The Billionaires Fight

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Reception Time

We pull into the reception area and the press has beaten us there again. As we get out, they scream questions but we ignore them and walk inside. I look at the decorations and they are perfect.

“The planner did a good job again. she used the same setup as mine. It is absolutely beautiful.

“She is one of the best. That is why we use her. She can make whatever we need done and makes it absolutely amazing.”

I walk around looking at all the items, flowers, and decorations that lay out the perfect reception. I round a corner and smack I to a thin body that has their back to me. She whirls around on me.

Looking into a very angry face, I back up a few steps “I am so sorry. My apologies.”

There are a group of women standing there talking quietly. They spin around looking at me and the one I bumped into grins in a evil way. “Well, look who we have here. It’s the gold digging bitch that stole our man away” the lady lips draw into a thin, hateful line at me.

“I am so sorry, I did not mean to bump into you” trying to back away slowly.

She grabs my arm and slings me into the middle of their group. They close in around me forming a circle that I can not get out of. “So now that you are rich, you think you can just go around and do what you want and not have to pay for it?”

Is she drunk? I said I was sorry multiple times. She raises her hand and slaps me across the face hard. I scream out in pain. “We need to teach her a lesson don’t we girls?” Several arms grab me and she descends on me striking me again and again. My head is slammed into the brick wall hard as their hands are on my head making it hit over and over until I feel the blood running down my face. She looks down at my stomach and balls up her fist, landing it right on my stomach hard.

I start screaming at the top of my lungs “DANNY!”

She continues her attack on me while her hateful voice rings in my ears “He won’t love you if you are not pregnant and look ugly. He will leave you and then we can have our turn with him.” Just as she is about to strike again, she is thrown to the side and the women drop me immediately. I fall to the ground trembling and holding my stomach.

Danny stands there in rage until he looks down at me “Danielle, oh god! Arrest these women now.”

The women look at him in shock “For what? She did it first!”

Danny points his finger in their direction “You attacked my wife, my children and now you can see what it is like in jail. All of you!” He yells at them as he scoops me up in his arms. “They had better not get out before I can go talk to the sheriff about this. I loose my children, you will be pinned with murder!”

Their eyes go wide as the body guards haul them away. He rushes with me to the car and then we are taken to the hospital. He has called ahead and they are waiting on us when we arrive. We are rushed into a room where the nurses and doctors are frantically starting to work on my bruising face and getting a ultrasound machine to check the babies.

Danny is in tears as he holds my hand “Baby, please talk to me. Come on.” I am fading in and out of consciousness. She hit me hard so many times and then the blow to the stomach knocked the wind out of me. I try to open my eyes but they are swelling and I feel so weak, so tired. The Blackness takes over me slowly and I go under. While I was out the family talks.

“She will be fine Danny, she is a strong person.” Bailey is trying to comfort Danny.

Cory is sitting beside him with his arms around him “Don’t worry about her, she will pull through. You am holding her hand, even though she has slipped into a coma and has breathing tubes in her, IVs in both arms and her face has been bandaged up due to the cuts and bleeding that was done while they shoved her into the wall over and over again. I will make them pay for what they did to her” he wails.

Allen puts his hands on his shoulders “Danny, the sheriff is here. He wants to talk to you.”

Danny is crying now hard “I can’t leave her, what if.....” he trails off.

Cory makes him look at everyone in the room “We will be right here with her. If anything changes, we will get you “immediately. He nods and walks out to talk to him. He has sadness in his eyes as he looks at his wife through the door as they open it.

Sheriff Todd sits down with him “Danny I am sorry about this. I need to talk to you about somethings.” He nods and follows him across the hall to a small sitting room and we close the door. He sighs as he looks at me. Sheriff Todd “What happened?”

Danny replies with a sad voice “I was not there with her. I heard her screaming my name and when I got to her, she was being beat up by those women. They were holding her and that one was punching her.” He has brought pictures of the ladies that are in a holding cell.

Sheriff Todd looks at him and then says “They claim she hit them first.”

Danny vibrates in anger “Are their marks on them anywhere? My wife has never hit anyone before.”

Sheriff Todd shakes his head “None on their faces or arms that we could see. Their families are going nuts wanting them out of there.”

Pointing at his wife’s room, Danny growls out “Do you see what they did to her? She is in a coma, beaten up badly, I want to press charges on them for this. If she dies, they will be charged with three murders not just one!”

Sheriff Todd rares back in shock “Three?”

Danny looks through the door and his head falls into his hands “She is pregnant with twins. She punched her in the stomach hard enough to leave a mark. She was trying to make my wife have a miscarriage.”

Sheriff Todd looks at the papers he is holding in his hands “This was in the doctor’s notes.”

Danny holds them up and hands them to him “Yes, I can release it to you for evidence if needed but these are for me. I will have to get you copies.”

Sheriff Todd looks out the window and then back at him “Are the babies.....”

Danny buries his head in his hands once again “They are fine. If she does not come out of this, then she could die Todd. She has bleeding on the brain and swelling. Her face is tore up from the rock wall they used. If they go free, I will kill them myself if needed!”

Sheriff Todd grabs his arm and shakes him gently “Calm yourself down Danny. I know this is hard but if you can get me those reports, then I can charge them and tell the judge to deny bond due to this violence.”

He nods and get up to find her doctor. After he gives me copies when I explained what they were for, then he returns to the small room.

Danny hands a file folder over “Here, all of the things you need to know are in those papers.” Sitting down with his head in his hands “I will come to trial if needed.”

Sheriff Todd pats him on his leg and tells him “I will have someone check over the women and see if they have any marks on them. If they are lying, then I will take action.” He gets up and pats him on the shoulder as he walks out. He does not know what to do now. She is lying in a hospital bed, clinging to life with our children. How could they do this to her. She has never done anything to anyone. His blood boils as he think about it. “I will make sure those women rot in jail for attempted murder. I do not care what it takes, they will never get out” he whispers as he leaves the room and returns to mine.

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