The Billionaires Fight

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And We're Off

I’m woke up at seven in the morning by Danny kissing my neck.

“Ugh! It’s to early for this.”

“It’s never to early love. Come on, please just a quickie.” I laugh as he crawls on top of me slowly. He slides into me and we both moan hard. “I don’t know if you being pregnant makes if feel so much better or not but damn. Your tight all the time now.” He picks up speed and shortly after we are releasing together. Falling beside me in the bed after kissing me deeply “Now, I think I can hold off until we get to the place were going. If not, I have a bed on the plane.”

“I am not doing that with everyone on the plane” propping myself up on my elbow. He turns on his side and smiles at me “What, don’t want everyone hearing you scream my name as you shatter around my cock?"

“No!” it comes out a little loudly “That’s not going to happen either.”

He chuckles as we roll out of bed. We grab a quick shower and get dressed. Walking downstairs, I go to grab a yogurt and a banana. I don’t want to get sick flying on a full stomach. Bailey comes bounding down the steps and hugs me.

“Morning sis. How are you feeling?”

“Good, and you?”

“Oh, I’m fine. I happy this morning. I’m also very excited about this trip.”

“You sure are bubbly. More than usual” giving her a worried look. She snatches a banana with a granola bar. We sit down and eat. “Is there something that you want to tell me why your extra hyper today?”

“I’m just happy we are going on this trip together. Tina is coming so we can spend time with her and then we will be with all the guys too. I still wonder where we are going? Cory won’t budge on anything.”

Cory walks into the kitchen and grabs a drink out of the fridge “Yeah because my brother would kick my ass if I leaked a word so my lips are sealed” making a zipping motion with his fingers.

“You know better to. If you weren’t poking around in my office then I wouldn’t of had to threaten you either” Danny pokes him in the back.

“Yeah, yeah we know. The big bad brother always using his power to make us feel like we have to bow down to you” Steven barks as he enters the kitchen.

Danny points to himself and then at them “That’s why I’m CEO and you two are COO’s. No matter how hard you try to say your the boss, you always have one more that’s a step above you.”

Allen walks in smiling and then looks at my husband “Are you still throwing that in their faces Danny? I can change my mind and demote you.”

“Sorry old man. Your retired and can’t do anything now. My name was signed in on the papers so it’s set in stone.”

Allen clinches up his fist and stares at Danny “Did you just call me old man? I show you and old man.” Before Danny can move, his dad has him in a headlock and rustling his hair. Danny gets out of it and groans.

“Man, now I have to go fix my hair” trying to comb it with his fingers.

Cory laughs and points at him “Next time think before you speak. You know dad is not a weakling.”

“Yeah, but I also didn’t want to hurt him. I could have gotten out of that, but didn’t due to it was him.” He jogs back up the stairs and comes back down shortly. Tina arrives and we head out to the cars.

“Danielle, me, Cory and Bailey are in this car. The other is for you four to ride in”.

Steven grabs Tina’s hand and pulls her towards the second car “That’s fine by me. I can sit and talk to my parents for awhile.”

Tina says in a sweet, small voice “I can also get to know them a little better myself.” We all get into the cars and head to the airport. After we arrive, the bodyguards grab our bags and load them on the plane as we get on and settled in so we can take off.

Tina sits down beside me “So no one knows about where he’s taking us?”

I shake my head “No, he has been secretive this whole time. He won’t say a word to no one.”

Bailey chimes in “Cory knows but his life has been threatened by Danny so he won’t say either. We'll find out soon enough I guess.”

Tina nods to my stomach “How are you feeling with the babies?”

I sigh a little “Fine, tired but I’m doing good. Danny makes sure all the time that I’m not on my feet more than I need to be, resting in bed, eating properly, and everything else the doctor has ordered.”

Bailey looks out the window as we fly over the ocean “He’s just looking out for you and wants to make sure that your kids are also in good health. He loves you and wants to make sure you are around for a very long time.”

“I know, but it just feels like an overprotective weight on me sometimes. I feel smothered by it sometimes.”

Bailey turns her head to look at me “I’m just happy that I’m going to be a Aunt soon.”

“I can’t wait until you get pregnant and Cory will be all over you like Danny is with me” pointing my finger at her stomach.

Cory walks by and stops “I can tell you when she’s pregnant, I will carry her around everywhere. She won’t walk a step.”

Bailey laughs at him “Yeah right. You can’t be there the entire time.”

Cory sits down in front of her and grabs her hands “Yes I can. I have tons of vacation time and those two can run the company while I’m out."

