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*A Short Story* With grave responsibilities, come heart-aching sacrifices and countless restraints. Moon knew Sol was forbidden for her. Yet, she reached for the sun. It was a risk she knew would have dire consequences. But somethings are worth taking every risk. And sometimes these risks create cycles. Cycles of Love and cycles of hate.

Romance / Fantasy
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The Start

You have seen love and you have seen hate. But, have you ever thought about the cycles that they create?

They can build and break, clash, and create. They can play you like a puppet tied with strings, lose your sanity, and fall with everything at stake.

But, one is still more powerful than the other. More bright and strong. And the ones who reach the brighter can fight the other till it falls.

There were two souls, lit up yet lost. On a sudden deadly pattern, they found each other’s hearts.

The colors that he brought to her half lidden gaze, the light she brought into his dark abyss.

They’ve fought gods to be together.

Just for one touch.

Dancing around for ages, yearning for just one kiss.

They pass your gaze every day and you stare at them, not knowing what they’ve been and what they are going to be. For each other or how far they run to find one another.

Some say, stay away from the ones that are forbidden. Yet, the forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest. Just one single taste and you know that it’s never going to be enough.

The colors of the world blending into one light. The light he bathes in. She knew that just one touch of his will be worth a thousand falls.

He knew that too. Her exotic glow drew him in like a moth. And just like a moth, he let himself be drawn into her spell, knowing that he is flying to his fall.

But, oh the forbidden fruit is so sweet. It’s just impossible to resist.

The bond they brought, it shook the world.

The love they shared, changed the dance of fate.

Sounds so sweet, doesn’t it?

Oh, it goes much deeper than that.

So, open your eyes now and look with focus.

Let me take you there. To that wounding world of spells.

Let me take you through. Through their woven tales and fallen tears.

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