The Surrogate Girlfriend

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Chapter 8

Another two weeks had gone by, I was feeling perfectly fine, just a few cramps here and there which was normal so I was ok but I was beginning to get bored out of my mind.

I know what you are thinking, I had everything I wanted in a home, I had food, TV, phone, a pool, but yet I felt alone. The big house was empty, no one to talk to.

Leonard hadn't come by since then, not like I was expecting him to check up on me everyday but..well.

I woke feeling ecstatic, which was rather weird because I was supposed to be sick or atleast feel weak, or morning sickness, whatever they called it.

I had my bath, got dressed in simple blue jeans and off shoulder blue blouse. I straightened my long black hair and let it fall by my sides. I did a simple make up on my face and I was good to go.

I got to Leonard's mansion and rang the door bell, a stupid smile plastered on my face as i was about to give someone a mini shock.

"Mrs Eva" the maid stared at me surprised but moved aside for me to enter. I walked majestically into his house and went straight for his luxurious couch. I sat down and crossed my legs on the couch like it was my bed.

"Mrs Eva" the voice I wanted to hear called, I smiled and looked at him as he came in front of me, his shock was unmistakable.

He was all dressed up in black suit, ready for work I guess. I wondered the kind of work he did to get him all the money he had, I mean, how old was he? Twenty five?

"I told you to call if you needed anything, you didn't have to come here" I got up from my seat and grabbed my bag.

"I'm bored, if you ready, let's go" I walked ahead of him but his voice stopped me

"Excuse me" I turned around

"I am tired of staying at home Mr Leonard, I need to get out" I simply said. He took two steps forward and stood in front of me.

"Aren't you supposed to be sick" he scanned my face

"Funny, I also thought that" I said

"Should I be worried? Should we visit the doctor?" He shocked me by asking.

"What? No, everyone is different" I said, annoyed, I didn't come here for this.

"Are you ready to go or not" he sighed defeated. He ran his hand through his short black hair, a sign of frustration I guess which only made me smile.

"Fine" he agreed and I squealed. We got to his black beautiful car and he opened the door for me

"Aww how gentlemanly of you" he rolled his eyes as I sat down. I couldn't believe he just did that.

He started the car and pulled off the huge drive way "So where do you want to go?"

"Work of course"

"What?" He glanced at me "That's not part of the deal Miss Eva. Work is my business, that is out of it. You cannot go there ever" his harsh words hit me hard, my chest tightened and I just look out the window.

My cheery mood was out the window, never returning anytime soon.

An awkward silence followed there after.

The drive was unbearably long, no word was said. I didn't know where he was taking me and I didn't care anymore. I wasn't in the mood to talk to him.

Finally, the car stopped in front of a big restaurant. Normal me would be excited but my excitement had been crushed. He got down from the car but I didn't move, he opened my door, I still didn't move.

"Miss Eva" he called. I rolled my eyes and got down, walking straight into the restaurant without him.

Doesn't he know how to apologize? He bloody annoyed me or didn't he realize that?

A waitress directed me to a table where I sat and stared at the place in awe. It was definitely one of those millionaire restaurants, where their food cost a fortune because the place was amazing.

Leornard joined me on the table and I looked away again, I just couldn't look at him. I rather look at the beautiful people who were beautifully dressed as if it was a ballroom. I looked down at my casual dress and felt so out of place.

"Don't let that affect you Miss Eva" he must have noticed me staring.

"What would you like to order?" A waitress stood beside our table with a note pad in hand.

"What would you like?" Leonard asked me but I was still giving him the silent treatment.

Seeing that I wasn't ready to answer him, he showed her something in the menu and she wrote it down.

"Anything else?" My eyes widened when I noticed how she was ogling Leonard who wasn't even paying attention to her. I rolled my eyes.

"No that will be all" he dismissed

The moment he looked at me, I opened my mouth to speak but he beat me to it.

"I'm sorry" my mouth closed and I relaxed on my seat, looking away for like the hundredth time. The scenero reminded me of a moment with kelvin, my heart squeezed inside my chest.

"Pls don't cry, I didn't mean to speak harshly to you" I didn't realize I was crying till I felt tears roll down my cheeks. I quickly tried wiping them away with the back of my palm but the more I wiped, the more the tears fall.

Leonard looked around nervously, trying to avoid stares but I made that so hard by crying. I didn't even know if it was kelvin or him who was making me cry.

"Eva please" I paused, lips parted and eyes wide. Did he just call me only by my name? I wiped my tears, still shocked.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't stop myself" I looked away, worried that my make up had ruined.

What was wrong with me?

"Could it be the pregnancy"

"Oh shut up" I grapped my purse and pulled out a tissue, when I looked up at him, I saw a clear visible smile on his face.

"I see your humor still stands tall even after a few tears" I rolled my eyes and wiped my face properly.

"How do I look? Is my face ruined?" I asked him, worried. His smile slowly disappeared as he scanned my face for what seemed Like forever.

"You look just as beautiful Eva" my body froze on my seat for a minute and for the first time since I met him, I looked into his eyes and noticed how brown and beautiful they were. They were looking straight into mine.

"Here's your order" the waitress returned, bringing both of us out of the mini trance we were in. I tucked my hair behind my ear, trying not to look at him again.

What the hell was that?

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