The Billionaires Fight

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Bailey's Turn

We arrive at the doctor’s office and go straight back to the room. The doctor walks in and smiles at us big.

Doctor asks as he walks in “How are my favorite couple today?”

“We are good, how are you doing?” smiling at him.

“Fine. How are the little ones?” nodding to my stomach.

I lay my hand on it “Moving a lot but it’s not anything bad yet.”

“Let’s see what we can see today. I can tell you the genders.”

Danny speaks up “No, write it down and put it in this envelope. We are having a surprise reveal tomorrow evening.”

Doctor smiles at us “That sounds fun. Ok, I will put this here, turn this monitor towards me when I look for that answer. I will show you how well they are doing first.” We watch as he runs the wand around and finds the first one. “Looking good here. Very good development, weight is looking good, fingers, toes, looks perfect.” He swings the monitor and looks at the gender. He smiles writes it down on a piece of paper. “Ok, next one. This one is a little smaller than the other but is still developing good. Fingers, toes both have a very good heartbeat.” He writes the other gender down and seals it in the envelope. Handing it to Danny and smiles really big. “You will be pleased with the results, I am sure of it. We will see you back in a month for your next checkup.” He walks out and I get cleaned up and we walk out too. He kisses me before we exit.

“I am so excited about this. I can not wait.” I nod to the envelope in his inner coat pocket. “You have the answers right there. I will not be mad if you looked.” Danny looks at me and smiles “No, I want to know when you do. Mom is very excited about this anyway.” We walk out and head back to the house so Bailey and I can go dress shopping.

Cory is gripping and trying to tackle Danny “Come on, let me see the envelope, I will give it to mom.”

Danny is playing keep away with it “No, you will peak and then give it to her.” Cory grabs his chest like that hurt. We laugh at him. He kisses Bailey as we get ready to leave ourselves. Danny takes the envelope to his mother and comes back.

Cory hold Bailey in his arms closely “Remember, do not put a budget on this dress. If you do, I will be mad.”

“I won’t let her, she made me pick out an very expensive one and I will do the same with her” walking up to them as they are holding each other like it is their final goodbye.

Cory looks at me and lets her go “You had better. I have to go get my tux anyway. Love you baby.”

Danny takes my hand and rubs my belly “Will you be ok without me?”

“Are you saying that you want to come dress shopping with us?”

Danny smiles and nods his head “I can if you want me to.”

“That is up to you but we will be awhile. We have to find hers and then ours too.”

Danny wraps his arms around me “That’s ok, I don’t mind.”

Bailey steps up and taps his shoulder “No, you stay here. This is a girl outing only.” She stabs a finger into this chest and shakes her head.

Danny takes a step back “I want to....”

Bailey cuts him off quick “NO! This is just for me, Tina and her. Go play with your paperwork or something.”

I giggle at how forceful she is with him. Our mood swings have been awful for the guys. They have tried to stay out of our way for days now.

Cory looks over at a very clingy Danny “I would listen man, you can come with me and get another suit if you want. You and Steven both are in the wedding.”

Danny rubs his neck “Can’t I just use the one that I....”

Cory jabs him in the back “Nope, you will have a new one just like me. Come on, the girls are going so we need to also.” We get into one limo and the guys get into another one.

“So, what color of dress do you want?” looking down at a bridal book she brought.

Bailey points at one “I would love a pink one.”

I groan because then she will put me in a pink one and I do not like pink that much. Bailey giggles “If I can find a white one that I love I will go with that.”

Tina looks at the book too “So you are wanted us in pink?”

Bailey nods “Yes, I would like that.”

Tina points to a bridal party picture “Then you need to be in white with pink on it. It would clash to much if we all wore pink.”

Bailey looks at the picture and scrunches up her nose “True, we will see what happens when we get there.” Of course the guys pull up right behind us due to the store has the men’s tuxes downstairs. Bailey scoffs as we pull up “They would make sure they were in the same store as us.”

“We have a private area for you so they can’t get to us.” She crosses her arms as we get out and answers me.

“The had better not. They have their area and we have ours.” Of course they come over and wrap their arms around us and escort all of us inside. Each guy kisses their girl’s cheek and disappears down the steps. “Ugh! I swear.” Her mood swing has kicked in again.

“We are this way” pointing to our area. We head to the private area and there is a consultant waiting there for us. Bailey tells herwhat she is looking for and we chime in we want some white dresses for her also. She nods and we sit down in the chair waiting to see the dresses. They bring us some soda as we wait.

