The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 26

I woke up feeling exhausted, which was not supposed to be so because sleep made you well rested. Maybe it wasn't just physical exhaustion, it was mental. Honestly I was tired of being exhausted and torn in-between decision making.

So I decided to block everything out. I decided to live the whole of the day without getting to think.

I was sick of overthinking and damn me, if made any stupid decisions.

Clara hadn't brought my breakfast yet so I decided have a quick bath, put on some shorts and a sports bra that left my big stomach exposed.

I stroted down the stairs, scratch that, I walked like a duck down the stairs, because damn my whole body felt heavy as hell. I had totally forgotten how hot I used to look.

"Morning Clara" I greeted once I entered the kitchen

"Good morning Eva, I'm sorry I haven't brought breakfast, I was just... "

"Relax Clara" I cut her off "its fine" I smiled at her just before I opened the fridge, took an apple, and had a huge bite.

"You seem... Cheery" she tilted her head, studying my face. I chewed my apple staring back at him, making a smile slowly appear on her face.

"Okay what is up with you" she asked, folding her hands over her chest.

"I guess I decided to let go of everything" her eye brows shooted up

"You don't say" she had this twinkling curiousity in her eyes.

"Does that mean you going to stop fighting him?"

"No" I said and she just narrowed her eyes at me.

"Mind your business Clara" I smiled at her and left her in the kitchen. I continue eating my apple while walking to the TV to put something on.

"Hey" I heard a voice that made my eyes widen. Was that....

I turned around. Leonard?

I swallowed "Hi" I said awkwardly, my heart immediately started beating fast.

"I didn't hear you come in" just glancing once ay him before looking away. He looked more paler than I last saw him.

"Oh, I uh... " he paused, why was this so awkward.

"Breakfast is ready" Clara came out, "oh Good morning Mr Leonard" she greeted as she dropped the tray on the dinning table.

"Good morning Clara" he smiled at her, which was rather weird because I had never seen him smile at her ever. Was Clara right? Was he changing? Because of me?

"Do you want me to make breakfast for you" she asked

"No thank you Clara" he dismissed. Clara nodded, giving me a knowing look before leaving us. Damn Clara.

I sneaked a peak at Leonard and caught him staring at me. I looked away, my cheeks flushing.

I awkwardly walked to the dinning table and sat.

"Come sit with me" I called, "I know you would say you not hungry but sit with me"

"My pleasure" he smiled and sat opposite me. I couldn't help but smile and feel shy at the way he looked at me.

"Would you like to go out with me tonight" I paused on my food and looked up at him, biting my lip while considering the offer.

"Today is my birthday" his words threw my off. What? I dropped my fork and my mouth opened.

"Omg! Really" I said shocked, "Happy birthday"

"Thank you" he smiled, "my mother is hosting a party on my behalf, so I want you to come with me" I was caught off guard again.

"Did you say your mom?" I asked surprised.

"Why, did you think I was an orphan?"

"Yes.. No, I mean... " he smiled at my expense, "I'm sorry, you've just never mentioned her before" I told him then I remembered his rules. Right. That was stupid of me to say.

"My mom has always wanted to throw a party for me, mostly to show me off but I never wanted to be part of it" I took some time to process what he said, I couldn't believe he had a mother. Why was that so hard to believe?

"So why do you want to be part of it now?" I asked curiously.

"Because I'd be going with you" he stared at me with that intensity again, "please don't say no" he practically pleaded.

"I guess I can't say no now that you already raised your mom's hopes up" I smiled.

"Thank you" he said.

Sure, cheers to stupid decisions.


It was 7 O'clock. I came out of the bathroom freshly showered, just as I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and Clara squealed into my room with a box in her hand.

"What is that?" I walked up to her as she dropped the box on my bed and opened it.

"From your no longer secret admirer" she teased and I rolled my eyes. But then she dragged out a red dress from inside the box. A long off shoulder red gown, that had a split halfway down.

My mouth hung open.

"Is that... "

"Yes Eva" she squealed. I stared at the dress with dreamy eyes taking it all in.

"Put it on right now" she hurried.

When I put it on, the dress hugged my body perfectly. The split exposed from my mid thigh down, in a very sexy way. It made me feel hot even though I felt like a whale.

"Damn! Leonard got your body in his head" she commented eyeing up and down.

"Stop being a creep Clara" I joked and she chuckled.

"Now sit" she pulled me to the chair in front of the mirror, "I'm gonna do your hair and make up" she said and started doing her thing on my face.

Minutes later, she backed up and smiled at me, "all done" I sighed in relieve and got up. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked so different, so beautiful.

"Aww Eva, you are so beautiful"

"Thank you" I hugged her.

I put on the 3 inches heel that was also inside the box and admired myself one last time.

