The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 2

What do I tell my mom?

What do I tell kelvin?

Oh God, what have I done. Panic took over my features.

Am coming over

I texted kelvin, grabbed my purse and left for kelvins house.

I arrived at kelvins house with my heart high in my throat. I had to suck in a deep breath and swallow my heart back down.

"Babe" kelvin hugged me as soon as the door opened. I wrapped my arms around him, seeking comfort on his warmth. "How are you" he released me and kissed my lips before pulling me inside to sit on the couch.

"I'm not fine" I answered sincerely, "my mom is still sick, she's not getting better, our savings is running out and I haven't found any job yet. I don't know what to do babe" my heart squeezed inside my chest.

He reached for my hand and held it in his "I'm sorry that you had to go through all of this, but you not alone Eva, i'm here with you" he squeezed my palm and brought it to his lap.

My heart started racing fast, I didnt know where to start from to tell him I applied to be a surrogate. I knew he wouldn't accept it but a little part of me hoped he would understand why I had to do it.

"I did something kelvin" I watched him carefully, scared of what will happen next.

"What is it?" He kissed the back o my palm. His sweet touch almost distracted me

"I applied to be a surrogate" his body went rigid, his eyes fixed on me searching for further reaction, maybe a laugh to show I was teasing.

"You kidding" I bit my lip, my fear was only getting intense.

"No" his eyes widened at me and with that, he let go of my hand and stood to his feet, the loss of contact made me shiver.

"Are you out of your mind" his voice went up the roof

"Babe" I stood up to meet him

"You are not doing that"

"I have to, the money is huge" I tried to convince him

"Money?" I flinched at his harsh tone "do you have any idea of what you are talking about? You will carry a baby for nine months! Another man's baby for nine months!" He shouted

"Babe please listen to me" he avoided my touch and shifted away from me

"Eva you are a fucking virgin! How will you give birth to a child?" Tears welled up in my eyes as realization hit me.

I never really sat to think of it for even a second. I was so captured by the money that I failed to realise that I would carry another mans child in me for nine freaking months, after which I would go through the incredible pain of child birth.

"I just wanted the money" my voice broke and tears slip past my eyes.

"Babe" he rushed to me and wiped the tears away from my face "we would find another way okay" I nodded silently "I am working on something, just a little more patience, I promise you, you don't need to do this" he grabbed me tightly against his chest.

"I can't loose you" his hands rubbed my back soothingly.

"I can't loose you too" my heart ached at the thought of loosing him and mostly at the fact that I didn't know how long I could wait.

Getting back home, Daniel and Sofia were sitting on the dinning table. crying.

I rushed to them worried "what happened" I asked

"They took mom to the hospital" Daniel said and my heart skyrocketed


"What? Who? Why?" I dropped my bag and ran to meet her empty room.

"Who took her?" I yelled

"Mrs April" I bolted for the door and in less than ten minutes, I arrived at the hospital. My heart was pounding against my chest.

Looking left and right as soon as I passed the doors, I spotted Mrs April speaking to the receptionist.

"Mrs April" I rushed up to her "my mom? Where is.. "

"Calm down Eva, she had a heart attack but they have put her in intensive care unit" my world blurred out all of a sudden and the words echoed in my ears. Cold sweat trickled down my forehead.

My feet moved on their own accord and before anyone could stop me, I made a run for the room where my mom was. My heart broke into million pieces at the sight of her breathing through oxygen.

I didnt realise I was crying till I spoke "what were you doing mom? What were you thinking about?" I held onto her hand almost shaking her to wake up.

"Eva" Mrs April pulled me from behind as nurses rushed in to check on her.

"I can't loose her" I sobbed unto her shoulders.

"You won't loose her"

Three hours later, I was back home to watch over Daniel and Sofia. I had told kelvin about it and he stayed with me for some time to comfort me but for the first time, his hugs and sweet encouraging words were not comforting me.

I had to do something. I couldn't watch her suffer, no, I couldn't loose her too.

I opened my laptop and sorted out the page where I Accepted to be a surrogate. There was an address and a phone number. I typed it into my phone and closed my laptop.

I'm sorry kelvin.

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