The Billionaires Fight

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My Promise is My Bond

Danny’s Point Of View

My wife has fallen asleep on my lap with her head resting on my leg. I shift to pick her up and she groans. Finally moving myself out from under her, I grab her and pick her up in my arms cuddling her close to my chest. We go upstairs and I undress my wife and lay her in the bed gently. I also strip down and lay down with her. Snuggling her closely, I pull her to my chest firmly. She is chilly so I wrap around her to warm her up. She snuggles into me and I kiss her forehead. This is the life that I want, we both deserve this. Nothing or anything anyone does or says will ruin this for me. I will make sure of it. I promised her that she would always be mine. No one else will have her , she is my diamond in the rough. I found her and she will never get away from me again. We have a social gathering we have to attend tomorrow evening. We donate money to the cancer society. we are their biggest donors and have to be there for it and to make another nice donation like we do every year.

Running my hands through her beautiful hair I make her a promise “Sleep my love. I love you with all my heart and will make sure it stays that way, I promise you this.” I settle down with here in my arms and fall asleep for the night.

At eight in the morning, Cory is yelling my name through the intercom.

“Danny! Danny we have a problem.”

I groan as I hit the button in my room “What?” saying in a groggy, irritated voice.

“There is a moving truck here and they are delivering items!” he says back to me in a panicked voice.

“From who?” I growl.

“Ericka” he says softly.

“Oh hell no!” slinging the covers back “I don’t think so!”

I unwrap myself from my wife, cover her back up and throw on sweatpants and a t-shirt. Rushing downstairs, they are trying to bring that bitches stuff into my house.

“I am sorry” holding up a hand to the movers “You have the wrong house for that. She does not live here so take it back to wherever that crap came from.”

“Is there a mix up sir?” the main mover looks at me “We picked this stuff up yesterday afternoon from her house and was told that you were expecting it to be moved into here this morning.”

Shaking my head I try to remain calm “I am sorry, she is not allowed on this property. That is not allowed in my house either. If you can not take it back to her house, then donate it to someone or at some donation place.”

The lead man calls her on the phone and explains everything that is going on. I hear her on the phone trying to bark orders at them. Snatching the phone from him, I speak to her in a harsh tone.

“You have one of two choices here. They bring this trash back to you or it is going to the donation store. It is not coming into my house!”

“Our house” she corrects me.

I loose it and scream into the phone “WE ARE NOT MARRIED AND WE NEVER WILL BE!” my body starts to shake from rage “Get your crap out of my driveway now or I will have a lawsuit slapped on you so fast your head will spin.”

“Fine” she snaps at me through the phone “They can bring it back here. Oh, and save me a dance tonight honey, see you there” She hangs up and I toss the phone back to the guy.

“Take it back to wherever it came from, she is waiting on it.”

They nod, load the truck back up and then get in them driving off. As they drive through the gates, I call the attendant telling him that any deliveries or anything that comes through that gate has to be approved by one of us from now on until they are told otherwise.

Cory is standing there with his arms crossed over his chest shaking his head “God, she has some nerve.”

“Tell me about it. She is going to push this all the way to the end. I can see that now.”

Steven has stepped out on the front porch in a pair of shorts “She is like a disease that won’t go away.”

“Did she really try that crap?” my father has now appeared in the doorway.

“Yep, and she is going to be at this ball tonight also” Cory frowns.

“Well, if she starts a scene, then she will be removed. It is thrown at one of the hotels we own and we basically run it every year. We will be fine on that notion. She will either fall in line and behave or she will be escorted out of the party by our security” Steven has a grin on his face.

“Hey” her voice floats through the living room area “Is everything alright? I heard screaming down here?”

“Yeah” Bailey is wiping her eyes “Is something wrong?”

“No” turning around with a smile “We took care of it. Don’t worry about it love.”

Cory grabs Bailey and wraps his arms around her “Yeah, nothing we can not handle.”

“Oh good” she smiles at me with that smile that makes my heart melt “I am grabbing breakfast and then going to take a day to relax. I need it after our long trip.”

My smile falls for a second and my heart sinks “Uh, actually we have a gathering or ball we have to go to tonight. We are the biggest donors and are required to attend. It is held in the ballroom of one of our hotels. Why don’t you two ladies go out for massages and get dresses for tonight. Go get your hair, nails, toes everything you want done today.”

“Sounds good to me” Bailey’s perky voice rings though the place “I am all for that.”

“Well, I need to look through my closet and see if I have something for tonight” rubbing my temples.

“Go buy you both a new dress for tonight. It is a formal event so you need some very nice dresses” taking her hand and kissing it.

“Yes! We are going shopping then. Come on, grab the limo and lets get out of here” Bailey is trying to drag her out the door.

I look at them and stops her for a minute “Take bodyguards with you two.”

Looking at the wall lined with men I look back at him “How many do we need?”

“Two should be good enough” Cory grabs Bailey for a last kiss.

“Ok, that is good with me. Come on sis, grab your purse and let’s get out of here” she tugs on her again.

“Jeez, you are worse than a five year old” pulling her hand out of her sister's tight grip.

Danielle’s Point Of View

The guys laugh at us as she pushes me out the door. We get in and take off to our usual dress store. When we arrive, we get out and go inside. She darts to the high end racks and starts flipping through them. I walk up and start looking myself. I pull one out and a seductive smile crosses my face. Bailey looks at me with a confused look.

