The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 4

When I said I was gonna loose alot, I didn't think I would loose the one thing that gave my life a meaning.

We had been dating for two years and in those two years I had never imagined what it would feel Like without him. That is because I never planned to be without him.

I was heart broken.

I was angry. Mad even.

Why couldn't he understand me?

Why couldn't he wait for me for just nine months?

I had cried my eyes out for 3 days, non stop.

Then stayed the next two days mourning his absence.

Then the next three days, trying to put myself together.

And the next five days, plotting and planing how to begin this job and how to lie to my mom.

And just like that, two weeks had been exhausted.

Twenty thousand dollars had been sent to my account as promised by Mr Leonard.

My mom had been discharged and she was feeling better.

I had told the big lie about getting a nursing job away that paid so well, thankfully she believed because i was studying nursing before my dad passed away and plus she trusted that I wouldn't do anything stupid.

But there I was doing something so stupid.

I was ready to leave to the house Mr Leonard had prepared for me. A part of me wanted to change my mind even though I knew it was too late.

"I'll miss you" Daniel and Sofia cried, hugging me tightly. I would definitely miss them. Truth was, I'd only ever been away in school and that was five months top but I had to be away for a whole year. Nine months for pregnancy and three months to get my body back to normal.

"I would buy so many things for you guys when I come back" I said through teary eyes. They nodded and smiled at me.

"Take care my dear" my mom hugged me "don't forget to call me often, I know you would be busy but find time to call" she said. I almost wanted to laugh, I would be busy carrying a baby.

"I will mom"

After the emotional farewell. I left. Thoughts of kelvin flashed my mind but I pushed it away. He hadn't called or texted or even replied my texts.

So by pushing the thought again, I sucked in a deep breath and remained calm throughout my journey.

When I arrived at the address given to me, I was marveled. The house was not as huge his but it was big. Flowers decorated the surroundings, made me smile. I couldn't believe I would be living here. Alone.

As I walked into the house with suitcase, my jaw dropped to the floor. I didnt expect to see the plaw so beautifully decorated and furnished. Everything was white, sparkling even.

I left my suitcase at the door and walked towards the kitchen, curiously seeking the remaining part of the house.

There was the white sofas, center table, giant TV set, a side bar and a dinning table close to a door by the left. I walked through the door into the kitchen, everything was arranged to perfection. I opened the fridge and i was wowed at how stocked the fridge was, so was all the cabinets and drawers.

I was about to jump up the stairs when I noticed the transparent glass doors showing off the beautiful backyard and a... a pool. I hurried through the door to check it out.

"Little paradise" I squealed

This is all mine for the next year. I still couldn't believe it, I won't have to spend a dime of my money on anything.

I wanted to scream but my excitement was short lived when I heard the doorbell ring.

Frowning, I walked up to the door and opened.

"Hello Miss Eva" a girl I have never seen in my life greeted. I did a scan from her head to her toe, I recognized the uniform. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was.

Yes I appreciated beauty alot.

"Don't tell me Leonard sent you here" I said in utter disbelief

"He did" she said "to help you around with anything you need" I couldn't help but laugh.

"Thank you but I can help myself" I dismissed

"Miss Eva, you will be pregnant soon and Mr Leonard doesn't want you to lay your hands on any work" she shocked me by saying.

"Tell Mr Leonard that I am not pregnant yet so until then, I can help myself. I dont need a maid" I smiled at her. Her face twisted with worry but she turned around and left. I closed my door and continued with my tour.

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