Then the door bell echoed. I sucked in a deep breath as Clara led me down the stairs and as I expected, Leonard was staring at me through every step i took, from my head down to my feet. I bit my lip to hide my smile while my face was burning. I also used the time to take him in, he was dressed in a black suit as usual but this time, he had a tint of red in his pocket. He looked.... Handsome.

"You look amazing" he said once I was in front of him.

"All thanks to you" I smiled.

"Shall we" he angled his hand out for me and i didnt think twice before i held it.

"Have fun" Clara yelled as we walked out the door, I turned around to smile at her and she winked at me.

We drove all the way to another part of the city, to a huge mansion. So much bigger than Leonards.

Our arms were entwined as we walked into the house. I was instantly awe struck. The room was beautifully decorated and filled with different sort of people, men and women, all dressed magnificently. I was happy Leonard got me the dress because if I had worn what I initially wanted, I would feel so out of place.

Leornard scanned the room probably looking for his mother, I just admired each and every single woman that passed my view. Their dresses were perfect. The rich life was so intimidating.

"Come on" we moved further into the room and approached a certain woman, who was dressed in a shiny gold coloured long gown. That was probably his mother.

"Leonard" she wrapped her hands around him, rubbing his back.

"Hi mother" he said and they pulled away from eachother. Her attention was focused on him that she didn't recognize I was next to him. I pursed my lips and just stood there awkwardly staring at her.

She had blonde hair, and brown eyes just like Leonard. She was beautiful and looked to be probably mid thirties or early fourties.

"I can't believe you are here after so many years" she said to her son. I couldn't help but notice her jewelries, it could probably light up the room if there was no light.

"I can hardly believe it too" he simply said. I almost wanted to roll my eyes. He was so weird with his mom who he hasn't seen for a long time.

Then she turned to me, "who is... Oh my world" she exclaimed when she saw my protruding belly. Maybe I should have thought this through.

"Mom, this is Eva. My wife" I almost choked on air. My eyes widened and I looked at Leonard. What the hell was he doing?

"Oh my world Leonard" she looked at me with dreamy eyes and before I could blink, she pulled me into her arms. I stiffened at first before I hugged her back awkwardly. I was both angry and surprised. Angry that Leonard could lie to his mom like that, at my expense and surprised that his mother actually was okay with it.

"I can't believe it, you finally have a woman in your life" she looked at Leonard before looking at me. She took my hands in hers.

"You are beautiful my dear" she smiled at me.

"Thank you, you too" I said.

"Aw thank you" She smiled "and is it?" She placed her hand on my stomach.

"We haven't done a scan yet mom" Leonard said. He seemed to be enjoying this.

"I'm so happy for you" she hugged him again. "I'm angry that you didn't invite me for the wedding though"

"You will get to come after the baby is born" he said. I just found myself grinding my teeth together, trying to calm myself down.

"Welcome to the party, your party" she said as she pulled away, "Happy birthday" she smiled at him. He just smiled back.

"Enjoy" she turned to me before she left us.

I turned to Leonard, "your wife really?" I said somewhat pissed. But I wasn't sure why I was angry, maybe because he lied to his mom but then again, I wasn't a saint.

"You will soon be"

what? My mouth opened but I had nothing to say. He was so damn annoying.

A waiter passed by with a tray of wine glass and I grabbed one from it, wanting to gulp it down and drown out Leonard but ofcourse I couldn't do that.

"I'll take that" he snatched the glass from my grip "no drinking" he dropped the glass back on the tray and held my hand.

"come with me" he pulled me before I even agreed.

The tinkling sound of glass was heard all over the room, as Leonard's mom stood at the centre with the aim of getting everyone's attention. And she did.

"We are gathered here today to celebrate the birthday of my beloved son who is also the CEO and owner of Leonard enterprises. Leonard" I turned to Leonard who didn't seem pleased by the introduction, but still had to join his mom at the centre of the room. I joined in as people applauded for him.

"And he is not only here today" she continued and my heart flew to my throat. Oh no. "He is here with his wife Eva"

Shoot me.

"Come on" she gestured for me to join her as people applauded. I had no choice but to join her and Leonard at the centre of the room.

"And they would be having their first baby soon" Forbthe first time in my life, I just wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide myself.

"I am so happy. Cheers to them" she raised her glass and so did everyone as they echoed 'cheers'.

I just stood there trying to keep a perfect smile. This wasn't what I bargained for tonight. I was angry at this point.

But as if that was not enough, Leonard pulled me by my waist and pressed his lips against mine. My whole body froze in place but I couldn't push him away because we were in front of everyone. When he pulled away from me, everyone was applauding again and I couldn't help the way my cheeks flushed knowing everyone just saw Leonard kiss me.


To all of you that read and love my story ❤❤❤

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