The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 29


"Leonard is sick" she repeated.

"And you let me leave" I shouted, I couldn't believe this.

"He made me promise not to tell you, he didn't want you to see him like that" she explained but at that point I couldn't find any sense in her explanation.

"Where is he?" I asked anxiously

"Up in.. " I didn't even let her finish her sentence before I bolted upstairs and found his room. Behold what I saw almost paralysed me, actually it did. I halted at the door and gasped in shock. I slapped my hand over my mouth as tears started gushing down my face before I could stop it.

Leonard was lying unconscious on his kind sized bed, all kinds of drips and machine connected to his body. I gathered my courage and took a step, another step and another step until I was by the side of his bed. I slowly sat beside him and held his hand in mine. All I felt was regret.

Why did I have to leave?

Why Eva?

He told me he didn't have much time left but I still decided to leave.

"I promise I will never leave again" I squeezed his hand in mine. My heart broke at the sight of him. The energetic and very intense, emotionless Leonard was lying still on his bed, not moving, just his heart beat echoing from the machine.

Right there I realised how stupid my actions were, what if I had lost him and I hadn't even said it yet. My heart squeezed inside my chest making it hard to breathe.

"I love you" I said it. I said the words I had found so hard to say for the past few weeks. I said the words that scared me the most but I didn't regret it and even if he didn't hear me now, I was sure to say it again.

"I love you too" his weak voice startled me. I let out what seemed to be a mixture of a cry and a laugh as I saw him open his eyes. Relieve washed over me and I hugged him lightly, making sure not to mess up the drips and oxygen.

"Do you really?" He asked, his voice was weak, almost like a whisper.

"I do, I love you Leonard" saying it the second time felt much easier. He smiled at me and that alone warmed up my heart. I hadn't realised how much I loved and missed him until this moment.

"Its a girl" he then said and for a moment I was baffled until I realised what he was talking about. I cupped my mouth as happy tears roll down my cheeks. He suddenly nodded towards the door so I spun around and saw Clara coming towards me with the baby in her arms.

She handed the baby over to me and I held her to my chest, my heart beating fast. I was immediately awestruck the moment I laid eyes on her. I couldn't believe I gave birth to her. She was so beautiful. I thought I would be able to control myself but I failed. I started crying but the tears I shed were simply tears of joy.

"She is just as beautiful as you" Leonard said

"I agree" Clara said. I just smiled at the baby. My baby. Actually our baby.

"I know you wanted a boy" I tried to tease.

"I know but i don't care, I love her" he said melting my heart.

"I assure you, girls these days are even more efficient than boys" Clara said and I laughed through teary eyes. She couldn't be more right.

"Oh my God" I exclaimed, "I never thought of a name" I told them.

"I Planned Gabriel if it were a boy, so now she's a girl, she'd be Gabriella" Leonard said and I bit my lip.

"That's... beautiful" I commended, "Gabriella" I smiled at her again.


The next day, Leonard was much better. The doctor examined him and disconnected everything from him, making me even more relieved. I went home to get my things back to where they actually belong, Leonard's house.

But then when I returned, I saw a small suit case packed outside his porch. My brows furrowed together. What was going on. I entered the house and left my box on the living room.

"Clara?" I called but no answer.

"Leornard?" No answer. My heart began beating so fast. Anxiety creeping in.

I started climbing up the stairs but just then, I saw Leonard and his doctor coming from a room behind the stairs.

"Leonard" I rushed up to him and hugged him.

"I'll be waiting for you Mr Leonard" the doctor said and walked away, out the door.

Puzzled, I asked "is everything okay?"

"Eva I have to tell you something" that alone left my heart racing.

"I'm going on a trip, a long one" he started

"But you not well, the doctor said you shouldnt stress yourself" I said.

"Exactly why I'm going for the trip" he further confused me.

"I don't understand, what do you mean" I said, anxiety slowly spreading through me.

"The doctor may have found a possible cure.. "

"Really" I asked excited

".. But she's not sure" I went back to being confused.

"What do you mean she's not sure?"

"I'm going to get treatment" he said but he didn't seem excited about it.

"That's good news right?" His expression was emotionless "Leonard say something, you are killing me"

"Eva, I need you to calm down and listen to me carefully" maybe that was supposed to calm me down in his head but it only did the opposite.

"I'm going to get treatment and I'll be gone for two years" my mouth opened

"Let me come with you then" I suggested

"No Eva" he held my shoulders. I didn't realise my heart wqs pounding against my chest until he touched me. "You can't, I have to do this alone, its my fight"

"I'm going to get treatment and come back to you but if I don't come back... "

"No" I shook my head so fast, uncontrollably tears slipped down my face.

"....take care of Gabriella"

"No" I shook my head trying to block out his words. "This isnt goodbye"

"I'm just trying to be realistic"

"Realistic?" I shouted

"This treatment hasn't been tested yet, I'd be the person Eva so if it doesn't work and I don't come back, this house is in your name, my company, everything is in your name"

"Everything means nothing without you Leonard" I cried. I couldn't believe him.

"Let me come with you, don't take two years of being with you away from me. Please" I pleaded.

"I will make you a promise and you will make me one" he said, "I promise to fight and get through this and come back to you" he cupped my cheeks.

"Now promise me that if I don't come back, you will move on and be happy"

I shook my head. How could I promise that, was he crazy.

"Promise me Eva" he shouted and that only made my crying intense, my whole body was shaking. I couldn't. I couldn't live without him.

He sighed.

"Do you remember when you first walked into this house" he suddenly asked. I slowly nodded. That was the day I signed the contract.

"I believe that was the day I fell in love with you" he wiped my tears away, "I had no intentions on falling in love with you Eva but something inside me changed that very day I saw you. I didn't realise it until I started spending time with you"

"Yes I know I broke my number one rule, hell I probably broke all but I don't regret it. You gave me the most beautiful daughter" I sobbed violently.

"I love you Eva and I will never stop. So now promise me" he wiped my tears again, "promise me you won't be like my mother, promise me you would be happy and you won't give up on love, for the sake of our daughter"

"I promise" I choked out. Then I cupped his face and pressed my lips against his, capturing it in an intense, almost aggressive passion. I kissed him like he was going to disappear, which was actually the case.

When we pulled away, we were both out of breath. That was when I noticed how red his eyes were. He was trying to be strong but I knew deep down, he was just as vulnerable as I was.

"Come back to me" I told him.

"I will" he assured "I love you" he said

"I love you" I said and he turned around and walked out the door. I watched him as he dragged his suitcase into his car. I ran to the door wanting to stop him but I know I couldn't. I watched as the car pulled off the drive way into the street. That was when my heart shattered to pieces.

Two years later, Leonard never came back to me.


The End

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