The Billionaires Fight

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Wedding Day

I am upstairs in our room trying to get ready for the wedding. Bailey has been making sure everything is perfect for the last two days and I had to drag her off just to make sure the workers didn’t get aggravated with her. The wedding planner has done a wonderful job making sure she has the same set up as I did. Danny has given them the house in Miami to go to on their honeymoon. They can’t do much right now due to her pregnancy and she is going to have to be on bed rest. Her cancer is gone but the tumor has started to grow a little. I got scared but the doctor said it was fine for now. They may have to take the baby early so they can remove it. Since it is on her ovaries, they are going to remove just the one. She can still have children, they will just have to watch her very closely. She cried for awhile, but then I assured her that her baby was fine and she will be to.

“Now, I get to bug you while you get dressed. Come on, you’ll be late!” Making sure to make her as nervous as I was when she did this to me.

“Fine! Your being a pain in my ass right now” she grumbles.

“Welcome to my world. You were like this with me so now the tables are turned.” She zips my dress and then I help her into hers. We get all her jewelry on and she finally spins for me.

“There, now you are perfect” hugging her lightly so I won’t mess her attire up.

“Yes, you look absolutely beautiful” Tina dabs a small tear out of the corner of her eye. “Here, let’s put you veil on. Perfect.”

“Now, you look like you are ready to become a Tucker” taking her hands in mine to do a final look over everything.

Bailey is shaking in my hands “Why am I so nervous? Were you like this?”

“Do you not remember how I was? A wreck. I was getting married for a different reason but yes. Being pregnant does not help either” tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

Becky has stepped in the room “Ladies! Let’s go!”

I smile at her and tug on her hands “Come on, car is here.” She let’s out a long breath and turns to me shaking. “Your going to be fine. Just relax will you.” We get in the limo and go to the same place that I was married at. Danny and Steven are in the wedding also just like they were with Danny. The roles are just reversed a little. When we arrive, we go to the same room as we were in with me and wait on Allen. “You are just a huge ball of nerves aren’t you?”

Bailey eyes tells me everything “I am scared, nervous, excited all rolled into one.”

“You will be fine. Just remember the speech that you gave me and put it towards yourself. You would not be here if he didn’t really love you. You are his soulmate, mother of his child and the love of his life. I promise, you will be fine.”

Tina smiles as she looks at both of us “He wouldn’t have asked you to marry him if he didn’t want to be with you. He has loved you from the time he come to that house is what Steven told me. His brother didn’t like it where he was going after you, but he told him off and did it anyway.”

She lets out a long breath “I know but it is still hard to believe that we both wound up with these men. You did it to help me and I just fell into love and wasn’t even looking for it.” The door opens and Allen walks in looking his handsome self as always.

“How’s one of my favorite girls today?” wrapping us up in a hug like he has done for months.

“Nervous wreck. This is absolutely crazy how bad I am sweating and nervous.”

Allen chuckles “Don’t be, he is excited to see you and is waiting for you to become his wife. He hasn’t been able to shut up about this all morning.”

Bailey does a small smile “That makes me feel better, at least he is not having second thoughts.”

Allen blinks at her statement and then recovers quickly “What are you talking about? He loves you and there is nothing that would stop him from doing this today.”

Bailey tries to tear up and I fan her eyes with my hands “We had that fight just a few days ago and I was worried he might change his mind.”

Allen shakes his head and takes her small hands in his large ones “He is over it, he got mad but when you explained everything, he knew it was your hormones and you didn’t mean it.” There’s a knock on the door and she sucks in a deep breath. We open the door and Tina walks down first and then I do. Looking at Danny in his suit, he looks so handsome. Bailey walks down and Cory’s smile is so big. I am focused on my husband. The ceremony flies by and they are pronounced husband and wife. They walk down the aisle smiling at everyone as they exit and get in the limo to head to pictures. I link arms with my husband and head back up the aisle behind them.

Danny leans over and whispers “That dress is stunning on you. I couldn’t even concentrate on the ceremony for looking at my sexy wife.”

“Same here love, I couldn’t take my eyes off you.” Reporters swarm us blasting questions at us about the pregnancy and everything else.

Danny holds up a hand and they get quiet “I can say this, we are happily married and will raise our children as a couple. The contract that we had doesn’t exist any more. We are in love and are a happy couple now.” I hear a bunch of gasps and swears from women in the crowd behind us. I guess they were hoping they still had a chance but sorry ladies.

“Love, did you hear them. Those women are so mean. I swear, I will never get use to them being so snobby and the criticism they do.” He grabs me and kisses me passionately in front of everyone. Then he lays he hands on my stomach and rubs it slowly.

“What are you having? We were not allowed at the reveal! When are they due?” The reporters questions roar out over the crowd.

Danny turns to them with a huge smile “We are having twins, one of each. She will he having the children in about four months roughly.” They yell more questions but we walk to the car and get in. We head to the reception. Tears prick in my eyes from the women who were saying all kinds of nasty things whenhe made that announcement.

He grabs my hand and lifts my face to look at his “Baby, please don’t listen to them. They are just jealous and trying to make you feel bad. I guess they were not expecting us to fall in love and then decide to stay together.”

“They were also talking bad about Bailey. Saying how the sisters are using the brothers to our advantage due to we are pregnant and everything” trying to hold the tears back. He grabs my hands and pulls me to him.

“I know that we have not dealt with them in awhile due to we have kept them away from us. Please ignore all that crap and just focus on us, our future and your sisters happiness” he rubs my cheek with his hand.

I nod and look out the window “I will, I just forget how ugly they can be and those women that were hovering and waiting for you to be single again.”

Danny pulls my face to him and pecks me on the lips “That is not going to happen so they can just shrink back into their holes and forget about that.” He kisses me sweetly as we head down the road to the reception area that she has. She has the exact place I did but it is decorated in pink, white and some peach colors.

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