The Billionaires Fight

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You Don't Look Good

After touring the other three houses, we go to grab food at the main house that we agreed to make into our meeting place for meals. The cooks have already begun to prepare the food.

“God, I’m starving. It smells so good” as she sniffs the air.

Cory looks at her with a side glace “You’ve been eating more here lately love. Are you sure your not sick?”

Bailey drops her head some “I’m just hungry, I threw up the banana and yogurt on the plane. I guess that I got air sick.”

Tina comes up from behind “Are you sure your feeling fine? You look a little pale.”

Bailey gets a little snappy in her answer “I’m fine. Just hungry.”

I keep an eye on her as we walk to the house. She seems a little weak but that could be from not having food on her stomach.

Danny breaks the silence by asking “So, what does everyone think about this place? The pictures were nice but it’s a whole lot prettier in person.”

Bailey turns to look at him as we are walking behind a few steps “I love this. It’s so nice and peaceful here and I can’t believe you bought all of this.”

Danny turns his head as he takes in all the scenery “I buy a lot of places like this. They come to me when they are in trouble and I make a deal with them. I make sure that it’s not a money pit first and I can make something out of it. Then, if it fits what I think where if we can make a profit off it, I buy it.”

Cory stops for a second and then walks beside us “That is how we do a lot of our business. We buy businesses that are in trouble and then change things around with how they are advertised. Most of the world knows our name and when we promote it, they will go to it. People know that we don’t deal with anything that we wouldn’t do ourselves, so they want to say they went to something owned by us.”

Allen slaps the boys on their shoulders “These boys have really done a good job since they have taken over. I had the business off to a very good start but they have taken off with new ideas and our business soared with their ideas.”

Steven blushes just a little at his dad’s praise “Well, when you have been brought up like we were and trying to keep up with the business then there are always room for improvement.”

“Sounds like between the three of you, there are a lot of ideas that have happened and been good decisions” squeezing my husband’s hand.

“Yes, we as a team have made the company bigger and better as it has grown. We could stop working and never have to worry about money again but there is this joy of working with the people that we have built relationships with” Danny gives me a small squeeze back.

Cory then stops and looks out over the area “Plus it also helps build our name up with us still working with new people also.” We finally get to the big cabin and sit down at the long table. Our food is served and it tastes absolutely amazing. Fresh seafood, steaks, vegetables and all kinds of fruits. I, of course, get the seafood and start to dig into it due to I’m starving myself and it’s very hot food.

Bailey rubs her belly and wipes her mouth off “This is absolutely amazing food. It’s so fresh and hot and so good that I can’t believe it.”

She gobbles down her food faster than I’ve ever seen her eat before. I stare at her with my mouth hanging open a little.

Bailey stops eating and looks at us “What?”

Cory takes her hand in his “Baby, your cramping food down so fast that I don’t think you have time to taste it.”

I ask her again “Are you sure your not sick? I’ve never seen you eat this fast.”

Bailey grumbles “I told you, I’m hungry!” She snaps at us. Oh no! She was acting just like I did when I found out that I was pregnant. I get up and motion for her to come with me “Ugh! Fine.” She gets up and we walk away from the house the we stop once I know we are out of earshot of everyone.

“Bailey, have you been having unprotected sex?”

Bailey rolls her eyes “Well yeah, duh!” Then her eyes go wide and she looks at me horrified. “No, no, no, no. That can’t be right. What am I going to do?”

“First we need to see if it’s true. Then we need to get a doctor involved to see what is going to happen if you are” I grab her shoulders as she sways a little.

She starts to tear up as she looks at me. “How could I been so stupid? What if I am and I’ve been taking this medication and it hurts the baby?”

“You were on your last round of pills. They said it was almost completely healed” stroking her arm.

Bailey cries “But my surgery? What’s going to happen with that?”

“The doctor will tell you. Now, wipe your eyes, let’s go eat and then we will find out the answer to that question” nodding back to the bungalow. She nods and we quietly walk back in. Cory looks at her and she drops a kiss on his lips. She sits down and slowly starts to eat her food.

Danny looks at me with a worried look “Everything alright with her?”

I nod and pat his leg “I’ll tell you later.” He nods and we finish our meal. I tell Danny we have a quick errand to run so we go to the store real quick and pick one up.

Bailey looks on the other ones on the shelf “Can I get more than one?”

“If you want to" handing her another one.

She grabs three and we head back to my house. She goes into the bathroom with tears in her eyes.

“It’s going to be just fine. Just take a deep breath and relax.” I hear her sobbing on the other side of the door. My heart breaks for her, when she is finished I see her slowly walking out.

Bailey wipes her eyes “I can’t look at them. Please let me know.” We wait the time that it tells us to and I look at her. She shakes her head and I walk into the bathroom and pick them up. They all three say the same thing.

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