The Billionaires Fight

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Well, That Makes Two of Us

I walk out of the bathroom with the test in my hands. I look at her tear stricken face and take a deep breath.

“Well?” I hold them out. She looks at them and burst into tears as all three say positive. She collapses into my arms and cries hard.

Danny has appeared in the room with us “Hey, is everything......” I shake my head at him and he turns around walking off. I let her cry until she can’t cry no more then she finally looks up at me and sighs.

“Your gonna have to tell him. He has a right to know.”

Bailey falls back down on my chest “But, how?”

I stand up and call for Danny, as he comes in his eyes are looking at her. “What’s wrong?” looking at how she is curled up against me. I show him the test and it takes a minute for him to get what’s going on. “These are yours Bailey?” he asks with a quiet voice. She nods due to she can’t speak right now. She starts crying hard again. “What is going on?” thinking he did something wrong.

“She’s scared. She’s been taking the treatments and she’s worried that it might have affected the baby.”

He picks up the phone and calls Cory. He’s there in a matter of minutes. He rushes in and takes her in his arms and picks her up, sitting down on the couch with her. “What’s wrong baby? I’ve been worried sick.” She starts crying again and he pulls her close. He looks at me and I hand him the tests. His eyes go wide and he smiles. “Really? Is this for real?” he asks in a soft but excited voice.

“We need to get her checked out immediately. She’s had those treatments and she’s worried about them being harmful to the baby” Danny has pulled his phone out looking for one on the island.

“There not” Cory says with a smile “I asked the doctor on our last visit if she happened to get pregnant while on them, would it affect the baby.” She stops crying and looks at him.

Bailey wipes the tears away “How did you know to ask that?”

Cory kisses her forehead “Well, you have been eating more here lately and when they weighed you, your weight had gone up.

Bailey’s voice goes angry “So you knew?”

“I had a suspicion but not the conformation of it. I’ve watched your sister and Danny has also talked to me about it. So if you had a hard time down here, I was going to get you checked out when we got back.”

Bailey starts to talk “But...” He kisses her hard and I nod for us to leave so we walk out of the house to give them their privacy.

“So, we’re going to have three little ones running around the house huh?”

“Looks that way” looking back into the house at them.

“Well, I for one can’t wait to see what we are having. I’ve been excited about this and can’t wait until they are in our arms.”

Steven has walked up “Hey, is everything going to be fine with her? We were worried about it.”

Danny nods “Yeah, their fine. They needed a moment to talk by themselves.”

Just then they come walking out of the house holding hands.

Cory stops “Oh, hey guys. Didn’t expect to see you here this soon.”

Tina speaks quietly “We were worried about her. She seemed quite upset when they left earlier.”

“Were fine. We will talk about it at dinner with everyone” she waves her arm at us. They walk off and I can see the happiness in their eyes. I look at everyone and smile.

Steven watches as they walk off “Ok then, that’s weird.”

Danny pats his shoulder “Just let them tell you when they are ready. It’s their decision when they can say what they want to.”

Steven looks at Danny “So he proposed to her?”

My hand flies to my mouth as Danny glares at him.

Steven looks at the shocked look on my face “What? We knew about it. He was asking all of our advice on it.”

“I didn’t know. So that’s why he has been so nervous around her?” looking at the path they took.

Steven does his mouth in an O formation “Oops! I thought he had asked you things.”

Danny growls at him “No, he just asked us two. Yes, he was going to propose at the meal earlier but with her being upset he didn’t.”

“She’s going to be so happy and she was hoping he would.”

Danny smiles at us “Well, he probably will tonight after the announcement.”

Steven crosses his arms and stands there like a brick wall “Ok, spill the beans. You know what they are going to say at dinner?”

Danny smirks “Yes and we’re not saying. It’s a surprise for everyone at the same time as long as you hold that tongue of yours and don’t ruin the other surprise.”

We laugh at that and head back in to relax. I stretch out on the bed and he lays down with me. Danny pushes the hair out of my face “Your tired?”

“A little bit.” He curls around me and I fall asleep in his arms. Sometime later, he is gently stroking my face. “Baby, come on. It’s time to get up. They want us there early for the announcements.” I stretch and open my eyes blinking until he’s not blurry anymore.

“Huh?” trying to get my mind awake.

“Cory has asked everyone to gather before dinner so we have about ten minutes to get down there.”

I slowly get up and look at my clothes. Their wrinkled so I slip out of them and put on another one. “I’m ready. Let’s go see what happens with these two.”

“We already know what they will be but we will be there to support them through it.” He kisses me and we walk down to the eating area. They have boxes at each place setting and we all take our seats.

“What’s this?” looking at her and then at the box.

“You’ll find out in a minute” she taps my head.

“Now, everyone has been bombarding me with questions about this. So first off, open the gifts that are in front of you” Cory has stood up and looking at all of us. We all open the boxes and pull out what’s inside.

Everyone gasp as they look at theirs but I just smile and hold it up. It is a coffee mug that has sperm swimming on it and an egg with one of the sperm reaching it ahead of the others. It says “And we have a winner” on the front and inside it says “We’re Pregnant.”

“Well, now there’s going to be three sets of feet running around the house" Allen looks at both of us with a huge smile.

Steven drops his head and bangs it on the table “Oh boy! Were not getting any sleep either. You two will be cranky as hell at work after a sleepless night.”

Cory slams his hand down on the table making him jump “Hey, your room is close to ours.”

Steven looks at his parents “I’m moving upstairs now because I will need my beauty rest.” We all bust out laughing at his playful tone.

Tina looks at them with a cute smile “Congratulations to you. I know you are happy.”

Cory shakes his head “Not completely” He drops to one knee and pulls put a red velvet box that’s in his pocket. “I was going to do this at lunch but you were so upset that I waited. Bailey, I have loved you from that first day I set eyes on you. I didn’t realize that just seeing someone for the first time, you knew that she is the one for you. That day in that small little house, I knew that you were the one for me. Will you marry me?” She tears up as her hand flies to her mouth.

Bailey starts sobbing “Yes, of course I will.” He slides the ring on her finger and stands up. Pulling her into a kiss while he holds her tightly. We all clap and cheer for them as they continue to kiss each other.

I fist pump in the air “Yes! Another happy couple.”

We all smile at them and they sit down at the table. We chat and talk with each other long into the night before we go back to our houses.

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