The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Bonus chapter 2


As I walked down the aisle, I couldnt help but think how quickly my life had turned around. A few years ago, I never thought I would be a school drop out neither did I imagine I would be a surrogate for a millionaire who was now going to be my husband. I know I was supposed to be just a surrogate but I ended up getting the man.

They said everything happened for a reason, I didn't know whether to think this was an example of that statement. All that was ringing in my brain was..

Omg! I'm getting married.

Leonard was standing just at the alter, with the look that every groom had watching their bride walk down the aisle. He was wearing a grey suit that made him look incredibly handsome. Standing next to him was his best man, the very friend I met this first time I went to his work place.

Clara was standing just opposite them, dressed in a pink long beautiful gown. All eyes were on me. Gabriella was also beautifully dressed as my little bride who was currently walking in front of me.

I didn't have my dad to walk me, so I was walking by myself, clutching my flowers in my hand as my body shook with excitment and nervousness.

A wide smile appeared on Leonard's face the moment I finally met up with him at the alter, standing just in front of him. I was just my facial expression was currently the reflection of his because I felt my cheeks burning.

As the priest started speaking, I drowned him out as stared at the man standing in front of me. Whoever thought I would end up falling in love with the super intense Leonard.

Love was something that always caught you unaware, a feeling you never expected, a feeling you never even thought you could have in you. There was no such thing as preparing for love. When the person who was right for you came by, you would be swept off your feet without even anticipating it.

"I do" I heard Leonard's voice breaking me from my stream of thoughts. The way he looked at me made me feel fragile in every way possible. The intensity within those brown eyes made my heart flutter over and over.

When it was my turn to say to answer the question, I said "I do"

"You may now kiss the bride" the priest finally said. Leonard brought his hand to my face and pulled me forward so he could place a simple yet memorable kiss on my lips.

The sound of the crowd applauding echoed around us.


Leonard's mother hosted the reception in her huge mansion. It was beautifully decorated to perfection. She was more than happy to see us, especially her grand daughter.

At first, Leonard didn't want to accept his mom help regarding the reception because he assumed she would make a huge deal out of everything but I had to convince him not to, it meant everything to her.

Although he wasn't wrong, the party was extremely exclusive. Every thing was super extra.

"Oh my baby" my mom hugged me so tight, "I never thought this day would come so soon but I'm so happy for you" she said with tears in her eyes.

"Thank you mom" I smiled widely at her.

"Look who we have here, its the latest bride in town" Clara squealed at me the moment my mom walked away. I couldn't help but blush at that.

"I'm so happy for you, you got the guy" she teased and I laughed

"Yes I did" I agreed.

"Clara thank you so much, I couldn't ask for a better sister and friend" I told her as a matter of fact.

"No, thank you Eva, for everything you did for me" she said and hugged me.

"Okay Leonard is approaching us, that's my cue to leave" she laughed, looking behind me "don't worry, I'll take Gabriella tonight, so you two can have the house to yourself, you know" she winked at me and my eyes widened in shock. My mouth opened but no words came out. She just waved at me and walked away smiling so cheerfully.

She was unbelievable.

I felt hands around my waist suddenly, as Leonard pulled me to his body, my back pressed against him.

"Hello miss Eva" he said in my ears, I didn't miss the amusement in his voice. So I turned around and faced him.

"Hello mr Leonard" I copied him and he rewarded me with a cheeky smile. He then held my hand and pulled me to the centre of the room and placed his hand on my hips while I wrapped mine around his neck.

We both moved together to the sound of the soft doing playing from the speakers. For a moment, we just stayed silent staring into each others eyes. No word was said, I guess there were no exact words to express how we felt at that moment so all we did was communicate with our eyes because our eyes said it all.

"I love you" he then broke the silence

"I love you too"


I giggled uncontrollably as Leonard carried me bridal style into his house and only dropped me down the moment he entered his room, I almost lost my footing but he held me in place. When I looked around the room and realised that we were not only alone in the room but alone in the entire house, I felt my heart skip a beat. I knew what was about to happen and it made me feel nervous to the core.

"Leonard I have to tell you something" I said, I didn't know exactly how to tell him but I knew I had to.

"Listening" he pushed a strand of hair behind my ear and watched me carefully.

"I.. " I swallowed, "I'm a virgin" I manged to say it. He blinked, definitely taken aback by my confession. My heart was beating so fast.

"Very funny Eva" he smiled but then it faded as soon as he took in my serious face.

"Eva you gave birth to a child while you were still a virgin" the shock in his voice was unmistakable as he stared wide eye at me.

"I know, I was pretty desperate and I needed... " he hushed me placing a finger on my lips. Then he moved forward closing the space between us. The look in his eyes were so pure, he looked at me like I was a fragile thing that could be broken if mishandled.

"You mean he never once touched you?" He asked, referring to kelvin. I swallowed again, shaking my head from side to side.

"Then lucky me" with that said as hid last words, he brought one of his hand to my waist and pulled me incredibly close to him. His lips then crashed onto mine, his other hand cupping my face. I felt my heart pounding against my chest and my body hot with excitment.

He trailed his hand up my back until they found the zipper of my gown. The minute he dragged down the zipper, I knew that was it for me.



Sorry if you were expecting more than that.

Once again, thank you all for really taking your time to read this book.

Lots of love


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