The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 11

My jaw was hanging open when we arrived at his work place. Oh it was more than just a work place. The building was huge, probably ten stories, glass windows sparking all round. Before I could think of getting down from the car, Leornard was already in front of me opening the door.

My eyes were glued to the huge building, I couldnt help but mutter "wow". I have only ever seen such buildings in the movies but here I was standing in front of one.

"Welcome to Leornard Enterprises" I blinked and turned towards him. I didn't see that one coming.

"Fancy" I commended.

"If you would please leave all the answering of questions to me" he simply said and started walking ahead of me. I followed behind as he led me through the parking lot and into the building and I was once again amazed by the beautiful site.

The reception was big, a big L-shaped white couch sat at the centre of the room just facing the big flat screen TV on the wall. A lady who stood behind the tall desk by the end of the wall, greeted Leornard as soon as we got close. He just turned, nodded then kept moving. I couldnt help but roll my eyes. We reached the elevator and got in, remaining silent as it went all the way to the 10th floor.

When if finally stopped and opened, we got out and I was immediately greeted with another amazing site.

White desks scattered all over the large space. People aka employees either typing away on their computer, chatting or walking about. All dressed corporately. I then bit my lip and stared down at myself, only wearing simple blue jeans and off shoulder pink blouse.

Why must I always feel odd?

"Goodmorning Mr Leonard" a girl jumped off her seat immediately we passed her desk.

"Morning blaire" he managed to reply. The girl, not noticing me behind, started walking side by side Leornard, which for a reason I didn't know, got me pissed.

"You have a meeting in the next thirty minutes sir" she told him while scanning through a file in her hands. PA, got it.

"Cancel it" he simply said and halfed abruptly.

"What?" her face twisted

"You heard me, cancel all my meetings for today or postpone them, do whatever you want to blaire" she visibly shrinked as Leornard spoke. I just stood awkwardly behind them and watched.

"Yes sir" she said and Leornard finally turned around to look at me.

"By the way, this is Eva, my childhood friend" I pursed my lip to hide my smile. He really planned out that lie, didn't he.

"Nice to meet you Miss Eva" she happily shook my hand, dismissing my previous thoughts of her being rude. "You must be special because Mr Leonard has never.." She abruptly paused when Leornard glared at her. she must really find him intimidating, I thought.

He started walking away again and I quickly followed as blaire gave me one last smile. We didn't move more than 10 steps before reaching a single door by the end. He opened the door and gave way for me to go in before he did and closed the door behind us. I was then conscious of the fact that I was alone in an office with a man, who wasn't kelvin.

Once I brushed the thought away, I noticed the wide one sided transparent glass window first. It exposed the site beautiful city below. Then there was his huge desk just in front of the window with a computer and files piled up neatly by the side, two chairs just opposite his. Then just a few feet from me, there was a sleek white comfy couch with a centre table just in front. Lastly a huge cupboard and shelf far opposite, not to forget the flat screen TV on the wall. Again everything was white. He was really obsessed with white, I thought.

"You have such a beautiful company" I complimented.

"Thank you Miss Eva"

"So" I started unsure od what to say, I didn't even notice he was already twirling around on his chair. "What was blaire trying to say?" I asked


"Have you never brought any girl here?" I knew I as being nosey but I couldnt stop.

"Miss Eva" his voice sounded irritated "I only brought you here to make up for yesterday" he shocked me by saying.


He brought his hand to his forehead and rubbed lightly. Was I frustrating him?

"Is this your stupid way of apologizing?" I shocked both myself and him. I knew he was my boss and all but I was pissed.

"I was hurt yesterday and all you could do was yell at me for wanting to kill your baby. Do you think I would go through all the trouble of getting pregnant just to loose it. You couldnt even ask if i was hurt, or if I felt pains. For your information Mr Leonard, that was pretty selfish of you" I breathed after my speech. I felt relieved having to say it out.

Leornard just stared at me like he was battling with himself before he got up and walked to me.

"I'm.. " he rubbed his forehead again, "I'm sorry" my eyes widened a little at his words. It really took alot from him to say that.

"I am not used to apologizing because I don't make mistakes that leads to any apologies, I guess I was just carried away yesterday" he took two more steps forward making him just in front of me " i realised I was wrong and that's why I decided to honor your request" my eyes softened immediately but just then my lungs tightened and my throat closed up as a choking smell got up my nostrils. Oh no.

I gaged but immediately slapped my hand over my mouth.

"Are you okay?" I shook my head vigorously, gesturing all the ways I can to tell him I was gonna throw up. He pulled me through a door I didn't notice was in the room, then got me in front of a wash hand basin and then I poured my guts out. I was surprised when he held my hair in his hands to stop them from getting in my face.

After I was done, I rinsed my mouth and stood tall again, sort of embarrassed that I just did that in front of him.

"Are you okay?" He asked again but before I could answer, it happened again. I bent over and threw up more, realizing it was his perfume that was choking me.

"Your perfume" I managed to say and rinsed my mouth again.

"What? Are you.. " he didn't finish his statement before he removed his suit from his body.

"Stay here, I will be back" he said and left me alone in the bathroom. I couldnt believe what was happening to me.

This pregnancy thing had gone to a whole new level.

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