“Why are you smiling like that?” her hands on her hips until she gets a good view at what I have in my hands. “Oh! That is beautiful.”

“Yeah, but he would not let me out of the house with this on. You know that as well as I do” holding it up looking at it closely.

“You have to get it” she touches it gently.

“Oh, I am. I will have this on before we leave tonight and see what he says about it” my eyes are dancing in the stores florescence lights.

“Oooh!” she smiles big at me “Going to play the bad girl huh?”

I blush as I look at the very revealing dress “Maybe.”

We flip through the racks and find several dresses. She then drags me to the fitting room and we try them on. Her voice floats over the divider as she giggles “Found mine!”

She steps out and I nod at the sequin dress that she has picked out. I fasten it at her neck and she goes to the mirror to look at it. The pink sequins glimmer and shimmer as she turns looking at it at all angles. It is a sleeveless dress that cuts off at the top of her arms and goes all the way down to the floor.

“Yeah, that looks very good on you” looking in the mirror from behind her.

“Let me see yours” shooing me back into my dressing room.

“I will show you the one that I will have on when we leave the house” smiling as I close the door.

“Ok, hurry up and let me see.”

I step out and it is a full sequin gown that has long sleeves with rows of long sequin fringe hanging off them. The V in the neck comes down about halfway of my chest but it covers everything to where I am not revealing anything. The silver is dazzling under the lights and I make sure the cut does not move when I turn or twist to reveal any of my chest.

“OMG!” she squeals “Yes, I love that one.”

We find everything we need at the store, shoes and jewelry. Finally checking out, we go to our next destination. We finally return after several hours of getting pampered, our hair, makeup, nails are done, and we had a massage with a spa treatment also. We get back home with about two hours to spare before we need to leave.

“Cutting it close there love” Danny wraps his arms around me.

“Some of the places were backed up, we had to wait a little while” kissing his cheek.

He looked at me with a shocked look on his face “They did not let you walk right in when you told them who you were?”

“They had clients that were already there and being pampered. We were a little late also, stopping to eat something” she pats her stomach “we were starving.”

The guards walk in holding our purchases and take them to our rooms, Danny hugs me tightly “I missed you” he whispers in my ear.

“I missed you too” turning around to face him in his arms “I guess we will have to get use to this huh? You will be going back to work soon and I will be here through out the day” pouting a little.

“Yeah, those two weeks spoiled me a lot. I may be coming home early or might not even go” his grin gets wider as he looks at me.

“Not cool with that man. If we have to go then so do you!” Cory points his finger at us “We ran it for two weeks now and we need you back.”

“Yeah” Steven claps him on his shoulder “time to come back to the real world with the rest of us.”

We all laugh hard as we go to our rooms. I step into our closet and put on the wrong dress just to see what kind of reaction I will get from him. It is a pink flower dress that is mostly see through. It has flowers over the breast area, and then over the crotch that run down the front of the dress and then over my hips like a bikini would. At the bottom is a pool of flowers that cover my feet.

He walks out of the bathroom looking down “Hey honey, can you.....” he looks up as he sees me standing there in the dress “What the hell is that?”

“My dress for the night” trying to keep a straight face “Do you like it?” as I wiggle my hips.

He growls lowly in his throat and grabs me hard around my waist “You are tempting me very badly to be very late to this and I can not do that tonight.”

“Why?” looking at him and putting my hand over my chest like I am hurt “I am dressed and ready to go.”

His eyes scan my body slowly and he says in a strained voice “You know better than that. This is for in here only.”

“Oh?” I look at him and smile “Let me ask your brothers approval then.”

I make a dash for the door but he catches me before I get there. He picks me up and slams me to the wall putting his leg in between mine. His lips are on my neck trailing down my body.

“Ok, fine” trying to talk while laughing hard “I will change.”

“Too late now” his dark eyes lock onto mine “You have the beast to deal with first” his evil grin spreads across his face.

“But I am already done except for my dress” putting my hand on his chest “My hair and everything, I don’t have time to fix it.”

“I guess you should have thought about that before you put this on” he has my dress off in a flash and his pants are shoved down to the floor. He wraps my legs around his waist and slides into me hard and fast. He is pounding me within seconds and I moan as he latches onto my breasts. He does not let up with his speed. Soon, we are both releasing, his body shudders as he shoves in deep. When he is done, he kisses me gently and slips out. We go clean up and I put on the correct dress this time.

“That is better” his hands lay gently on my shoulders “You should know better than to tempt me like that before we leave.”

“I thought I could wear it tonight, so I put it on” fixing my hair where I was pushed up against the wall.

“You know better than that” he slaps my ass hard “You did that as a distraction to me.”

“Oh?” trying to look innocent “Did I?”

He steps in close as he smirks “I liked it though. Very sneaky.”

I smooth the dress down and we walk out to find everyone waiting on us.

“About time, what took you so long” his dad has a pissed look on his face.

“We had a few things that we could not find” Danny adjusts his cuff links.

“Yeah, like your own clothes” Cory mutters under his breath.

His dad smacks him on the back of the head “Ow, shit dad. That hurt” rubbing his head and fixing his hair back.

“Then don’t say stupid things” his dad looks at him with a pointed look.

We all laugh and walk out. We get into the two limos and take off for the party.

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