The Billionaires Fight

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Surprising News

We interlock fingers as we walk down to the living room. As we walk in there, everyone is sitting down waiting on us to arrive.

Cory gives him a smirk before he talks “God, your gonna have to get faster at getting you fix man. We’ve been down here for fifteen minutes.”

Danny glares at him “If you don’t watch your mouth, you will not be included on this.”

Cory throws up his hands in surrender “Ok man, I’m sorry. Just kidding.”

“Fair enough. My surprise is we are going away for four days. Dad has agreed to run the business while we go.”

Steven looks at all of us sitting in the room “All of us?”

Danny nods “Yes, Steven you need to tell Tina she will be going also.”

Steven smiles big and pulls out his phone “Ok, where are we going?”

“That is for me to know only. We leave in the morning so you have today to get packed and ready to go.”

Bailey looks at him and raises her hand like she is in school “So how do we need to pack?”

Danny smiles and there is a flash of excitement in his eyes “Were going somewhere warm so pack for warm weather and also swimming.”

Cory moves to the edge of the couch and claps his hands together “Oh, I have an idea of where were going.”

Danny looks at him with a murderous look “No you don’t. This is somewhere new for all of us.”

“I saw that e-mail earlier by accident.”

Danny snaps at him “Then keep your mouth shut. Why were you in my office?”

Cory waves his hand around “Looking for you when you stepped out to grab a drink. It was on your laptop and just sitting there.”

“Don’t you breath a word then. Your ass will stay here if you do.”

Cory flops back on the couch “Alright man, I get it. I’m excited about it though.”

Allen walks into the room just as that is said “I think I’m going to join you also. Your mom is wanting to go since I told her about it.”

“That is fine, we can do that. The business can handle itself for a few days. We will just have to take our laptops with us so we can answer anything they need us to do.”

Cory and Steven look at each other and answer at the same time “Yeah me to.” Steven then says “I need to call Tina and let her know.”

He gets up and walks off typing on his phone.

“What time is the plane son?”

“Eight in the morning. It will take six hours to get there.”

Allen starts back out of the room “Ok, sounds good. I’ll let her know.”

Bailey jumps up and squeals “I’m packing now! Ahhhhhh! I so excited.”

She rushes off to her room. Cory follows shaking his and and laughing. He stops and looks at me before he goes to his room. “That’s why I love her so much. She is fireball full of energy.”

“Did you get what you needed yet?” Danny speaks to him in like a coded message.

Cory drops his head “No, but this would be a good time to wouldn’t it?”

Danny pats him on the shoulder and nods at the door “Yes, it would.”

Trying to figure out what they are saying “What are you talking about baby?”

Cory smiles as he answers “You’ll find out when we go on this trip.”

He walks out of the room and I hear the front door shut. I look at Danny and he just smiles.

“What do you know that I don’t?” crossing my arms.

“Just be patient love. You will find out soon enough.” He takes my hand and kisses it. We walk up to the room and start packing.

“I think I’m done. I have everything I need.”

“Yeah me to. I think I have everything I need.” He sets our luggage at the door and goes to walk out. “I need to grab my things from the office. See you at supper.”

Looking over at the bed I yawn “I think I’ll take a short nap. I’m a little tired.”

He leaves and I lay down, falling asleep quickly. I wake up about an hour later and roll out of bed. Getting up, I head towards the door and down the stairs.

Hey Bailey, what have you been doing?”

“I got packed and ready to see where we are going tomorrow. I’m excited about this. Cory and I were going to take a small vacation next week but this one is fine.”

“I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. He has so many contacts and places that I’ve never heard of.”

“Yeah, he is always surprising us with things we could never expect.”

Cory walks back in the front door “You can say that again baby. He has always been like that with us. He is always keeping secrets and taking us on these wild trips that we have no idea where we are going.”

“I need a few things from the store that we didn’t have to take with us. Want to come with me?” looking over at my sister.

“Do you have to ask? Of course I want to go!”

Steven steps in the room and looks at us “I come with you, I have some things I need to.”

Cory smiles and grabs Bailey’s hand “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go.” We walk out and get into the car. I call Danny to see if he needs anything and he tells me a few items he does. I type it in my phone so I don’t forget. We pull up and get out.

Cory gets out and takes Bailey’s hand again “Come on Baby, let’s go this way and get our things.” They split off and Steven walk with me.

“I guess were stuck with each other then. Danny would kill me if I let you go by yourself.”

“I have bodyguards that are always with us" nodding to the four men trailing behind us.

Steven looks at them and shakes his head “That’s not the point. One of us or someone else has to be with you. That’s the way we have always been raised. Stick by family no matter what, plus I don’t want my ass kicked either. He would murder me if I wasn’t with you. Just having one of us at your side shows that you require respect and have some power within the family. See how people are looking at us?” he nods as we pass people. I slowly look and see how people are looking at us. They are staying out of our way, stepping off the path for us to pass, or just whispering as we pass. The way he walks and holds his shoulders straight shows off the power the family has. He towers over me but I keep up with his stride pretty easily. Danny is not quite as tall but has a long stride that I have gotten use to keeping pace with. “See what I’m talking about?”

“I do. Your reputation proceeds your family very well.” We turn the next corner and get to the items we need. He gets what he came to get and I grab what Danny needs along with myself. We go up front and pay. He grabs the bags and we head out to the car. There not back yet so we get in and I text Bailey letting her know were waiting on them.

“So, is Tina excited about this trip?”

Steven eyes light up as he speaks “Yeah and it gives us a chance to really spend time together and get to know each other better.”

“I’m glad that you two are getting along that good and I hope everything works out for you. I know it’s been hard for you since I didn’t have another sister that you could take an interest in.”

“It would of been easier that way but it could be kind of weird. Having three brothers and all three sisters dating sometimes could be looked at as awkward.”

“That would really be keeping it in the family. I guess it would be seen as an awkward if it happened that way” giving a small laugh.They finally come back and we head home. After a big supper we all go to bed and get ready to leave the next morning.

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