The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 16

We got to the down town restaurant, we ordered food and ate. For the most of the time we spent there, I was silently digging into my food that I didn't realise how much I had eaten until Leornard commented.

"You must be really hungry" I looked down at their plates which was still full while mine was almost empty.

"I'm eating for two incase you didn't realise" I reminded him.

"Fair enough" I dropped my fork and sipped on my drink. Clara had been silent as well next to me.

"Do you have plans this weekend?" He asked and I stared wide eye at him.

"I guess you will have to ask Clara here as she is the one with my schedule" I looked at her hoping she would save me from whatever he was planning.

"Um" she brought out her notepad from her bag. I had to stop myself from face palming myself, "No she is totally free for the weekend" my eyes almost tore out of their socket when I looked at Clara. How was she so oblivious to the signal I was giving. When she finally understood, she pursed her lips and gave me the apologetic look but it was too late now.

"Great" he dropped his fork and grabbed his phone "I would like to take you to Miami, I have a house there we can stay in" he looked up at me "that is if you're interested, but I would really like you to"

I took a moment to think about it. I had never been to Miami but I had definitely heard alot about it. I would love to but, we would live together in the same house. I didn't like the idea, mostly because he has mostly been a jerk to me , he was distant and now all of a sudden, he wanted to be around me. It was weird but then this was so tempting.

"I guess I would love to" his lips slightly tugged up in a small smile.

"I will go book our flights, so you have the remaining of today to prepare" he said and got up, leaving us at the table.

"I would apologize but it seems like I did you a favor" Clara said once Leornard was gone. I just smiled at her.

"I would punch you on the face if the situation was different" she smiled at me.


I packed my little suit case and I grabbed the little picture frame of kelvin and I.

If only you knew I would never stop loving you no matter what. I thought while staring at it.

Suddenly I felt something, a movement in my stomach. I dropped the frame, and stared down at myself.

Was that a kick?

I placed my hand, hoping it would happen again. And it did.

I felt the movement strong against my palm.

Oh my God.

I cupped my mouth and tears slipped down my cheeks so fast, I couldn't stop it.

There were times when I forgot that I was carrying a baby inside of me, while sometimes it was just too unnoticeable. Each day that passed, I had longed to know the sex of the child but what was the point, it wasn't my baby.

The painful realization of my pregnancy was hitting me harder and harder every day.

"Eva, are you crying? Why?" Clara sat next to me

"The baby kicked"

"Really, that's.." She paused and placed her hand on my stomach. When she felt it, her eyes were just as dreamy as mine. Then she wrapped her arms around me in a hug.


I slept almost all through the flight, not what I planned but I couldn't help it. When we arrived, I stared in awe at the city right from the airport to the said house. It was beautiful.

Leornard helped me out of the car, while Clara helped with the luggages. Once we got into the apartment, i was once again wowed. Everything was white but that didn't surprise me, what surprised me was how flowers occupied every inch of the house, sea scape paintings scattered on the walls.

I looked passed everything to what caught my attention, the beach just behind the building. I walked silently towards the door, admiring the view and smiling to myself.

"I knew you would love it" Leornard whispered behind me while I tried to hide my smile from him. "We can go out there anytime you want" I turned around and came face to face with him, his eyes stared straight into me.

"Thank you" I simply said

"For what?"

"For bringing me here"

He smiled, "my pleasure Miss Eva" he said, his eyes not leaving mine. His stare was so piercing, I had to look away.

"Would you like to go out with me tomorrow, just me and you" I bit my lip and I swear I saw him look down at them, which made my heart race for no just reason.

"We could go to the beach at noon, then have dinner together at night"

"I would love to" he took one step forward and I took one backwards so fast, his eyes widened for a second at my reaction.

"Your room is ready Eva" Clara voiced making both of us turn to her. I quickly walked away and met up with Clara as she took me to my room.

I just went straight to my bed, and sat on it thinking about what the hell happened with me.

'What was that about?"


"With Mr Leornard" she pressed.

"I have no idea what you talking about"

"You know, if I didn't know better, I'd think Mr Leonard likes you" my head snapped towards her

"Well that would be too bad because I have a boyfriend" I wanted the conversation to end already.

"Too bad?" She frowned at me. What was with her.

"Clara, we had a long day, stop messing with me and let me rest okay" I wanted to sound cheery but I ended up sounding somewhat harsh.

Without another word, she left, making me feel even much worse.

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