The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 13

"Thank you for coming" I pulled away and looked him in the eyes. Oh how I missed those eyes.

"Have you been crying" he tilted my head up so he could scan my face more, but I just closed my eyes.

"Eva" the sound of my name coming off his mouth only made my stomach twist, "I just.." He let go of me and walked around me, "I don't know why I came here"

I opened my eyes and followed him behind "you came here because you love me" I held his arm and turned him around to face me "just the way I love you" his eyes softened at me but then he looked away and left my grip. He walked around the couch staring at every inch of the house.

"You hurt me" the pain sounding from his voice was unmistakable "This is a really nice place, enough reason to leave me" his words puncture deep into my heart.

"No" I rushed up to him "I didnt leave you, I just, I was desperate" I had just noticed the tears rolling down my cheeks.

"Its cool" the calm way he was talking was making me go insane, he wasn't yelling, it scared me to death.

"Kelvin" he turned around and his eyes widened when he saw my tears "I'm so sorry" he reached for my face and wiped my tears and hugged me. His actions confusing me.

"I should have listened to you, I should have waited, I should be looked for something decent" I said with deep regret. If only he could see my heart and know I was telling the truth.

"Its too late now, you already pregnant" again my heart tore apart at the way he sound so calm but he words screamed pain.

"I'm so sorry for hurting you, and I still love you, that's not ever going to change" I said truthfully while I felt his hand rub my back.

"Its okay, stop crying. I'm here now" he cooed.

We both had dinner together and had introduced him to Clara. Our conversation was somewhat awkward because I was choosing my words correctly, trying not to hurt him even more. I was trying hard to suppress my fear, one, I prayed Leornard never came because he was the last person I wanted to see and I didn't want kelvin to see him, two, I didn't want him to leave even though I knew that was inevitable.

We both went upstairs, I took a shower while he waited for me, and then he just kissed me a little before he cuddled me and we both slept off.


I woke up so happy to see Kelvin next to me, I missed it so much. The joy and peace I felt was overwhelming. I smiled while watching him sleep, then I kissed his lips. That was just enough to wake him up.

"Good morning" I smiled and he made me even more happy by smiling back.

"Good morning" he replied.

"I love you" I said suddenly and his smile disappeared.

"I love you too" he kissed my lips making butterflies explode in my stomach.

"Don't leave me" my eyes welled up with tears. He was silent for a while and then he sat up and rested his back on the headboard. I copied his actions and watched him carefully, waiting for a reply. A positive one.

"Eva" that was enough to send my heart racing, "I can't do this" he said the words that shattered my expectations.

"Trust me, i'm really trying had do understand and put myself in your shoes, but I can't. We have to stay away from eachother, I can't see you like this, pregnant with someone's child" he wiped the single tear on my face "I love you but I can't do this with you"

Deep down I knew this would happen but it still didn't make it less painful.

"What about after I give birth?" I asked

"I can't promise you anything Eva" I slowly nodded, my hopes smashed to the ground, "let's wait and see what happens after everything" my heart shrunk inside my chest.

Why was he here when he didn't want to be with me? Why did he spend the night with me? Why did he have to raise my hopes up? I wanted to throw those questions at him but I swallowed them all, I didn't want to push my luck. If it wasn't for me, we would still be happy together.

He kissed my forehead one last time before he got up from the bed.

"I have to go now" he started heading for the door, I got up quickly and followed him, seeing him downstairs and to the door.

I hugged him one last time before he turned around and left me. Broken.

When I turned around, Clara was staring at me. Without thinking I ran up to her and hugged her.

"Everything will be fine" she cooed.

My mood was shitty afterwards, I ate breakfast in silence, and lunch, and dinner. I didn't even talk to Clara much, I was glad she understood nd left me alone.

Later that night, I sat in the living room and tried to watch a comedy movie to brighten up the mood but it wasn't even working. Just then I heard the door bell, then Clara got it and Leornard walked in with giant flowers in his hands.

Immediately I got up and walked up the stairs. I didn't want to see him or talk to him. Not now, not anytime soon.

His voice started echoing in my head, those words that really hurt me. I didn't care anymore, I had decided to mind my business and do my job, just like he said. With that, I layed on my bed and fell asleep.

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