The Billionaires Fight

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Reveal Day

After breakfast, Bailey has drug me out to go get a new dress for the party this evening. I tried to show her the dress I was wanting to wear but she wouldn’t have it’

“Bailey, that one dress I bought yesterday fit and I was just going to wear it. It had both pink and blue in it” trying to please my case with her.

Bailey pushes me to the door “Nope, you are going to have a new dress for this. Mom has spent a ton of time and money on this and you are going to have a beautiful dress.”

“You are so irritating some times. I tried it on and I was fine.” She drags me to the car and we take off. She babbles about how she is so excited about this evening and finding out what we are having. We get to the store and she drags me out and inside quickly. “Slow down will you” trying to keep up with her. She makes a beeline to a dress that she found on the internet in the store. She snatches it off the rack and shoves me into a dressing room. “Jeez, can you calm down a little?”

“Try it on, please!” I slip it on and step out. She squeals and jumps up and down.

It is a beautiful full blue dress with a train on it. The material is light and very silky “I don’t know if I am having just boys though.”

“That doesn’t matter. It is a beautiful dress and we will get you pink jewelry to go with it. You have to wear this one tonight. Please?” using her puppy dog eyes on me again.

“Ok, things I do to please you. When it’s your turn in a few weeks, I get to pick yours out no questions” poking my finger in her chest.

Bailey smiles big “Done! Let’s go look at at the jewelry.” I hand the lady the dress and we go look at the jewelry.” These! This has to be yours” shoving a necklace, earrings and a bracelet into my hands. “You can wear the pink ones or the blue earrings tonight. Which one?”

“I like the blue. I can have the pink bracelet, necklace and get a pink comb for my hair.”

We check out and have a comb with us that she found to go in the back of my hair. Our next stop is the hair dresser, nails and our toes done. I have a pair of silver sandals at the house that I will be wearing so Bailey has my fingers painted pink and my toes blue. “You are going all out on this aren’t you”

We finish and walk out “Come on. We need to get home and get ready the rest of the way. We leave for the venues in two hours.”

“Did you say venues?” looking at her for a second.

“Crap, it slipped. She has two rented side by side.”


“You will just have to see when you get there. She has shared small bits and pieces but we haven’t been able to put it all together.”

“I am excited about this afternoon. I can’t wait to see what she has done.” We pull up into the driveway and Danny comes out to help me out of the car.

“She got you another dress huh?”

“Yeah, I wanted to wear the multi colored I bought yesterday but they wanted something that flowed for today. I’m not crazy about it but hey, I try to please her some of the times” shrugging my shoulders.

“Well, I think you will look good in anything.” He wraps his arms around me and cradles my belly. He rubs it slowly and kisses my cheek. “These two just can not come fast enough for me. I want to hold them, cuddle with them, feed them and bond.”

“Well, at least after today, we can decorate their rooms. If they are both boys, we will do two different schemes. Same if it is two girls.”

“I can’t wait to find out. I am going to be on the edge until we do. Mom has been super busy getting anything ready. She has had the workers running around doing all kinds of things.”

“Me to. I am ready to see all of this. I need a quick freshen up. My hair is done but I need to wash up some.”

“I am going to take a shower quickly. We have been out doing a few things this morning and I need to get washed up.” He grabs my hand and takes me upstairs with him. Grabbing a washcloth and take my dress off I wash up, I turn to watch him get into the shower. His body still makes me want him so bad. No, I can’t, my hair is fixed and I just have to slip my dress on and I am ready.

Danny looks over his shoulder at me “See something that you like?“He smirks at me sideways.

I studder “Yes, I am enjoying the view very much.”

“If you were not prepped to get ready, I would have you on the bed making love to you in about two minutes.

“We have tonight love. After everything is done, we have all night. We just have to keep ourselves under control for the night.” He finishes up and get out drying off. He wraps his arms around me and kisses me deeply. I groan and grab him and feel his manhood growing. He groans into my mouth.

“Don’t start something that we can’t finish.” I smile at him and take a step back. Dropping to my knees, I take in into my mouth. His breath picks up and he grabs my hair. He immediately let’s go and then drops his hands onto the counter behind me. I pick up speed on him and he grunts hard. “I’m not going to last long like this. You keep this up and I’m going to.....” I take him all the way down my throat and he groans. I do a few more strokes and he spills into my mouth hot and heavy. I let him spew into my mouth hard. “Don’t swallow it.” I look around, what the hell am I supposed to do with it? “Let me grab a tissue and you can spit it out into that. I don’t want you to swallow it.” I spit it out and wash my mouth out good.

“What was wrong that you didn’t want me to swallow?”

Danny rubs my tummy “Our kids eat what you do correct? I don’t want that going through their systems.”

“It won’t hurt them baby. They would be fine.”

“No, I don’t want then to have that. They will not be digesting what made them.”

“When you told me not to swallow, I didn’t know what youwanted me to do with it at first then when you could talk, I was glad that you told me that you would get me some tissue. I was just going to spit it in the sink if I had to.” Grabbing my toothbrush, I freshen up my mouth and fix my hair where he grabbed it and messed it up some.

“Thank you.” He kisses me sweetly and then pecks my cheek. “I was already having a hard time not to tackle you and take you before this party. I will be able to contain myself now and can wait until we get back.”

" Bailey told me your mother rented two venues? Do you know why?”

“No, she has invited a ton of people so I guess that’s why. She has not let me see anything. I have walked in on her a few times using my office, but she slams her laptop closed and left.”

“Well, let’s get dressed and go enjoy this so we can find out what we are having.” I walk out and slip the dress on and all the other things that Bailey basically bought for me. He walks out and his jaw drops.

“You look absolutely stunning. I love the way you mixed the two colors.” He gets dressed and we walk downstairs. Bailey, Cory and Steven get in their trucks and I look at Danny.

“What is that about? I thought they would go with us.”

“Like I said, I do not know what they have in store for us.” We get into the limo and head to the venue.

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