The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 12

After staring at my face in the mirror for God knows how long while waiting for him to return, I got tired of standing. Was he crazy telling me to wait here?

Or maybe he just meant I should wait in his office not the bathroom. I face palmed myself and walked out, admiring the office all over again. I stood at the glass window and stared at the city below.

It must really feel good to have money, a lot of it. I thought.

My hand went down to rub my stomach which was still very much flat. I was beginning to regret my decision so bad. This wasn't worth it if I had already lost the man I love. I should have waited. I should have tried more. I guess I was just greedy to want to have it all at once, not caring about the consequences, all the things I could loose.

If my mother saw me right now, she would be so disappointed.

"Are you okay Miss Eva?" Leornard's voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah am fine, I just feel.. " my words hung up in my throat when I turned around and noticed his once black suit is now grey. "What did you do?" I asked shocked.

"I got a new suit that doesn't have perfume on it" he said like it was nothing and walked over to sit on his chair close to me. I didn't expect such nice thing from him.

"Wow" I muttered under my breath

"Do we need to go to the doctor?" He asked fondling with some files on his table.

"No this is normal, am just allergic to some things but I'm fine" I replied

"Good" he simply said. Back to being motionless. I awkwardly walk away from the window towards the side of his desk he was reading a paper not caring if I exited. How does he even do that, be nice one minute and be void of emotions the next. I see why he didn't have a girlfriend, no one could keep up to that.

"I'm hungry" I said out of the blue, "actually I want pizza"

"Pizza isn't food Miss Eva"

"But I want pizza"

"you need to eat healthy because of the baby"

"I still want pizza"

"He sighed "fine but only after we get actual food"

"That sounds good" I smiled.

Just then a knock was heard on the door, followed by a "come in" by Leornard. Dressed in white long sleeved shirt tucked in blue suit pants, a man walked into the office with a wide smile on his face.

"Leornard" he called and before I could blink, Leornard was up from his seat and walking fast towards the man.

"Jason" the both of them hugged, patting eachother on the back. I just stood there again, awkward and super conscious of the fact that there were now two men in the office.

"I had no idea you were back" Leonard said and Jason chuckled

"I came back last night, wanted to surprise you"

"This is indeed a surprise" the two men seem to be fond of eachother, like they were best of friends.

"And who is this" Jason asked and Leornard shifted turning towards me.

"This is Eva, my childhood friend" he repeated his lie, "Eva, meet Jason, we've been friends since college" he introduced us

"Nice to meet you Eva" he stretched out his hand and I shook it lightly

"Nice to meet you too Jason" I wanted to withdraw by hand but Jason had it in a firm grip, while his eyes stared straight at me which was so weird.

Leornard cleared his throat making him let go of my hand.

"Sorry, I was just caught up in your beauty Eva" okay I needed to get out of here.

"Nice one Jason but back off" he spoke stenly, almost like warning his friend but he didn't seem to take him seriously.

"Well, we were just about leaving before you came" Leornard told him

"Well that's a shame" his smile never left his face, neither did he stop staring at me "would I see you again Eva" I turned to Leornard for some sort of help. This was becoming too uncomfortable for me.

"Actually, she came to visit, she will be returning to her city tomorrow" and he came to my aid.

"Yes, he's right" I agreed.

"Bummer" he finally took his eyes off me, "I would be on my way now, I have some meetings to attend to"

"Sure" they both shook hands before he turned around and left the office.

I let out a long breath of relief.

"You are never coming here again" he suddenly said, his words sounded almost like a warning. "I don't want that to repeat again, you are not supposed to be a part of my life, you are just supposed to bear me a child. That's all so stick to it and stop trying to manipulate me Miss Eva, you are just my worker and nothing else"

His words hit me hard, almost like a spear being punctured into my heart. I fought the urge to cry with all of me. I grabbed my purse and start walking to the door.

"I will drive you home miss Eva"

"Don't bother" I said and slammed the door. I walked quickly out of the building and got a cab to take me home.

When I got home, Clara welcomed me warmly asking about how my day was but I just remained silent. My chest was tightening repeatedly, almost like I couldnt breathe.

"Eva are you okay? Was Leornard a jerk again?"

I suddenly broke down in tears. She immediately sat close to me on the couch and hugged me. I didn't expect the gesture but I didn't reject it either, I needed a hug.

"I regret doing this, I really do, but its too late" I spoke through tears and heavy heart. She pulled away and looked at me.

"I lost my boyfriend for this all because of money" I couldnt stop myself from telling her, I knew I shouldnt be telling anyone but I found myself trusting her. "My boyfriend broke up with me" my voice broke.

"Oh my God, am so sorry, I had no idea" she said and pulled me into a hug again, rubbing her hands up and down my back. "Don't be too hard on yourself, anyone in your shoes would have done what you did. It might seem like desperation but it was your only option at that point in time. Stop blaming yourself" she consoled me, her voice sounding close to my ear.

"But it cost me my boyfriend, I love him so much. Its hard to go on without him"

"I'm sure he loves you too, he is just going through so much pain right now from the fact that you are pregnant with another man's child. I'm sure with time, he will realise he can't live without you too" she said.

"Do you think he'll forgive me?" I asked unsure

"I think so" she pulled away again and smiled at me, wiping tears off my face. "Call him"

"You think?"

"Yes, call him, tell him to come over, tell him how much you love him, tell him you need him. I don't think he would resist that if he truly loves you" she encouraged and completely dried my face.

"For now, come and eat your lunch" she pulled me up from the chair to the dinning table.

After eating, I took Clara's advice and called kelvin.

"Hello" his voice was void of emotions

"I need you kelvin" I couldnt help the way my voice cracked at the end, but then the call went off. My heart broke at that but I didn't give up, I sent him my address and just hoped that he would come even if it was just to see my face.

I waited and waited and I almost gave up but then I heard the door bell. I jolted up to the door. It was him. Kelvin was standing outside my door. His face looked pale, but his eyes softened when he saw me.

I jumped forward and hugged him so tight.


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