The Billionaires Fight

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Baby Shower

After a short drive, we arrive at the venue for the baby shower.

“Wow! This is nice. There are two of them. I guess that is what she rented.” Looking at the two beautiful, glass domes that are side by side.

“Yeah, it does look like it. Come on, let’s see what in the world she did.

Tina pulls up in her car and I look at her. “You mom put tires on the back of my car. I am not sure what they are for though.”

Bailey slides down out of her truck “She put tires on all our trucks to. Said she will tell us what to do shortly.”

“Let’s go see what she has done for us.” He intertwines our fingers and we walk inside the first structure. I stop and look at the decorations she has ordered for us.

“Ok, so this has all pink. Does that mean we are having girls?” looking around at the whole room being done in pink.

Becky walks up behind us and taps my shoulder “This is one of the venues, the other one is also decorated, you should go check it out.”

Everywhere we look, there is either blue, pink or a mixture of both. People start to walk in and they congratulate us. Everyone walks around in amazement looking at how each place is decorated. I am also very impressed with the way she pulled all of this together in such a short time.

“So, we sill don’t know what they are. She did it in both colors and the cars are going to reveal is what she said” Danny scratches his head.

“We have to do burnouts to show the color of the babies. We went and had the tires put on this morning. They are colored tires that either show blue or pink is what the people told us. They would not say what we had, but they are gender reveal tires” Cory slides up behind us.

“All four of you? I am only having two babies, not four.”

Steven smiles :She wanted all four of us in on it. So we went and had them put on and after we eat and have cake, we will show the genders.”

“So, having to wait until the end, huh? Danny looks over at his mother talking to a ton of women.

“Before it gets dark yes. You will know soon enough. She is calling the shots on this one.” We walk around and look at everything closely. She has diaper cakes, tons of real cakes, all kinds of decorations and even little gift bags for the guest with take home items. After walking around talking to as many people as we can, we sit down for dinner.

“I can not believe how cute everything is. She has so many things that I have never seen. She must have been ordering this for weeks.”

Danny sits down in one of the chairs as we look at the second venue “She did a very good job. I made sure we had your favorite. No crab legs but we do have steak and shrimp.”

“I understand, crab is harder to do at these things. She has been working hard” A little bummed about it. when the food finally does come out, Danny looks over at me as a plate is set in front of me. “You made sure didn’t you?”

“Of course I did. You get everything you want. I made sure she had this for you at this event.” I slap his arm and he laughs hard. Leaning over, he kisses me passionately. “You know that I will do anything for all three of you at anytime.”

“I have been figuring that out. You have been very attentive and making sure that I get everything I want.”

“It will be that way for the remainder of your life. You and our children will be first in my life everyday.” I start eating due to we have basically snacked so we would not be stuffed for this huge meal we have.

Bailey is sitting on the other side of me and moans a little “This food is so good. The fish is amazing. I also got the shrimp with mine. I am hoping to have this good food at mine.”

“You will, I already have a order in for yours. All I have to do is tell then the date and we will be doing this again for the next grand baby” Becky pats her on the arm.

“You will know ours before the shower. We don’t want to wait for a reveal” Cory looks at his mother.

Bailey looks at me “I am not waiting. I don’t have the patience to wait like she does.”

“Waiting is not something everyone can do. I couldn’t wait myself. I had to know at the doctor’s office that day” Becky looks over at Danny.

“I am only doing it because she wanted to. She told me that I could look, but I decided not to” he corrects his mother.

Becky smiles at him and nods “As soon as the meals are finished, we will go and do the reveal. You can open all the presents afterwards. People brought the correct items for the babies.”

“So you told our guest the genders?” Danny drops his fork.

“They wanted to know the correct things to buy, so I told them.”

“That makes it to where we are the only ones who don’t know” picking his fork up and handing it back to him.

“They wanted to make sure the items were correct so yes I told them.”

We finish eating and all go outside where there are three trucks and then Tina’s mustang.

Becky looks at them “Now, all four of you will get in and do burnouts with those tires. They will have smoke come off them reveling what you are having.”

Tina looks over at their dad “Can Allen do mine? I don’t feel comfortable doing that.”

Allen steps forward and grins “If you want me to, I can do that.”

Tina nods “Please, I have ever done anything like that.”

Allen takes her keys “No problem, I can get in it for you.”

The guys and Bailey get into their vehicles. Cory bought Bailey a truck and she absolutely loves it. They line up and the tires start to turn and colors slowly start coming off the tires. I gasp and then cheer as the colors come to life.

“Are you kidding! We are having one of each! Ahhhhhh! Yes!”

Danny grabs me and spins me around “Yes! I am so happy! We each are getting what we wanted.” He kisses me hard. Picking me up again, he swings me around in an circle and I laugh as he does.

“Oh my God! Are you kidding me! Ah!” Bailey jumps down from her truck looking at the colors.

Cory hangs out the window of his “Yes! One of each. That is going to be fun!”

Steven looks at the ground “So glad that you are getting what you want. He wanted the boy and you wanted a girl.”

They all get out of their vehicles and cheer for us. The boys kiss my cheek and hug Danny. Bailey hugs me hard and then bounces on her toes.

Allen gets out of Tina’s car “Congratulations girl. I am happy for you.”

“Thanks dad. I am really happy and so is Danny. We both get what we want.”

Allen hugs me tightly “Yeah, I know you wanted a girl and he was hoping for a boy so you both have what you wanted.”

Becky claps her hands to get everyone’s attention “Present time! Come on, I want to see what all you got.”

“Yes mama! Come on Danny, we have been summoned by your mom.”

“She is super excited about all of this. Come, let’s see what our kids are getting. Now we can do their nurseries and enjoy getting everything ready.” He grabs my hand and we go inside to our seats she has set up. We open the gifts and get pink blankets, outfits, strollers, bottles, bibs, baby tubs and burping clothes. The same is also in blue. Beautiful blankets, outfits, baby seat and carriers and everything we need for the babies. We have so much that we have to load all three trucks, Tina’s car and two limos just to get the items back home.

Danny looks at the packed cars “Wow! What a day, I can not believe what all we got. People got everything we needed and more.”

“All we need is cribs and then the comforter sets.”

“We can do that on Sunday after they get married. We can go get the ones we really want and then bring it back so the rooms can be set up, painted and then decorated” Danny is getting very excited now about all of this.

“Well, they need their own rooms now so we can use the two around the corner from us. We have baby monitors to put in there and then in our room to. I didn’t not realize your mom had registered us for the gifts that we needed except the clothes. I can not believe she pulled all of that off.”

Danny looks over at her with a sweet smile “She has her ways of going things that shock the hell out of me.” I go and hug Becky. and tell her thank you for all of this. She wipes the tears off my cheeks and kisses my cheek.

“It was my pleasure. I will be doing the same for Bailey, then if Tina marries Steven she will have the same. Then when you have your next one, I will do it again.”

Danny looks at her with a shocked expression “Exactly how many do you thin we are going to have?”

“Hopefully about four each if not more” she kisses my cheek.

Bailey snaps her head towards her “Your wanting twelve grandchildren?”

Becky nods “If not more, yes. The more the better.” We all laugh and head home with all of the items we got this evening.

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