The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 27

I pulled Leonard by his hand all the way across the room into the girls bathroom. I slammed the door shut and glared angrily at him.

"What the hell was that?" I asked

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't stop myself"

"What happened to you just being here for me as a friend?"

"You know I can't do that" he said. At that point I wanted to just pull my hair out.

"How could you even lie to your mom like that?" He was silent

"You have to tell her the truth Leonard, I'm just a surrogate, not your wife"

"A surrogate I fell in love with" he took a step forward and I took one back, "besides you will be soon"

Baffled, I said "what does that even mean?" He took another step forward and I took another step backwards.

"I'm sorry i got you angry tonight, let me make up for it" he ignored my previous question.

"The only making up you are gonna do is telling your mom the truth" I said pointing my finger at him.

"She is my mother, I can handle her"

"Handle her?" I echoed

"Look you don't understand anything about my family, my mother hasn't been the same since my dad died of leukemia" his words pricked at my heart and all of a sudden I had no more words to say.

"She doesn't really care for love that much anymore, all she cares about now is how the business should continue to grow at any cost"

Then I suddenly thought aloud, "was she the one behind this, you having a baby" he was silent. Oh my God.

"You never wanted a baby?"

"No, I did, I do" he ran his hand through his hair. "My mother wanted me to settle down, get married just for the aim of having a baby but I couldn't do it. I couldn't let anyone close to me, I couldn't let anyone fall in love with me, I didn't want anyone to have to suffer the same fate as my mother" I felt chills throughout my body from this new revelation. "Thats why I decided to use a surrogate, atleast there wouldnt be any attachment or feelings" my heart squeezed inside my chest.

"So you want me to suffer the same fate as your mom" tears welled up in my eyes, "you want me to be with you even when you know you are going to leave me. Isn't that selfish" the tears started rolling down my cheeks.

"I promise I didn't mean for this to happen" he held my shoulders

"But it already happened" I said defeated.

"Does that mean you love me?" I didn't say anything, just bowed my head down but he held my jaw and lifted my head up to look at him.

"What's the point?" My heart was aching inside my chest. Just then realization hit me, all these while I had been pushing him away, it wasn't because I didn't have feelings for him, neither was it because of kelvin, I was scared of falling in love and loosing the love after a while. Holding onto kelvin was just my defense mechanism so I wouldn't fall in love with Leonard but look at me now, I failed miserably.

With more tears rolled down my cheeks, Leonard brought his hand to my face and wiped my tears with the pad of his thumb, his eyes never leaving mine. Then he slowly brought his face dangerously close to mine and glanced at my lips once, hesitating probably for me to have a chance to move away. When I didn't, he captured my lips in his, cupping my face as he did. Without any further thought or fear, I kissed him back. I brought my hands to the back of his head and kissed him, our lips moving in perfect sync. Butterflies exploded in my stomach, and I felt hot all over. I was shamelessly enjoying the kiss until the door burst open and we both pull away so fast.

A woman walked into the bathroom, smiling at us before entering one of the stall. I knew my cheeks were a burning red by now. I bit my lips and looked at Leonard who gave me a cheeky smile.

"We should go" he said and I nodded, shy as hell.

At the end of the party, Leonard took me back home, leaving a goodnight kiss on my lips and forehead.

Immediately I walked through the door, Clara squealed scaring the shit outta me. I had to hold onto my chest so my heart wouldn't fly out.

"Clara" I scolded

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't unsee that" my face flushed for like the hundredth time.

"I wanna hear all about it" she squealed again, "I'm happy for you" she threw her arms around me.

"Thank you Clara"


Days and weeks went by, Leonard and I made pretty memorable moments by mostly going out on dates, site seeing, or just staying in watching movies. I realised I was finally happy because at some point, it seemed like I did nothing buy cry all through the pregnancy.

I was relieved that I finally stopped thinking about kelvin, and I actually focused on what made me happy even though kelvin once made me happy. Maybe we weren't just meant to be together.

It was a bright and beautiful morning, just like every other day since Leonard and i had our issues sorted out. I hadnt said 'I love you' yet though.

I had breakfast and we all settled to watch a movie. Clara as usual picked the movie and Leonard bought the popcorn, I just sat down and did nothing.

"Here you go" Leonard passed me the popcorn bowl.

"Thank you" I smiled at her. Then suddenly, I felt liquid flow down my legs. I froze, dropped my popcorn and yelled "guys" they both turned to me.

"I think my water just broke"

Leonard got up instantly and rushed to grab his car keys. Clara rushed to me and helped me up from my chair.

"Are you okay? How do you feel?" She asked worry laced in her voice.

"I'm freaking out" I said honestly. I might have looked calm but I was freaking out.

"Let's get her to the car" Leonard said and they both held my hand and led me to the car as if I couldn't walk by myself.

Clara got in the back seat with me while Leonard drove.

All through the pregnancy I had never thought of this moment, I guess it was God's will because if I did think of this moment I would be freaking out every single day.

"Do you feel any pain? Contractions?" Clara asked.

"No" I said, breathing fast, my heart was racing uncontrollably. Just then, right at that very moment, I remembered, I never had sex.

Oh my God.

"Clara" I gripped her hand, "I would be fine right"

"Yes ofcourse totally" I knew she was lying, she was only saying that just so I could calm down.

We got to the hospital and Leonard helped me out of the car.

"Oh my God, we forgot the baby's stuff, I'll go back and get it" Clara exclaimed.

"Okay you go, I'll be here with Eva" he said to her before she left.

When we got into the hospital, the Doctor was the first person that came into my view. She called for some nurses and led us into a room, and Leonard help lay me on the bed.

I hadn't really even had any serious contractions yet but I was super scared.

Why did I rake this job again?

"Miss Eva" the doctor smiled at me, as if mentally praising me for coming to the end of this "let's check how dilated you are"

"I turned to Leonard "Don't leave me"

"Not even a second" he told me, grabbing my palm tightly in his. The doctor suddenly looked at our entwined hand and looked up at both of us. Ofcourse, she didn't know about the new 'us'.

Two hours later, I was screaming my lungs out, sweat and tears soaked my whole body. The pain I felt was unexplainable. The more I heard the words 'push' the more I wanted to pass out. Leonard never left my side even though I hardly saw him sometimes because I was too busy pushing a child out.

"Just one more push" the doctor said and I wanted to rip her head up for putting me through this. With all the strength I had left in me, I did a hard and long push and then my body visibly relaxed, just as I heard the cry of a baby. I glanced at Leonard by my side and gave him a small smile before everything blacked out.


What baby do you think it is?

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