The Billionaires Fight

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Baby Gender Reveal Day

The bed is moving as Danny gets up. I lay there because I didn’t sleep very good last night. Bailey has had multiple check ups and her baby is doing fine. She is off the medication and the ultrasounds have shown her growth is not growing. Their wedding is this weekend and we are going out to get her dress this afternoon. I hear the shower turn on and I need to get up myself. I drag myself out of the bed and pad over to the shower. I climb in quietly and wrap my arms around his waist. He turns around and kisses me.

“Good morning love. I was going to wake you after I got out. I know you have been wore out trying to get this wedding together for Bailey.”

“I have been tired but I am ready to see what we are having. I am excited about this reveal.”

“We are having a reveal party tomorrow night for everyone to. We are the only ones who will know.”

I look at him with a hopeful look “I want to be surprised at the reveal party also. You can see but I don’t want to know yet.”

Danny looks at me with a serious expression “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I want to be surprised just like everyone else. It is only a day that we will not know.”

“If that is what you want baby, then that is what we will do” he takes my hands in his.

“You really want to know to, you can see what they are and do the reveal with the correct color.”

Danny shakes his head “No, we will find out together. Mom can know and get the things together for us. I am not going to know if you don’t. Like I said, we will find out at the same time.” I kiss him on the lips because this man is the best person that anyone could ask for.

I am now twenty weeks along with our children. Bailey is 3 weeks behind me at seventeen weeks. I have been exercising every day to stay in shape and trying to keep the weight gain on the slower side. According to the doctor’s appointment that Bailey had, she is having one and Cory has been walking around on cloud nine for the last 2 months now. They found out after we got back from Bora Bora she was six weeks along.

Danny stoops down with the washcloth “Here, let me help with your legs baby. You stomach is getting bigger and I think it’s getting a little hard for you to bend over now.”

“I have been managing but thank you. I could use a little help now” shoving his shoulders lightly. He washes my legs off and then let’s me put my legs on him as I shave my legs. He helps me up and then takes the wand and washes me off.

“I think you are done. I don’t see any soap left” scanning my body.

“Thank you so much. Now, I need to get dressed so we can go to the doctor’s office.” He helps me out and we head to the closet. I find a dress and slip it on. It is a nice blue dress that shows off my baby bump.

“You look so good love. Even though you have our children poking out here, I still live the way you look.” He wraps his arms around my stomach and kisses my neck. He grabs my hand and leads me out and down to breakfast. We sit down and they bring us a huge meal out.

“Hey sis! Good morning.” She plops down beside me and get her plate. She is still her bubbly self even though she is pregnant. We all eat and finally I push my plate away and lean back in my chair.

“That was good. I am stuffed!”

“So, we get to know what the babies are today! I am so excited” she claps her hands and then rubs my stomach.

“Actually, we have decided to let that be a surprise when the reveal is tomorrow night. We both want to wait until the party. Mom is going to handle the decorations for it all.”

Bailey”s face goes into a huge pout mode “What? Oh man. So you are going to torture all of us having to wait?”

“We can wait another day. It is not going to hurt us that much.”

Allen walks in and has a huge smile on his face “Your mom is having fun ordering all of this stuff for the party. She has been so happy and beaming. This is going to be a big party for you two. She has been invited all kind of people.”

Danny groans and rolls his eyes “Should have known she would take this to the highest level that she could.”

Allen smacks him on his arm hard “She is very excited about this. I have never seen her so happy when you asked her to set all of this up. She has been dragging me out on all kinds of shopping trips. She has about everything she needs except the one last reveal that we are going to have ordered as soon as we get the results.”

“Thank you so much, both of you. I can not stay how lucky weboth are to have two loving parents that will do things like this.”

Becky Tucker, Allen’s Wife, walks in and pats my arm lightly “Honey, you know how long I have waited for a grandchild? Too long and now to all of a sudden have 3 on the way, I am more than happy to throw you a party. I will do one for Bailey as soon as she knows what they are having.”

Cory rolls his eyes slightly “Thanks mom. We will know in about two more weeks roughly. We will let you know and then you can do another one in about a month or so.”

Becky smiles as she walks into the kitchen “I will do it just like I am doing there’s love. I just have to do it on Wednesday night instead of Friday because you two are finally getting married” pointing at them.

Cory looks up at her “You act like we have been engaged forever mom. It has only been about 3 months only.”

Becky smiles again and bigger this time “The girls have been here for a long time to me and now I get to be the Grandmother that gets to spoil the grand kids.”

Steven sighs “You have talked about that a lot mom. Always rattling on about them, how much you want them.”

Becky stops in front of him and points “I’m not getting any younger Steven. It’s about time you two tied the not and give me one too.”

Steven buries his head in his hands “Mom!”

Tina is giggling “When the time comes we will Becky. I promise.”

Becky sits down in front of them “Well it needs to be soon. That way the kids can grow up together.”

Steven looks up “Mom, that’s enough. We are going to wait for awhile anyway. We are not like these two that jump and have kids before we have time to ourselves.”

Danny snaps his head in Steven’s direction “I did not jump. I was married before she was completely pregnant thank you. Maybe a day but we were married.”

Cory holds his hand up to his brothers “Ok, quit picking on the young one here. I did what I did because we love each other. We knew the risk but wanted to take it anyway.”

Bailey slides her hand under the table and he jumps “I didn’t mind it one bit baby. You are an amazing man and I love you very much for it.”

Cory moves her hand quickly “Love you too honey.” They kiss and hug each other. We stand up, ready to head out the door for the appointment.

Cory stands up “We want to come.”

Danny talks over his shoulder “You will be in the waiting room if you do.”

Bailey sits back down “Really? Come on.”

Danny stops and smiles at the two of them “No, you are trying to peak and get the answer early. Not going to happen.”

Cory sits back down too “Yeah, yeah. Ok, we will stay here.”

Danny smiles just like he won the lottery “Good. I would hate to beat you up over trying to get the results before we are suppose to.”

I grab his hand “Come on, we don’t want to be late.”

We walk out to the car and take off to the appointment.

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