" I turned around and climbed up the stairs with a stupid smile on my face.

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