The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Bonus chapter 1

So I just I wanted you guys to have one chapter from Leonard's point of view. I know it took me so long to bring this but here goes..


2 years ago

"How sure are you that this would work?" I asked Doctor chain who had been in charge of my treatment since the day one I arrived here.

"Like we told you earlier, we are not sure yet what the outcome will be" he told me. Feeling disappointed, I sighed rubbing my face and moving it to head which was now rid of any hair I had.

"That's why we need to keep a close eye on you" he continued.

"For how long?" I asked, worried out of my mind.

"Probably for the next few months" I sighed again, shutting my eyes. At that moment, all I thought about was Eva.

"We really hope that this works out for both your sake and ours" he finished and I just nodded before he left me with my thoughts.

This was going to be hard, seeming that I would be breaking my promise to Eva about coming back for her after two years.

I rubbed my hand over my bare head again, two years had gone by but I wasn't still used to the fact that I no longer had hair on my head. Then I realised, I couldn't go to her that way. I needed to get myself back to the man she fell in love with. The strong intense good looking man, not the weak dying man I was at the moment.

I took my phone and scanned through my gallery until I found her picture. I stared at it, feeling all the rush of emotions.

My life was going well until she came, atleast that's what I thought. I wasn't scared of dying, I was only scared of dying without making a name for myself, without leaving anything behind. I didn't want to just be gone like I never existed and that was why I worked so hard to build up Leonard enterprises from where my father left it. After that I proceeded to having a child, which was just all I wanted.

But then, I fell in love with Eva. It wasn't part of my plan, hell! I broke my number one rule and now I was scared to die. Scared to not be able to spend my life with her. Scared to leave her alone in this world with her heart broken. Scared to not become the father that I had dreamed of being during the period of the pregnancy.

All I wanted now was to be with her, love her, give her the world and be a great father to Gabriella.

I sighed again as I fixed my eyes on her picture. She was so beautiful. She was tough, hell she was hard headed and stubborn but that was part of what made me fall in love with her.

"You should call her, you know" my personal doctor said bringing me out of my clouded thoughts.

"She would be so angry at you or worse, she would think you are dead. Its been two years Leonard, you have to call her" she told me but I shook my head.

"I can't" I simply said.

"You can't or you won't?" She questioned

"I just can't" I repeated. She sighed and sat next to me.

"Leonard, I have known you since you were a teenager and I have never seen you like this. I know you really love her but don't you think she deserves to know you alive and well?"

"For now" I added

"These doctors know what they're doing and if they say its going to work, its going to work. The least we can do is be positive and hopefull" she said

"She's probably better off without me, its better she doesn't know anything now so her hopes won't be crushed when this fails" I said. And that was why I never called her. If I wasn't sure about this treatment then it was better for her to move on than to have hopes of me healing then something goes wrong. It was pathetic but I wanted her happy, even if i wasn't in the picture.

"No she's not, she needs you" she placed her hand on my shoulder "you have to fight this, whatever it takes, because you are going to be there for her" she said her last words and then got up leaving me to my thoughts.

I couldnt help but think, she was right. The reason I didnt want ti fall in love or have anyone fall in love with me was because I didn't want to end up breaking someone apart. So now that I had someone waiting for me, I was definitely going to fight to get back to her.

And that was what I did.

Even though I spent extra two years doing that, I was happy it was worth it.

The moment I arrived at the airport, I phoned Clara because she was the only one person I had that I could trust. She was just one of my workers but I guessed since she became pretty closed to Eva, I could call her a friend even though I didn't fancy such.

"Hello" her petite voice echoed through the phone, "who is this?" Ofcourse she didn't have my number because I never gave my number to anyone. Except Eva.

"Hello Clara" I said and the line went silent for a moment.

"Mr Leonard?" I didn't miss the shock in her voice. I was pretty impressed that she remembered the intense voice of her boss.

"Yes Clara, this is.. " she suddenly squealed and I had to quickly pull the phone from my ear in order not to damage my ear drums.

"Oh my God, you're alive Mr Leonard"

"Bring down your voice Clara" I told her worried that Eva could hear her scream.

"Is Eva there with you?" I asked

"No Mr Leonard, she's preparing to go visit her mother" she said

"Good" I said in relieve, "I'll text you an address, meet me there now " I couldnt help it, I was so used to commanding and giving instructions.

"Yes sir " she said and I hung up.

I couldnt help the smile that appeared on my face. I was finally going to see Eva again. I was finally going to hold her in my arms. I was finally going to kiss her again.

When Clara finally met up with me. I bombarded her with a series of questions about how everything had been going. I wanted to know every single detail and Clara was the best at telling the story, she never once shut up until I told her to.

When she told me about Eva's anger towards me, I couldnt help but feel sad for doing that to her, leaving her, but I had no choice.

With Clara's huge help, the small bar was decorated to what she presumed Eva would love.

After I ordered Clara to make up a lie to get Eva here, she did as told while I waited patiently.

I looked at the ring inside the small box in my hand and I hoped she would love it.

So as I heard the footsteps that I long awaited, I felt my heart start beating fast. It was a feeling that was so new to me, something I only felt when I was around Eva. A feeling I never thought I would feel.

"Its time" Clara snuck up to me and whispered. I took in a deep breath and walked out of my hiding place, showing myself to a confused Eva.

The moment she turned around, my breath hitched in my throat. She was even more beautiful than i remembered. I took a minute to just stare and admire every single detail of her, right from her hair to her hour glass figure.

Right then and there after she hugged and kissed me, I realised that indeed, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.


Pardon me, I'm not so good at writing a guy's POV but I did my best.

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