The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 5

It was the day for the tests and insemination. I was profoundly nervous. Mr Leonard had come go pick me up and our drive to the hospital was so silent because I was busy trying to pull myself together.

When we arrived, the doctor took me to the lab but I didn't let him come with, I needed my privacy. Thankfully the doctor was a woman.

She ran a couple of tests which were completely normal but then suddenly, I felt something push inside my core. I flinched, closing my legs together.

She looked up at me with wide eyes "Are you a virgin?" My heart skipped.


"You are a virgin" before I could counter she spoke again "does Leonard know about this?" I opened my mouth but she cut me off again "you are not fit to be a surrogate"

My eyes welled up suddenly, my heart racing. If she told Mr Leonard about this, it was bye bye money. I couldnt loose this.

"Please don't tell him" I pleaded "I really need the money, I had no choice, please understand me" her eyes softened and she came around to my side.

"My dear, this is for your own good, delivery will be hard for you and it is against the ethics of surrogacy to not have any experience"

"Of sex?" I frowned

"No, of carrying a baby" she sat beside me "According to surrogacy, you must have had the experience of pregnancy or at least we know you can be able to carry a baby in your womb" I stared at my fingers speechless

"I don't know how you want to do it but you need to have sex if u want delivery to be less painful for you" my cheeks heated up in embarrassment

"There is nothing to be shy about dear" she said "just do it after we have confirmed you are pregnant" I nodded silently.

"Thank you" I said

"See you in two weeks, hopefully you are pregnant by then" she smiled at me.

The ride back home was silent. I stared out the window and for the first time I took my time to think of what I have put myself into. What will happen when I give birth to the child, what if I have some kind of feelings and won't want to give up the child. But then again, I knew I couldn't that.

When we arrived at my house, Leonard followed me behind. I was exhausted but not physically. I was exhausted mentally and emotionally.

"Are you okay?" His voice finally sounded behind me. I turned around to face him.

"I'm fine" I said and slumped on the sofa. "You don't need to stress about me yet" I added.

"I care about my workers Miss Eva" he said and my lips parted

"Workers? Is that what I am?" Well I guess so but it still sounded weird.

"You are doing a job for me so yes" he simply answered not moving from the spot he was standing.

"Why are you even doing this?" My curiousity took the best of me "I mean you could easily get any girl you want, get her pregnant and you won't have to spend a dime" i voiced out my thoughts but he just stared at me emotionless.

"I am not complaining though because I'm gonna benefit a lot but why?" I pushed further

"Its non of your business Miss Eva" I rolled my eyes and stood up, walking towards the side bar.

"Forgive my manners, you are right, its non of my business" I grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass.

"You can't drink that" he was suddenly beside me grabbing the wine from my hand.

"Jeez relax, I'm not pregnant yet" I sat on the bar stool. Jeez he was so intense.

"You will soon be Miss Eva" I stared at him, for the first time really looking at him. He was good looking, that only brought back my unanswered question. Why this? And why the hell does anyone keep a motionless face all the time.

"Don't you ever get tired?" I asked out of nowhere

"Excuse me"

"Why do you keep a stiff face all the time?" Again I knew it wasn't my business but I had to ask.

"I'd be on my way now Miss Eva" ouch! "If you ever need anything call me" he said and walked away. I watched him till he walked through the door and then the loneliness slowly seeped in.

I took out my phone and stared at the wallpaper which was a selfie of me and kelvin. My heart squeezed at the thought of him.

Was he thinking about me too?

Did he miss me the way i missed him?

I clicked on his name and started typing

please come back to me, I can't stop thinking about you

I thought for a while then cleared it and typed just

I miss you

And sent it.

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