I look over “Next, we will be bringing you out here Tina. We will be waiting on you to try on these dresses.”

Tina blushes a little “In time yes. We have only beed together three months so I do not want to rush it at all.”

“I understand that. Becky is just excited about everything.”

Tina smiles “I know. She will just have to wait on us though. I am not ready to settle down yet. I love him a lot but I can not take that big of a plunge yet. Maybe after six months or so.” Bailey starts stepping out in dresses.

I look at it “Nope, I don’t like it at all.” Tina shakes her head “Me either. It’s pretty but just not quite what I would say is a wedding dress.”

Bailey pulls it up and looks at it “I could use this for a ball though. I may hang onto it.”

She steps out in the next on and I gag “I don’t like the beige.” Tina agrees “Me either.”

Bailey throws her arms up “Ugh!”

The next one I shiver as I look at it “A rose garden?”

Bailey looks down and laughs “Next.”

She steps out in a gold colored one “I like that one. It is different” doing a so-so motion with my hand.

Tina looks at it and gives her opinion “Yeah, the color is pretty and the dress is to.”

The next one comes out “Getting better but it has bow ties on it. Look at the bottom.”

Bailey huffs and turns around “Ok, one more.”

The last one she comes out in and I sit on the edge of my chair “Yes! Absolutely stunning!”

Tina claps her hands together “Oh! I love that one. It sparkles and when you move in the light, it is breathtaking.”

Bailey looks in the mirror and turns with the dress looking at every angle “Yeah, I really like this one. It covers up my baby bump and everything.” She takes it off and then she goes to find out dresses.

I look over at Tina “She is going to come back with some jacked up shit. I know it.”

Danny puts his arms around me “Hey love.” I jump as he slides up behind me.

“You had better leave before she finds you” nodding to where Bailey went around the corner.

“We are, just coming by to get a kiss real quick.” I stand up and kiss him passionately. He smiles as we part.

Bailey is standing there looking at us “Um! Excuse you. Go on, get.”

He shakes his head and heads out of the area.

Bailey furrows her brows as she scoffs “He just can’t stay away from you can he?”

Cory walks up just then “Hello lovely. We are done and leaving now.”

Bailey rolls her eyes at him “Not you too!”

Cory looks at us in shock “What?”

Bailey waves her hand towards the door “Danny was just here and now you are.....“He pulls her in and kisses her hard. When they part she is flushed and stammers. “I don’t remember.....Oh yeah. You out!” pointing at him.

Cory smiles and turns around “Were going.”

Steven walks up and puts his hands on Tina’s shoulders “Just checking up on you guys before we left.”

Tina stands up and kisses him. They leave and she holds up the dresses she found for us.

Bailey looks at me “Sis, this one is yours.”

She is holding up a hot pink dress with a long split in the front of it “Pink? Really?”

Bailey smiles “Yep. Tina, try on both of these. I am it sure which one yet. “We both duck into the rooms and put them on.

I look over at Tina’s dress and then pout “Hey! How come she gets the gold one?”

Bailey points at me and then snaps “You are wearing pink and that’s it.”

“I want that one for later then. I love that dress” pointing at the multi-colored one I see in her room.

“Try the other on please.” Tina ducks back into the room and comes back out with the second dress

Bailey looks at it and smiles “Yes! I love that one.”

“I don’t think she needs to be different from me. If you want a different style then we can but the same colors” moving closer to her.

Tina nods “I agree. This would be to much.”

Bailey points to my dress “Do you like the one she has?”

Tina looks at it and nods “Yes, it is very pretty.”

“Ok, let’s find your size and then we are done.”

“I am going to find both of those dresses in my size. I love both of them and can use them after the babies are born.”

Tina looks at us “We are not done yet. You need jewelry and a veil also. She can takes these and then we can look some more.” We drag her over to the areas and try on all the ones we like. We finally settle on one that we all like.

I hold a very pretty veil in my hands “See this edge will go this the sparkles in you wedding dress and it’s longer where it will be on the ground and not on top of your dress.”

“Fine, let’s get these and go to lunch. I am starving.”

Nodding my head “Me to.” We go to the consultant and she checks us out. Bailey swipes her card and everything is bagged up and the driver and a helper totes it out for us. I did get the other two dresses that Tina tried on for later when I go out with Danny on dates. One is multi-colored and then the gold one that was just really pretty.

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