The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 3

The next day, I had left Daniel and Sofia in the care of our neighbor, Mrs April. I found my way to the address I had typed on my phone.

I arrived at the huge flawless building. My heart started to slowly pound against my chest. I rang the door bell and waited only to be welcomed by young lady in a skimpy uniform.

I swallowed my heart back to my stomach and walked in as she gave way for me without any questioning.

The house was just as huge inside as it was outside. The floors were almost like mirrors, and the walls were bright silver color. I had to stop myself from turning around and admiring the whole house from top to button.

Everything was white. Everything about the house screamed millionare.

"Miss Eva I presume" I spunned around, coming face to face with a man. A really young man. A tall lean tan skin good looking young man. Probaby in his late twenties.

This had to be a joke. Why would a young man like him need a surrogate? He can get any girl he wants without even spending a dime.

"Miss Eva?" I blinked

"Yes, but call me Eva please"

"I like to be strictly professional" he spoke so elegantly. Okay.

"Have a seat please" he gestured to the large living room. I had to force my feet to move towards the sparkling sofa, scared that my touch could ruin it.

"I'll go straight to business Miss Eva" he said after we both sat down. Again, I swallowed. My eyes fixed on him. He flicked his fingers and the girl in the skimpy dress walked up to him.m and gave him a file. I blinked, shocked as to where she came from.

"So if you are here, it means you already know what this is about so I don't need to explain that to you" he scanned through the file and stretched it forward to me "you would need to read this and then sign it, I have already signed my part" I reached out to collect it from him, opening it to just scan through the five pages of it. I didn't really need to read any of it.

"If you want some time to think of.. "

"No I don't need time" I said surprising him "pen please"

"You would need to read that Miss Eva" he insisted

"No i'm good" I simply said, I knew very well that if I rear anything written in it, I would change my mind immediately and that was the last thing I wanted. I needed this money.

"I'm sure there's nothing here I can't do, right?" I stared straight at him waiting for a response, he just tilted his head and watched me carefully as if he was studying me.

"That depends on you Miss Eva"

"I'll take that as a yes" I smiled at him then signed the five pages of the documents without even as much as reading a heading.

Oh lord, I hope I can do everything written in here, I silently prayed.

"Done" I handed the file back to him.

"Okay we all set then" he stood up, so did I.

"Hundred thousand" I suddenly said, his face twisted in confusion.

"Excuse me"

"Hundred thousand" I repeated "that's how much you will pay me for this" I had no idea what I was doing but I needed to bargain high. I was gonna loose alot from this so called job, so I needed to gain twice as much, I needed to know it would be worth it.

He was silent and the silence was scaring me, I started rethinking my words.

"Okay" my eyes widened, a part of me thought he would reject. Well jackpot!

"I need twenty percent of the money before anything else is done" I bit my cheek hard after speaking, I knew I was pushing my luck but it wouldn't hurt to try. My heart suddenly beating fast again, scared he would reject but at the same time, hoped he wouldn't because I needed the money to pay for my moms hospital bills and every other expenses.

"I hate to be conditioned" he shoved his hand in his pocket, his eyes never leaving mine "but yes" he shocked me again by agreeing. I squealed inside my head. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't stop the smile that spread across my face.

"It was nice doing business with you Mr.. " well shit! I didn't know his name. I bit my lip. Then I noticed it, a smile, almost non existent but it was there. Even from just less than a hour, I knew he didn't smile much.


"Mr Leonard" I stressed on the Mr.

"See you in two weeks"

Later that evening, after visisting my mom, I visited kelvin to break the bad news to him. I knew he wouldnt like it, hell I knew he might hate me but I needed too, I had no choice.

Seeing him after what I had done, pricked my heart badly. We ate, watched a movie and cuddled but in all that, I wasn't settled. I had been imagination his outburst. After the movie was over, I couldn't bear it anymore.


"Yes babe"

"Pls forgive me" he shifted and repositioned himself beside me.

"For what?" His whole demeanor had changed and it only made my heart race.

"I.." I took a deep breath "I officially accepted the job, I went to meet up and I signed the contract" his eyes close shut and he took a deep breath. His silence broke my heart into a million pieces.

"Am sorry" tears welled up in my eyes, "I didn't know what else to do, my mom is.. "

"Its over" he stood up leaving me on the couch. My heart did a skip, a painful sharp skip.

Bewildered, I stared wide eye at him, "what?"

"Its over between us" he said and started walking away

"No" my voice broke "babe you can't.. " I was suddenly out of words to say, "it can't be over"

"I can't do it Eva! Date a girl who is gonna carry another mans child for nine months" he sucked in a deep breath "I just can't, its me or him"

"Babe are you really gonna make me choose" I couldn't believe him "my mom is in the hospital, there is no money, we can't even eat well now" my heart was beating frantically "please understand me"

"No" he fired "I asked you to wait, just a little patience"

"For how long" I fired back

"If you insist on doing it, then we can't be together" his words pierced deep into my heart"

"Please babe, listen to me"

"No, I cant bear the thought of you with someone else"

"But I'm not with him, I just will carry his child"

"And then what? Have feelings for him along the line? Nine whole months, and you think, you won't have feelings for him" he laughed humorlessly.

"I won't, I love only you"

"Am sorry Eva" he turned away "you can leave when you done" my heart shattered into million pieces.

I didn't realise I was crying till I was left alone.

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