The Billionaires Fight

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Future Talk

We are heading back to our house and I am still smiling from ear to ear about Bailey and Cory.

Danny looks at me while we slowly walk “Your beaming like the moon love. I am glad that you are that happy for them.”

“I am. I just hope the baby will be fine. I know Cory checked on it but there is still a little worry in the back in my mind.”

“You should know first hand that we will do everything to make sure our women are the top priority in our lives. He will make sure everything is done properly and make sure she is safe through this whole process.”

“I am not saying anything bad about your brother, I just don’t want something to happen where that child will not be able to survive.” He stops and looks at me. He can see the concern on my face and makes sure that he comforts me about it.

“Cory will do everything he can to save that child and your sister. If it is not in the cards, he will put your sister first. He has loved your sister since the first time he saw her. They will be getting married soon and then he will be as protective over her as I am of you. He already is very protective over her and he will continue to be while they are together for the rest of their lives.”

“I know, he has shown me that. He has taken very good care of her and I have no doubt that he will make a wonderful husband and father.” We finally make it back to our house and I sit down on the couch slowly. I am feeling more tired than usual.

Are you sick, you look pale?”

“Just tired. That’s all. I’m going to go take a shower and lay down if that’s fine.”

“Of course, I will be up shortly. Just relax and if you fall asleep before I get there, then I will just slide in and cuddle with you.” I nod and head up the steps. After my shower, I grab a pair of pajamas and slide into the silky fabric. I am asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. The next morning Danny is waking me up with a light shake and whispering in my ear.

“Baby, time to get up. We are going to go swimming here shortly. I brought you some breakfast back with me.”

“What time is it?”

“After ten. You must have been very tired.”

“I was.” I get up and eat off the tray that he brought to me. When I get finished, we get ready to go swimming.

“Do you feel better sis? I know you looked pail last night.”

“Just tired, that’s all. I may not he far along but they must be taking a tole on my body. I will be fine. Have you been able to eat and keep things down?”

“Yeah, he called in a favor and the doctor sent a nausea prescription down here. He went and picked it up for me. I can actually eat now without getting sick” she smiles as she takes a bite of a strawberry.

“That’s good. You need to keep your strength up and food seems to be able to do that.” Everyone is at our house due to the slide and the huge pool we have to swim in. Lunch is brought to us at twelve and we get out and sit in the eating areas that are around us.

“I am glad to hear that you are better. I hope that everything will be good with both of you. Your sister is doing pretty good now since that she has her other medicine” Tina has sat down in a chair beside me.

“I hope everything works out for her. She is very excited about everything going on right now.”

“Have you guys thought about if you will get married before the baby or will you wait until after?” Danny looks at his brother.

“We talked last night and we are going to before the baby comes. We have thought about in the next two months or so that way we can we can be married before the child is born.”

Bailey looks up from her phone “We did a little looking online last night and I think we are going to do a small wedding in the same place you did. I have always wanted a outside wedding and I was all such a wonderful place and it was really nice. I would like to decorate it a lot like you did. Different colors but yours was so pretty.”

Cory smiles at the though “I checked on the dates and we were looking at it around mid February or so.”

I sit up in my chair quickly “That’s only about six weeks but it is longer to plan that we had. We can definitely get that done if that is what you want.”

Bailey looks back down at her phone “I do, I want to wear a dress before I start showing my baby bump.”

“I can see why you want to. It is easier to but a nice gown before you go about worrying about having to try and cover that” rubbing my small bump.

Bailey points at me “Exactly. This is going to be so weird, we both will have the same last name and you married the oldest brother and I have the youngest. This is kind of something that you read about in a book or something.”

Allen walks over to us and hands us a fruity drink “It’s not that uncommon. There are plenty of families that I know of where the siblings have both married into the same family. It is usually where the family has one of each but I have known of others where the brothers married the sisters.”

“We have had plenty of people we know also that have. Friends have done the same thing and they are very happy” Danny kisses my knuckles.

Steven smiles “We also are happy for both of you on this. We are glad that you both have found love and enjoy being with each other. No one is going to say anything about the same family members being in the same family.”

Allen stands up straight “Even if they did, it would not matter anyway. We would standup for you and anyone else who is in this family. If my children are happy, then that is all I can ask for with their lives.” We spend the next few days enjoying the island, touring the small shops that are there and looking at his future investments that are around the island. We leave on Sunday to head back home and I am happy to finally be heading back home. I love to travel but I am also starting to get home sick after a few days.

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