The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 18

You guys, I'm sorry for the slow update. I'm just so busy with exams and project right now, but I promise to give you back to back updates when I'm done with all I have to do for the semester. Thank you so much for reading. Love you guys❤

It was 6 o'clock in the evening, I sat in front of my mirror doing a little make up on my face with the intention of looking really pretty. I did a simple eye shadow before i took my eye liner and drew it perfectly across my eye lids, then took my red lip stick and applied it on my lips. I painted my lashes with my mascara and then applied powder to my face. When I was satisfied with how I looked, I then thought, why was I doing this? It was just to look pretty for myself right?

I pushed the thought away and instead thought of what I said to Clara, I hadn't been able to bring myself to talk to her or apologize and I felt really bad but I choose to keep to myself.

I got into my knee length black shimmer gown that hugged my body perfectly, showing my perfectly round bump.

This was just a dinner not a date, my subconscious reminded me and I assured myself I knew that.

When I got downstairs, Leornard was sitting on the couch dressed in his usual black suit, waiting.

I let out a breath before clearing my throat signaling that I was ready. He turned around and once his eyes meet mine, they visibly widened before they left my eyes and scanned my body from head to toe.

Just the reaction I wanted to see.

He stood up and walked up to me still staring at me intensely while I stood awkwardly waiting for him to say something.

"You look beautiful" I fought the urge to smile.

"I know" I said, proud of myself. He gave a one sided smile and held out his hand for me.

"Shall we?"

"Thank you but I can walk by myself" I smiled and walked past him right to the door not caring to see this reaction. I heard his footsteps following behind after a few seconds.

The journey was silent, and when we got to the restuarant of his choice, my eyes lit up. It was very classy. It reminded me of the first time he took me to a restaurant, only that this time, I was well dressed for it so I didn't feel the least bit intimidated, atleast not before I remembered I had a big bump on my body. I brought my hand to my stomach as if to shield it from peoples view.

We were directed to our table by the far end, letting us have a nice view of the outside surroundings. Immediately, a waiter was by our side waiting to take our orders. I scanned the whole of the menu but nothing seemed to peak my my interest or appetite. I frowned and looked at Leonard to know what he was getting but he was distracted looking sort of pissed at the waiter. I then looked at the waiter only to catch him staring at me. He quickly averted his but too late. I looked over at Leornard again but now he was looking at thw menu. I don't know why but it made me smile. The fact that he was angry that a guy was staring at me, it reminded me of..... Kelvin.

My smile faded off as realization hit me like a ton of bricks. Kelvin only gets pissed and jealous if guys stared at me because he loved me. Was Clara right? Has Leonard developed feelings for me?

"Your wife is beautiful sir" I snapped back to reality when the waiter commented.


"Thank you. Now can you stop staring at my wife" he shocked me by saying. I didn't know which one was more shocking, him having feelings for me or him acknowledging me as his wife.

"Can we go?" I said out of nowhere. The new found revelation was overwhelming and I couldn't do this with him anymore. He shouldn't have feelings for me, that was supposed to be the number one rule in the damn contract.

"What? We just got here" he frowned.

"I'm not hungry"

"You not hungry?"

"No I'm hungry but I don't feel like eating anything here" I held out the menu.

"You can make special orders" the waiter chirped in

"No thank you" without further questions, I got up and walked towards the exit. Clara's words were echoing in my head. I didn't want to prove her right by enjoying his company when I knew how he felt about me. I had a boyfriend.

"Eva" Leornard called after me once I was outside.

I turned around frustrated, I wanted to ask him but that would be stupid. What if he didn't actually like me, maybe he was just being protective because I was carrying his child.

"Are you okay" he asked staring at me with a worried look. I sighed. Maybe I was over reacting.

"I'm fine" I breathed out through my mouth, trying to calm down. My hormones were definitely the cause of all this.

"I want ice cream" I said

"That's not food" his voice was stern, I was amazed how quickly he could change moods, from worried to hard.

"Thats what the baby wants" he was silent for a moment before he agreed. We strolled down to an ice cream shop and after we got ice creams we continued the stroll till we saw a bench along the side walk then we both sat there. I was pretty sure he had to eat ice cream because of me. I watched him as he ate the ice cream while thoughts floated around in my mind.

"I know it isn't part of the deal, but seriously why do you want a baby, you are still young" I pressed

"So young people aren't allowed to have children?"

"You chose a surrogate to help you" I spelled out

"Miss Eva... "

"So I'm Miss Eva now?"

He sighed, "even if I wanted to tell you something about myself, this would be the last" he simply said.

"Okay, so how old are you then?"

"I hardly think my age matters to you" I pursed my lips. He had a good way of ignoring questions.

"What about your work then, tell me about your success" he tilted his head to watch me.

"It didn't all start from me, my father passed it on to me and I plan on passing it onto my son"

"Son?" I echoed


"You don't know that yet"

"I believe its a boy" he said and took a spoon of ice cream. I was silent thinking on what he said before he suddenly started coughing.

"Oops sorry, eating and talking" I tried to tease but the cough only became more profuse and got me worried.

"Are you okay? Do you need water? I turned around to look for a store nearby, when I turned back around, Leornard was holding his white handkerchief with blood stain on it. My eye brows furrowed I'm confusion. He quickly squeezed it and shoved it in his pocket.

"Leornard.. "

"I'm fine" he cut me off before I could even start, "we have to go"

"Leornard... "

"I said am fine" I flinched at his harsh voice. He was doing it again. His jerkish behavior was just a sham, it was his way of keeping me out of his life and I knew that now.

When we got back to his car, I couldn't help but fear that something was going on with him. He wasn't phased by the blood, on the other hand, he was totally calm.

With that, i couldn't stop thinking about what was wrong with Leornard.

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