The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 23

"Kissing booth? Really?" I complained out loud.

It was 8 o'clock and we were all sitting in the living room, Clara, Leonard and I, ready to watch the said movie.

"If you want to watch a movie, you might as well watch the best" Clara bragged as she went on to turn off the light, so it actually looked like a cinema.

She sat next to me and handed me the bowl of popcorn which Leonard bought.

"You know we could have just watched an adventure movie, or a comedy" I said again trying my possible best to dismiss the movie.

"Seeming that kissing is in the title, there is gonna be alot of it" I whispered to Clara who just chuckled.

"If Clara chose it, it will be good" Leonard chimed in.

"Its just kissing Clara, what's the big deal" she whispered back.

"What's the big deal? Its going to be awkward watching people make out in front of Leonard. Your boss" I further emphasized

"I should probably join in on the whispering" Leonard got up from his couch and sat just next to me on our couch.


I grab a handful of popcorn and forcefully shoved it in my mouth to stop me from any further whining.

Clara grabbed the remote and played the movie. I made sure to not move even an inch so I wouldn't mistakenly brush Leonard who was sitting next to me.

I would say a few comments here and there like he's cute, she's pretty, omg hot, while the movie was going on and that only made Leonard glance at me.

Don't ask me how I saw him. I just did.

Half way into the movie, Elle got to kiss her crush and didn't realise it at first. it was so cute but I felt awkward, especially sitting close to him. So I kept my eyes glued to the TV and kept eating my popcorn, but unfortunately, when I put my hand into my bowl, it was empty. Damn it. I grabbed the next bowl and put it by my side. As I reached inside the bowl, I felt a skin touch mine and I flinched.

This was exactly what I was scared of, this was so awkward.

Slowly, turning my head, he was already staring at me, I had to look away fast.

Almost the end of the movie, I bacame so sad and emotional. Elle had to give up Noah just because just because he was the brother to her best friend, Lee. It was so sad.

"Eva are you crying?" Leonard brought his face in front of mine to scan my face.

"No" I sniffed and wiped my teary face with my fingers.

"My bad, never give a pregnant woman an emotional movie. She could cry over anything" Clara said.

"Okay enough of the movie" Leonard announced

"No I want to see the end" I argued

"Elle ends up with Noah and Lee is happy for them" Clara said and turned off the TV.

"Spoiler" I pouted. The next thing, bright lights blinded my eyes as Clara turned on the light. I quickly got up and headed to the kitchen before Leonard saw my face.

I washed my face with running water from the sink and dried it with my top. When I dropped my top from my view, Leonard was standing by the door.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine" I poured myself a glass of water and gulped it down. My emotions were all over the place.

"Why are you here?" I asked

"You were crying, I wanted to know... "

"That's not what I mean, why are you here? This is not your house" I thought about my statement then rephrased, "its your house but you don't live here so why are you here?"

"I'm here because of you, you are going through alot right now and I want to help take your mind off everything for the sake of the baby, and your mental health"

I scoffed, "what makes you think you are the person to help me?"

"Because I care about you Eva"

"Well i don't need you to care about me, you are the reason I got into this mess in the first place" I said with disdain

"Excuse me?" He took a step forward, staring at me like he was about to devore me. "So its my fault now?"

"Yes Leonard, its all your fault, you were the one who kissed me" I fired.

"And you kissed me back" he fired back. At that moment, I became speechless because sadly he was right. Tears welled up in my eyes suddenly and his stare softened towards me.


I started walking away from him but he held my hand, pulling me back around and before I could argue, his lips clashed onto mine, capturing my lips in a way that made me feel powerless. I pushed at his chest severally but it was to no avail. When he finally pulled away, I slapped him hard in his face. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I looked at him with a new found anger.

"Stay away from me" I warned before walking away to my room.

What was happening to me?

Why do I have to go through all these?

I loved kelvin. Why couldn't he understand that.

I needed to get kelvin back. I needed to see him as soon as possible.


The next day was my doctors appointment. Leonard was no where to be found so I assumed he had returned home. So Clara accompanied me instead.

"Just one more month to go and you would be free" the doctor told me after all the necessary check ups. I smiled and thanked her.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. At some point I thought about Leonard and how he was feeling, and how I felt bad for slapping him.

Why didn't it feel the same without him.

I had to stop thinking about Leonard and start thinking about how to get back kelvin.

I told Clara to do everything possible to distract me and take my mind off things.

She, out of all the places on earth she could take me, took me to a club.

"Are you crazy" I said once we got to the entrance

"You wanted a distraction"

"This. is. a. club" I stressed

"With a lot if distraction" she pulled me into the tight, stuffy club.

"Leonard is going to kill you if he finds" I warned her.

We found a seat by the far corner and sat on it.

"I'm beginning to think that you had other reasons to come here rather than distracting me. She smiled at me without a word and my eyes widened.


"I'll go get drinks" she waved me off and left me all to myself. While I prayed no one came over to talk to me, I scanned the whole room, watching people dance and drink and play games.

How was this distraction?

I continued scanning the room until my eyes stopped on a familiar figure. My heart probably ruptured at the site.

Behold it was kelvin sitting at the far opposite end, with a girl all over him giving him a lap dance.

My chest repeatedly constricted and I tried to breath but I couldn't. Painful tears start rolling down my cheeks.

"I'm back with... Eva" she dropped the glasses, and followed mu eyes to the direction.

"We have to go" I quickly stood up and she followed me without arguing.

The scene played in my head over and over again even after I had gotten home, eaten, had a shower, tried to watch a movie. Nothing seemed to work.

So I ended up doing the best thing I could do. I cried.

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