The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 6

Two weeks went by in a blur. Even though kelvin didn't reply my text and I was heartbroken, I had everything I wanted. Food, drink, TV, and a big house.

I had called my mom and followed up with my lie, that my job is going well.

Our journey to the hospital was going silent again as usual but I didn't want to allow it, not that I cared for conversation but the silence was getting me worked up.

"So if this doesn't work out what happens?" He kept his eyes focused on the road as he drove "are we gonna wait till my next ovulation or are you gonna fire me?" He didn't say a word.

"I bet you won't find anyone like me" I added.

"I prefer you Miss Eva" his reply caught me off guard.

I frowned "why Mr Leonard?" I copied

"Because" he glanced at me once "you fit my description perfectly"

"I don't know what that means but it sounds like a compliment, so thank you" I noticed the small smile that appeared on his face, with that I smiled too.

Finally at the hospital, we sat waiting for the doctor. I could hear my heartbeat through my ears.

"Congratulations" only that word sent my heart up in the sky "you are pregnant" the news overwhelmed me, the realization that a baby was growing inside of me and that baby was not mine and kelvin.

Oh God.

I turned to Leonard and i was shocked when I saw him smiling, not the half or side smile, a full smile. His expression portrayed pure happinesses.

"Congratulations Miss Eva" the doctor's voice brought me out of my clouded thoughts. I forced a smile and looked at Leonard again, the smile never left his face.

Why would he possibly want a child? So many questions to throw at him but then again, it wasn't my business. I wasn't here to get to know him or his reasons for anything.

When we got back home, his face had returned to its usual stone expression.

"So congratulations I guess" I said, dumping my purse on the dinning table and grabbing a juice box from the refrigerator.

"Thank you Miss Eva" I rolled my eyes. Does he ever stop.

I tilted my head backwards and gulped my juice down then sighed. I was exhausted. Again not physically but mentally. When I looked up, Leonard was staring at me but immediately looked away when our eyes met.


"I..." He cleared his throat, "if you need anything.. "

"Yeah yeah got it" I cut him off, strolling over to the TV. Its me and you now, I thought.

I turned around when I noticed he was still in the same spot, not leaving as usual. What was wrong with him?

"Do you need something Mr Leonard?" I frowned.

He moved three steps forward till he was close to me on the sofa.

"I prefer you because I am assured my child would be beautiful" he stared at me for exactly 5 seconds before turning around and walking out my door.

I sat speechless. I did not see that coming.

I let out a breath of relieve and just then my phone beeped, I ran over to the table were I left my purse with the anticipation of it being Kelvin.

My heart overfilled with joy when actually, it was him.

I missed you too

My eyes welled up instantly but a smile spread across my face. With that, I grabbed my purse and left for kelvins house. I didn't know what I was doing or thinking but I wanted to see him.

when he opened his door, his eyes widened at me. He just stared at me unlike before when he would hug and kiss me before letting me in but he was just staring at me, then suddenly his eyes darted to my stomach. My heart dropped down to my stomach. He gave way for me to walk inside but no word was said.

Why wasnt he hugging me?

Or kissing me?

He just texted that he missed me so why..

My troubled thoughts were cut short when he pulled me and kissed my lips so passionately, i wrapped my arms instinctively around his neck and kissed him twice as much. I missed him. It had been a month without him and we had never been apart like that ever. His lips moved down to my neck in a blink and he continued to devore my neck with his kisses that screamed "I missed you"

My stomach twisted in knots and for the first time I wondered how we had never had sex, maybe it was just because he truly loved me so much and honored my request of waiting till after marriage and nothing else.

His lips stopped moving and I shuddered from the loss of contact and breath. He turned away from me immediately.

"We can't do that" he said

"Why? We love eachother" I panted

"We are not together anymore" his words pierced through my heart and a tear slipped past my eye but I wiped it off immediately.

"Look at me" I walked over to stand in front of him "tell me you don't love me" he was silent

"Tell me you are not already pregnant" he countered, the pain in his eyes were tearing my soul apart. I couldn't answer him, I couldn't say a word. His eyes widened as realization hit him that my silence was a yes. His hand went to his hair and he vigorously pulled it, turning away from me once again.

I couldn't move, I couldn't say a thing, I just silently sobbed to myself.

"Let's not hurt ourselves further" his voice was rather soft but it ripped my heart apart "let's stay away from eachother, its what's best for us" I shook my head furiously

"Please kelvin" I tried to touch him but he moved even further, avoiding me

"I guess this is where our story ends" he looked at me one last time "Goodbye Eva" he said and left me. Again.

I dropped to the floor and cried my eyes out.


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