The Billionaires Fight

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Danny's Point Of View

I have been coming to the hospital for five months now. Talking to her everyday, hoping she would wake up, give me some sign that she is still there. They are doing a c-section today for the babies. The doctor said that if they go ahead and take them, then her body may wake up faster. She is only three weeks away from her due date but due to her state, it is better for the babies if they are born.

Running my hands through her beautiful hair “Hey love, are you ready to have these babies?” I stroke her hair and the machine just beeps at me like it does everyday. She came off the tubes two mothers ago and was breathing on her own finally. The swelling went down in her brain and I guess her body finally took over trying to get to normal. The women who did this are still in jail and facing attempted murder charges. Their families are horrified that they did this and have offered me their apologies and condolences on the matter.

The doctor walks in and looks at me “Are we excited today Danny?” A tear rolls down my cheek as I wish this was a different experience. We wanted to have the kids the regular way. She would of had them via c-section but awake, talking to me,holding them with me and laughing as we joked about things. I have not been myself these last months. I have slipped away from people, become hostile even at times. Bottled myself in a world where pain does not exist. The doctor”s voice breaks me out of my thoughts “Come on, we need to get this done quickly.” They transfer her to another bed and the machines are either cut off or taken with is as we go to the delivery room. “Who are you bringing in here with you?”

Bailey stands up and starts to waddle towards us “Me! I get to see them.”

The doctor looks at her and shakes his head “You are supposed to be on bed rest. You are about to pop any day with you little one.”

Bailey cradles her stomach “Oh, he will be fine. I have to be here with her.”

“I need you to sit down while I do this” he looks at her swollen belly.

“Yes sir!” She salutes him as we walk down the hall. She is big as a barrel as she waddles beside her sister.

Cory comes around the corner and stops “Hey! Where are you going?” he yells at her.

Bailey looks at him and says “To see my niece and nephew being born.”

Cory rushes towards her and then grabs her arm “Nope, you sit down...”

Bailey slaps his arm away “I am going Cory, that is it.”

I look at my brother who is eyeing her hard “She will be in a room with me and doctors so she should be good.”

Cory stumbles backward a little “But!”

Bailey points at him and growls “No buts, I am going and that’s final” She continues to walk hollering over her shoulder at him. We round the next corner and she stops for a minute.

Grabbing her arm “Hey, You don't look so good.”

Bailey nods “Just a sharp pain, it is.... Ow!” she leans up against the wall panting.

The doctor looks around “Nurse! Grab her and check her out. Her husband is in the waiting room, goes by Cory.” The nurse gets her and takes her to a room right beside us I call Steven to come and be with me. I need someone where while this is happening to help me through this. He walks into the room but his smile is not that big. He knows that this is not the way I wanted to do this. My phone rings and it’s Cory.

" Hey, she is in labor. They are admitting her right now and she is at a five.”

“Keep us updated then.” I hang up and look at my wife as they get her ready. Steven has a hand on my shoulder and looks at me.

“She is going to be fine. She can hold her own” as he looks down at her sleeping face.

“I hope so. I can’t loose her. She is my everything.”

Steven looks up and me “She knows that. Just be with her as much as you can and the doctors said talk to her.”

“What do you think I have been doing for the last five months?” I say in a gruff tone.

Steven backs up a few steps “Hey, calm down. Just breath brother. We are all here for her. She has had someone by her side the entire time. you know we all love her and cherish her as much as you do.”

“Ok, here we go. I need you to each stand at her head and hold her hand” the doctor nods to each side of my wife. “Danny, talk man. Talk her through this just as if she was awake” he looks at me firmly.

I nod my head and sit down in a chair they have for me. I talk to her the entire time. Holding her hand, stroking her face slowly and then I hear the most wonderful sound, a cry of my child.

“Your son is here. Would you like to cut the cord?” I stand up and cut it. Looking down at him, he looks perfect in every way. Black hair just like me, even looks a lot like me in the face. I smile as the nurse takes him to be cleaned up. “Just s few minutes and the other one will be out” he says as he works with my other child. I sit back down and talk again the entire time, telling her how handsome our son looks . A cry rings out again through the room and I start crying. “Your daughter is here.” I cut her cord and she has dark hair to but she looks like her mother and has the perfect little face. Another nurse takes her and gets her cleaned up.

“There here baby, our kids are here.” Holding her hand to my wet cheek. I feel her fingers move. “Doctor, her fingers moved She....” Her hand moves and touches my face. I grab her hand and cry into it like she was a life line that I need so bad. She makes a small sound and another doctor has come into the room to look at her.

Steven looks at me and then back at her smiling “She’s coming out of it man, she’s coming back to us.”

I hold her hand tightly in mine, close to my scruffy face “Come on baby, please! I need you, please come back to me! Please!”

The nurse walks over and hands my son to Steven and he looks down at his precious face. His tears start to fall and he cuddles with the child. Her eyes start fluttering as if she is fighting to wake up.

Steven looks down at my son and a tear drops on his small cheek “I’m an uncle. This is wonderful, I am an uncle today. