The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 21

When the door finally opened, he attempted to close it but I quickly pushed at the door and entered his apartment. The first thing I noticed was how scattered and messed up his apartment was, not just the usual messy kind. My heart shrunk inside my chest making it almost hard to breath.

"Kelvin... "

"What are you doing here, go back to your lover" his voice was cold and his face was void of emotions.

"Kelvin I'm sorry, it was a mistake" my voice broke

"Mistake?" He shouted making me flinch, "Are you sleeping with him too"

"No" I tried to touch him but he moved away so fast. "Kelvin I.. " I was at loss for words, I didn't even know where to start to explain or defend myself.

"I love you" I choked on tears as I said the words

"Don't tell me that" he yelled, "did you love me when you were kissing him?" I couldn't say a word, I was so ashamed of myself.

"Ofcourse" he nodded to whatever thought was going on in his head "you guys are perfect for each other, after all he's the father of the child you're carrying" he concluded, making my chest tighten.

"No" my voice was weak. My whole body was weak. My head was spinning and suddenly I felt dizzy.

"You need to leave now, I don't want to set my eyes on you again" he said and turned around, his back to me.

I wanted to reach out to hold him, I wanted to speak but I couldn't. My vision started blurring out until I completely blacked out.


I opened my eyes to bright lights, I looked around and realised I was in a hospital. What happened?

I noticed the doctor coming into the room, kelvin following behind. At that moment, I didn't care about my health or even the baby, all I cared about was the fact that kelvin was still here.

I slowly got up and sat on the bed, when the doctor approached me and kelvin stood aside.

"How do you feel?" The doctor asked.

"I feel fine" I wanted to answer his questions fast so I could be alone with kelvin.

"Your tests results came out normal, nothing seems to be wrong with you, so I'm guessing your passing out was due to physical or emotional stress" my eyes darted to kelvin who was just watching us.

"Make sure to have enough rest and keep up your diet" I nodded silently and that was when I realised I hadn't eaten for the whole of the day.

The doctor finally left us alone in the room, but as I open my mouth to speak, kelvin beat me to it.

"I already informed your maid and your lover" his word pierced deep into my heart.


"Eva" Clara rushed up to me interrupting the quiet conversation I was about to have. As if that wasn't enough, Leonard walked in to. I shut my eyes and tried to calm down.

They both shared a look before Leornard came beside me.

"Are you okay" he grabbed my hand and held it in his but I quickly withdrew it. I looked at kelvin as he clenched his jaw and looked away.

"I'll best be on my way now" my heart clenched again.

"Thank you for bringing her to the hospital, I'll take care of her from here" I shut my eyes again to prevent tears from spilling. What was he doing?

"Ofcourse, wouldn't let any harm come to the mother of your child" he said, anger and irritation evident in his voice. He looked at me one last time before walking out of the room.

I closed my eyes and shed silent tears.

"Eva... "

"Just take me home" I told him.

When we got home, I went straight to my room and locked myself in. It felt like there were no more tears to shed so I sat on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I tried to block everything out but I was failing miserably.

I didn't know whether to hate Leornard for what happen or to hate myself for letting it happen. I was so caught up by the moment, by the scene of a grown man breaking apart.

I was already going through a tough phase with kelvin, then this had to happen. Amidst all the thoughts whirling around in my head, i fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was with a profound hunger. I felt the baby kick at my stomach and I couldn't help but feel bad for starving him all day.

Him or her, I corrected myself in my head.

"I'm so sorry baby, I will go find something to eat now" I said to my stomach as I slowly caressed it.

I checked my phone and it was a few minutes past twelve. Great.

I would have to sneak into the kitchen without making any sound so as to avoid waking Clara so she wouldn't give me a lecture of how starving myself was a terrible idea. I sighed.

I cheered and smiled to myself once i quietfully and successfully made it to the kitchen. My stomach was growling badly. I opened the refrigerator and scanned through it, grabbing a fruit salad bowl, half cake, bag of chips, and chicken.

