The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 30

It had been four years. Four years since everything happened. Four years since Leonard left me. He deprived me of the two years I could have spent with him before he died and I never forgave him for that. I waited for him but he never came. I heard nothing from anyone and that only meant one thing.

I was a strong girl right from the beginning, and that was what gave a chance at surviving. When I made him that promise, I never thought I would have to keep to it but he gave me no choice. I kept to my promise, not on the way he might have wanted.

I was happy with Gabriella, Clara and my family, aside from them, I was just another version of Leonard. Mean and intense and emotionless.

I started working at Leonard enterprises, not exactly working, I only supervised anything and everything that happened there. When they asked about Leonard, I never answered.

I relieved Clara of her duties as a maid. She practically became my family, so I made sure she went back to school and completed her studies. After which she started working as a nurse in the same hospital I gave birth.

As for my family, they were doing more than okay, my mother's buisness had grown so much and she repeatedly thanked me for it.

And my little daughter, Gabriella who was now four years old. I loved her so much. She had black hair like me and brown eyes just like Leonard. She was my only happiness.

"All done" I said as I finished brushing Gabriella's hair into two fine pony tails.

"Thank you mommy" she smiled happily at me. I remembered vividly how I kept lying to her about her father. I had no idea when I would tell her the truth, probably when she was grown up.

"Now are you ready to go see grandma?" I asked

"Yes, and aunty and uncle" she cheered and I smiled. This was the first time I would be taking her to my mom. I couldn't do that before because I was literally broken and I need my space.

So we went home to see my family. My mom was extremely happy to see her grand daughter, so were my siblings.

"She looks just like you when you were little" my mom said and I smiled. It took me a while before I could finally stamp it in my brain that I had a child. Funny story is I never dreamt of having one at this moment of my life. I guess my life changed.

My phone rang, displaying Clara's name on the screen. I rolled my eyes before bringing the phone to my ear.

"Yes Clara"

"Eva I need your help, its pretty urgent" she sounded desperate which made me worried.

"What happened?"

"My mom is sick and I really need you to accompany me to visit her" she said

"Oh my God, I'm sorry about your mom but do you seriously need an escort, I'm at my mom's house" I tried to dismiss

"Eva, I wouldn't have called you if I could handle it myself. please" she pleaded.

I sighed "fine, be on my way" I hung up and walked up to my mom.

"Mom I have to go help Clara with something, can I leave Gabriella here?"

"Ofcourse, don't be silly. This is her house too" I smiled and walked up to Gabriella who was playing with Daniel and Sofia.

"Sweetie" I leaned down towards her, "mommy has to go somewhere, I will be back soon"

"Okay mommy" I kissed her forehead and headed out.

I met up with Clara and she took me to the said destination. We pulled over at a weird location. I wanted to ask if her mom lived here, but I didn't want to sound like am judging so I kept quiet instead.

I followed her inside the building and through the tiny hallway that had very dim lightening, the next step I took, I was swallowed by darkness. I couldn't keep shut anymore.

"Clara why is it so dark in here?"

"I'm so sorry, let me put on the light" she said.

"Wait" I turned around but I couldn't see nothing, "Clara" I shouted a little scared. I reached down to grab my phone from my purse but just then the lights came up.

Relieve washed over me as I looked up but then, my jaw dropped the the floor. The whole place was beautifully decorated with flowers and colored lights. I slowly turned around admiring the place until I saw something that made my heart skip.

It was a banner that said...


My eyes widened and my heart started beating fast. What was this? who was messing with me?

"Cla.. My words hung in my throat as I saw the person I never expected to see. My phone dropped to the floor and I heard the crashing sound but I couldn't move.

Leonard was standing there, the bright lights illuminating his features.

My lungs closed up and tears welled in my eyes. Was this a dream? Was I hallucinating?

I took one step at a time until I was in front of him. He stood there just staring at me motionless.

"Eva" the moment i heard my name from his lips, I burst out crying and threw my hands around him so tight, I didn't care if I was suffocating him.

"You're alive. Oh God" I cried on his shoulders as I hugged him.

"Yes, I came back for you" I cried even more. I couldn't believe it. I pulled away and touched his face, he looked so healthy, strong and handsome as hell. I hugged him again and just stayed in his arms. I didn't want to let go amymore she he wouldn't leave again.

Then I remembered.

He left me. I pulled away.

"You left me" I yelled, "why did you leave me?"


"No" I I threw a punch at his chest "why did you leave" I threw another, "you said you would be back after two years" I started hitting at his chest repeatedly "why!"

He suddenly caught my hands and pulled me so fast to his chest, pressing his lips to mine. I tried to fight him off but I failed at the first try, I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him back with all intensity.

He released me and cleaned my tears with his thumb, while we stared at each other. I was so happy yet angry at the same time.

"I kept to my promise" he said and I smiled through teary eyes.

"So now" he took a step backwards and got down on one knee. More tears rolled down my cheeks. "Make the the happiest man alive" he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a tiny box, raising it and opening it in front of me. The tiny ring sparkled the moment it was exposed.

"Marry me" my heart almost popped out of my chest. I laughed through teary eyes.

"Ofcourse I will" I said and watched him slid the ring on my finger. He got up and kissed me again.

"Awwwn this is the most sweetest thing I've seen" Clara came out of nowhere. Where the hell did she go to.

She smiled at me and hugged me.

"I'm happy for you" she said

"Thank you" I smiled then smacked her arm hard. "You lied to me"

"Ouch" she rubbed her arm "courtesy of Leonard" she pouted and I smiled.

"But I forgive you" I smiled.

"Ofcourse you will, who would be your bridesmaid apart from me" we both shared a laugh.

"Can we go now, I'm dying to see my daughter" Leonard complained.

"She is a beautiful kid" Clara told him

"I couldn't agree more" I said.

We all went back to my mom's house. There I introduced him to my mom, my siblings and our four year old daughter.

As I watched him carry and hug her in his arms with tears and adoration in his eyes, I realised that this was the happiest day of my life.

I got my happy ending.

The end


Omg! I did it. I'm so happy.

Thank you guys so much for giving me the strength to finish this story. And thank you for reading❤

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