The Billionaires Fight

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Baby Shopping

The next morning Danny and I head out to get the babies crib and see how we want them set up. Walking into the store, he looks at me and smiles. “So, are you excited about this? I can’t wait to see what we can do.”

“I have been excited since we found out that we were pregnant. I have been thinking of how we can do the rooms. I have an idea of what I want. Just have to see what they have and how I want to decorate their rooms.”

We look around and I see a few beds and sets that I love.

“I have to have this bed. I love it” pointing at one for a girl. It is a beautiful white crib that looks like a something out of a fairy tail. . He pulls the tag and we walk on through.

“I want this bed” he stops in front of a very nice black bed that has high sides and beautiful scroll work on it. He pulls the ticket off the crib.

“These are for the girl. I want an extra set to make a room downstairs when they are little. That way we do not have to be running up and down the stairs” stopping at another crib that is white and has a pink set on it and then a crown on the wall. It has a long draped curtain that is tapered as it disappears behind the bed.

“Do you want two of the same bed?” walking back to the first bed I had picked.

“No, I want the one that has the peach on it. That converts into a twin bed when she gets older then this white one can be used while she is small.”

“Then I am getting this darker bed to for the downstairs room” he has found a dark brown crib that the sides are rolled over towards the outside. This one also converts into a twin bed as the child gets bigger.

“I like those a lot. We can have them delivered and have the rooms painted the way we want them. They will have the beds for when they get bigger to take naps in while I am downstairs doing things or you are in your office” thinking about little feet running all over the house.

“I can do the boy’s room the way I want correct?” looking at me like asking for permission. He has a really nice blue set with black and gray squares for one of the rooms and then we picked out blue curtains to go with it. Then one that is all white and has a saying written on the comforter in black stitching “I love you more than you will ever know.” We got black curtains with a white valance to finish off this room with.

“Yes baby. I will let you do the rooms the way you want and I will do the girl’s the way I want them” making sure he knows that I am not going to do them my way only. I have two sets myself. One is the identical to the princess theme I wanted. It is a hot pink dust ruffle with roses on the sheets and bumper pads, then the pink crown with the hot pink curtains. The other has mostly white with pale pink accents on the bumper pad and the sheets. The dust ruffle is a beautiful white lace and the curtain is pink on both sides with a white valance in the middle.

“Anything else you can think of while we are in here?” scanning the store for any thing else we want.

“Not really, between the shower and what we bought, I think we are good.”

We take the items to the register and check out. They are loaded in the car and we head back home. When we walk in, I am shocked by what we see.

Cory is standing there yelling at the top of his lungs “I’m telling you that this is not going to work. If that’s the way you feel then the wedding is off.”

Bailey is sitting on the ground crying her eyes out “Cory! I am sorry, it’s my hormones. I didn’t mean to say it, I swear!”

“What is going on!” His voice rings through the house.

Cory points a shaking finger at my sister “She told me to go fuck myself and that she done not love me anymore.”

Bailey is now crying harder “It came out before I realized it. You made me mad and I said it before I knew it.” I wrap my arms around her and pull her to me.

“What is going on? Danny, take your brother and talk to him, I will talk to her” nodding to a very angry Cory. I take Bailey upstairs and she is sobbing into my clothes. We walk into an empty bedroom and sit down on the couch. “Talk to me.”

Bailey has calmed down a little to where I can halfway understand her now “He was talking about the wedding and how picky I was about things. He got mad because I wanted to change a few things and it is not going to happen. They said it was to close and the changes were to much to do. I snapped and told him to fuck off and I didn’t love him anymore. I did not mean it. I swear” she is shaking hard as she hold onto me.

Talking in my softest voice “I know it is hard not to control these mood swings. I have them too you know. You just have to learn to keep your mouth closed and think before you speak.”

Bailey wipes her eyes as she sniffs “I know, I don’t even know why I wanted the changes now. It was a stupid decision and now he hates me.”

“He just does not understand what is going on with you and these mood swings. Danny has to bite his tongue all the time due to them. You just went a little farther than I have” lifting her chin to look at me.

Bailey eyes are bloodshot red and her face has tears all over it “How can I make this up to him? Will he listen to me? Can I make him understand that I blabbed before I thought?”

Danny is propped up against the door frame as he speaks “You might be able to talk him into that.” The guys stand at the door and Cory’s expression is sad and he comes over to the couch.

Danny takes my hand and pulls me off the couch “Come on love, let them work it out and then I think they will be fine.” Cory sits down beside her and wraps his arms around her. We walk out of the room and he kisses me. “They will be fine. He is a bit young but understands that she is not herself. I told him about how you can be a witch sometimes.” We walk down the hall and look at the empty rooms for the babies that is around the corner from ours.

“That one can be our son’s and this one can be our daughter’s” pointing at the two rooms that are close to us and also close to each other.

“Have them side by side but not in the same room. I like that idea. That way we won’t have to worry about separating them when they are older.”

I look at him and ask “How did you get him to calm down that fast?”

“I told him not to be mad at her, I explained about your blow up at me a few weeks ago where I wasn’t doing anything and you about clawed my eyes out for no reason. They are both young and hot headed but did he still love her? He said yes and then I told him to just learn to brush the things off that she might say out of text right now. With you two almost being in sync with each other, then I can just about tell him exactly what will happen with her and him.”

Giving him a hug against his amazing body “I am glad that they made up. I was so worried there for a few minutes, she was so upset that I had hoped she didn’t stress herself out. I told her to just calm down and think about everything too.”

Danny wraps his arms around my waist “I am glad that we could fix everything and settle them down to where they could talk it out.”

“Me too, now I am hungry. I need food. Crap, my mood swing just switched on me” saying in a rough voice.

Danny laughs and then leads me out of the room “Yeah, let’s get you some food before you get to grumpy.” He smiles at me and we walk down to the kitchen for supper.

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