Danny sit down on the couch with us and pinches his brother’s arm “If I have to work while she’s pregnant then you will too. Doctor appointments is the only time you will have off with her unless she is very sick.”

Cory pouts “Come on man, that’s not fair.”

Danny crosses his arms “How is that? I’m working while my wife is pregnant with our kids. So you will have to also.”

I get up and sit down between them like a referee “Ok, enough. You can have this spat another time please” they look at each other and laugh. We sit and talk for the remainder of the flight, cutting up and watching the brothers playfully try to talk each other down.

Bailey holds her stomach “Ugh! I’ll be right back. I don’t feel good.” She gets up and walks to the bathroom. I follow her and stand outside the door.

“Bailey, please tell me your fine?” She comes out shortly after looking a little pale.

I’m fine. Just got air sick I guess?” I look at her and she smiles. “I’m fine, don’t worry” waving me off as she bounds off her usual bubbly self again. I shake my head and sit down beside Danny.

“Is she fine?” nodding to my sister that has plopped down in Cory’s lap now.

“Yeah, she got sick but now she’s fine again" snuggling into his chest.

We eventually land and the cars are loaded and we take off to our destination.

“Danny, where are we exactly?” looking around at the villas out in the ocean.

“Bora Bora. I have bought this island. They were having problems financially so I bought it at a excellent price and we are going to promote it with our business” he sweeps his arm out as he says this.

“So we have a private island with bungalows?” Bailey looks around the place.

“Yes and this place is absolutely beautiful from the pictures I saw." We pull up and our mouths drop. “This is not our area were staying at but this is for visitors that are still coming down here. Ours are over on that side of the island" pointing down the road.

“So this whole island is nothing but these bungalows?” she looks out at the small houses in the ocean.

“There is restaurants around also but 90% of the island are these. There are houses that hold local residents but these are the main money makers. People come from all over to visit here.”

“So why did they sell?” she looks at him with a scrunched up face.

“The people who owned these got into gambling debt and they either lost all of this or sold to pay it off. They contacted me and I bought it.”

Cory points out the window of the SUV “This must be ours coming up, their huge!”

Danny nods to the rows and rows of bungalows “Visitors can also rent these but there are a few they will not be able to touch. They will be our private houses only.”

We get out and walk down the boardwalk that has been roped off just for us. There are ten houses that are around us. We stop at the first one and Danny looks at his parents”

“This one is yours.” It is a huge single level that has a really nice pool on the outside of it. There is seating area up on its own level, has a round seating area that in sunk into the deck, with two bedrooms.

Allen and his wife stay there as we continue down the walk “This one is ours.” We step into a huge two story house that has a slide, huge pool and a very big circle sitting area that is out over the ocean at the edge of the deck. We walk in and look around. On the lower floor, there is glass in some areas where you can see the water under the house. It has four bedrooms, bathrooms, glass sliding doors, a sun room up top that is in a circular pattern.

“This is very nice. I love it!” Giving him a hug.

We continue on and come to another two story house that is smaller than ours and does not have a slide. It also has its own pool, three bedrooms, bathrooms and a nice sun room off to itself. "This one belongs to Cory and Bailey" as they look around it.

“Now Steven, I know you like simple so if you don’t like this one, I also have this other one.”

We look at two that are single levels and Steven points out the one he likes the best. “I want the one with the infinity pool. Tina is that fine with you?”

“Yes, a single level is what I like better anyway" she smiles as they walk over to it.

“We can turn that on into our eating one where everyone comes together and we can eat and also swim as a family” pointing at one that is wide open with a slide and huge eating space.

“That’s an excellent idea. All of these are on our own private walkway and dock so no one is allowed down here with us. It’s as private as you can get” Danny looks around at how isolated we are.

“Where do the bodyguards stay?” looking around at the places he has not pointed out. “At these here” he points to a smaller section that has really nice houses that are off a side dock from ours. “There are six of them so they each have their own place to sleep while were here.”

Bailey grabs his hand and tugs on him “Ah! Come on Cory, let’s check out our house!” Everyone separates and we go look in ours.

“This is amazing and there’s extra rooms for the kids eventually.”

“That’s why I picked this one” he kisses my cheek.

“Are the others set up like this also?” wondering about the floor plans of the other houses.

“Basically, the layout is the same. The rooms may be different but not by much.”

Kissing him deeply “I absolutely love it. It’s perfect.” We get settled in and then go to tour every ones houses together

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