The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 15

"Your boss is so weird" was the first thing I said when I walked through the door.

"Tell me about it" Clara nonchalantly said, turning away from the bar.

"How do you guys deal with him" I said referring to he other maids at his house. I dropped my purse and sat on the dinning table. I was starving.

"Well he is barely around so we just get to deal with him only morning an nights, his commands, his desire for perfection.."

"Perfection?" I asked

"Mr Leornard is one of a kind, he loves everything to be done his way, he wants everything to be done orderly, like we are following some sort of rules and regulation"

"That's... " I was at loss for words

"Not totally a bad thing if you think of it" she completed. "He's not totally a jerk" I tilted my head to study her.

"You seem to know a lot about your boss" I said and she disappeared into the kitchen.

"Actually I don't, no one actually knows anything about him" she appeared again with a white decorated cake in her hand. My mouth dropped open.

"Clara" I mini yelled

"I know, you wanted us to make it together but I didn't want to stress you, plus you wasted a lot of time at the hospital and I thought you would be hungry"

"Clara" I drawled but at the same time, looking at the cake made me so hungry.

"I'm sorry, I promise you have the next one" I pouted at her then looked at the cake again.

"Well I am hungry and I could eat that whole cake right now" she smiled and pushed it in front of me. My stomach literally growled. She cut a slice out for me and I instantly took a large bite, moaning as the cake hit mh taste buds.

"So good" my voice came out muffled but she heard me and smiled widely.

"So back to Leornard" I told her and she sat on the chair next to me. "What do you know about him?" I asked curiously.

"He doesn't talk much, actually he doesn't talk at all. He just gets up in the morning, have his breakfast then leave for work, come back late, have dinner, goes to bed. He gives orders here and there when needed"

"That's really boring" I cut out another slice of cake "Doesn't his family come around?"

"No one comes to visit him, no one" she stressed. I narrowed my eyes at her. That's very weird.

"I'm guessing you have no idea why he wants a baby then" I rubbed my big belly.

"No" she shook her head "but a few weeks before you came, there was a woman who came to visit him"

"A woman? Like his girlfriend" I shifted in my chair

"I doubt that, she looked older, had short brown hair, kinda chubby.."

"Wait, I think that's the doctor who I've been having appointment with. Maybe it was about my coming, you know, the preparation for the baby" I shrugged


"Oh well am bored of this discussion anyway" I said "I'm gonna go take a nap, am so full and tired" I got up

"Wow you really ate the whole cake" I looked down at the one slice of cake left

"Oops" I smiled and shrugged.

"No sugar for you for the next two days" she threatened

"We shall see what the baby says about that" I smirked, slowly walking away from her, ignoring how her eyes shot lasers at me.


The next morning when I open my eyes, I saw Clara sitting in front of me with a tray of food in her hands, as usual. I smiled at her, slowly seating up on the bed.

In the tray, there was a plate of pancakes littered with strawberry, blue berry and banana slices and a smoothie sat by the side. My stomach growled instantly.

"What would I do without you?" My eyes were literally dreamy.

"Sleep all day" she teased.

"Hahaha.. I'll pretend you did not just mock me" she laughed and pushed the tray closer to me.

"Eat up" I didn't even wait for her to finish her statement before I dug in and blessed my taste buds.

"After breakfast, we have your morning routine exercise" I rolled my eyes when she started reading my schedule from her note pad again. "Then we can go have that lunch that we skipped yesterday" I nodded, sipping my smoothie, "again thats all" she sounded disappointed which only made me smile.

"We can go for an evening stroll" I suggested

"Not bad" she thought for a while before jotting it down.

"Now finish eating, I'll go prepare the ground" I silently laughed as she rushed out of my room.

After about 30 minutes, I went downstairs to meet the so called prepared ground. She had moved the couch further away tp make more room for the two mats she placed in the centre of the living room. She was always intense when it came to doing her job.

"I like" I commended.

"Come" she held my hand and positioned me on the mat like I couldn't do that myself.

"So what are s doing today" I asked

"Yoga" she simply said "now copy me" she stood straight, bringing her right foot and placing it flat on her second thigh, while raising her hands over her head.

"Okay" I took a deep breath and tried to steady myself as I brought my foot to my thigh. She was standing still, but there I was wobbling on my one feet.

"Why does this not get any easier" I complained

"Just calm down and.. "

"Good morning ladies" I almost fell to the floor from Leornard as he entered the house without knocking. What was he doing here now. I dropped my foot tithe ground and crossed mg arms over my chest.

"Morning Mr Leonard" Clara greeted, her feet also on the ground. His presence must have intimidated her, as usual. Anyone apart from me would be intimidated, especially due to the fact he was always wearing a suit.

"I didn't mean to interrupt, I had no idea"

"What are you doing here?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"I came to visit my baby, I told you I want to be involved in everything that concerns my baby" I rolled my eyes. Yeah right.

"Anyways carry on" he said and the walked to sit on the couch. What. I turned around and watched him seat.

"Just ignore him" Clara whispered "come on, let's continue" I sighed angrily.

Wait what If he's staring at my butt?

I felt suddenly conscious about the shorts and singlet I was wearing. I turned around to see him pressing his phone.

Clara was already on her position, so I followed again and wobbled on my feet as I tried to balance myself but I couldn't and I almost fell backwards just before I felt a pair of hands holding me in place. My heart was racing as I tilted my head backwards and meet Leornard's eyes.

"Don't you think this is a risky exercise" he directed at Clara as he balanced me back on my feet.

"Am sorry sir" I stared at Clara, it was clearly visible that she was so uncomfortable, unlike when she was with me alone. Poor Clara.

"are you okay?" He surprised me by asking, I just nodded.

"Let's just sit" Clara told me and helped me. we sat down and I crossed my legs inwards, and placed my palms on my knees.

"Deep breath" she instructed and I sucked in a deep breath. This was so uncomfortable for me with Leornard being here. So I closed my eyes and took another deep breath, blocking everything out.

Damn it! I couldn't.

"I'm gonna go take a shower" I stood up, so did Clara.

"I hope he's gone when I return" I whispered to her and she smiled.

I had a shower and spent as much time as I could before I came back downstairs, and he was still there. I almost groaned aloud.

"Don't you have work to do?"

"Not today" he looked up at me "how about we go out for lunch?"

"Uh, Clara and I already have plans, we going down town to have lunch" I told

"Perfect then, we go together" he smiled and returned back to his phone. I looked a Clara in complete shock.

What is happening here?

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