I arranged them in the order which I was about to eat them and damn it the thought of eating them made me more hungry.

I would never starve ever again.

"You going to eat all that" I jumped, turning around only to find Leonard. What was he doing here? Did he sleep here? How did he know I was here? Was I noisy?

"I know I'm not supposed to be here" he raised his hands up in surrender, obviously noticing my deep frown. "But I couldn't leave you alone in your condition

Condition? What condition?

"I have been handling this pregnancy well and Clara has been of perfect help, so you don't need to... "

"I don't mean that" I looked up at him, that was when I noticed his shirt which had probably 4 buttons undone, exposing his chest. I looked away immediately. Why was he here again?

"I'm sorry for what happened Eva, really" he came close so that the kitchen counter was the only thing separating us.

"I had no idea you had a boyfriend" he was right and that only made me hate myself more. "I promise to behave myself around you, from now on, I just want to be here for you as a friend" I manged to look at him "and a good father to my child ofcourse" he smiled but it was weak and it only lasted a second.

I was speechless. This wasn't what I came for, I came for food and right now that was all I thought about.

When he saw I had nothing to say, he then grabbed the chicken and walked towards the microwave, "I could help with this" my eyes widened and I watched him do something to the chicken before shoving it into the microwave.

He walked around and brought one of the bar stools for me.

"You sit down and I will help you with these" he grabbed the chips and walked away again.

I sat down utterly speechless. I wanted to throw questions at him but I really wasn't in the mood for a conversation, especially with the person who is the reason for my troubles.

I started digging into the fruit salad bowl, to calm the growling of my stomach. As I ate quietly, I also watched Leonard work around the kitchen with no stress and it made me... Impressed.

After some minutes of cooking, I will say, Leonard brought the tray of chicken finely garnished, then the bowl of chips and placed them in front of me. I was totally wowed at that.

He went out of the kitchen and I couldn't help but smile. He came back with another stool and sat just opposite me.

"I didn't vision you to be a chef" I couldn't stop myself from saying as I grabbed my cutlery and started digging into the chicken.

"Oh I'm not, I just know a few things here and there " he said

"This is nice" I complimented and he smiled at me, a real smile this time. Then my eyes dropped low and i noticed his chest again.

This was a terrible idea, I should be in my room eating alone, not with Leonard.

"Oh I'm good, thanks for asking" he suddenly said and I stared at him puzzled until he looked down at the food and I realised what he just did. I bit my lip.

"I'm sorry, i didnt think you'd want... I was just so hungry" I stuttered.

"I know, Clara told me how you dumped all your food in the trash today" he caught me off guard and I froze on my seat, wide eyes. I guess I was busted, although he didn't seem mad.

"You not mad at me?" I asked

"I am, but you have been through alot today" my chest tightened as I remembered.

"That's why I made sure Clara stocked the fridge with this.. " he pointed at my food, shocking me even more, ".. because I knew you would wake up and come here" I dropped my fork after his last statement. What!

"How'd you know that?" I asked

"Seen it in the movies" he said like it was nothing.

"You watch movies?" I pursed my lips in order not to laugh.

"Yes Eva, I needed to know how pregnant women behave" I burst out laughing when I couldn't hold it anymore.

"Okay, this seems like a set up though"

"Maybe it is" he smiled at me, his eyes never leaving mine. I thought for a second and I couldn't believe I had just laughed. This part of him was the part I wanted to see the moment I got to this house but all I got was a jerk. Why did it have to be now, when my relationship is on the line, all because of him. Why did he have to be this way with me now?

Because he loves you now, my subconscious reminded me.

My smile faded away. I couldn't be this free with him, I get that I was carrying his baby but I had to stay away from him.

"I'll go continue with my food in my room" I stood up and grabbed the tray and bowl of chips.

"Did I say something?" His expression turned worried.

"No, I just need to be alone right now " I said and without another word, I left him in the kitchen and headed to my room.

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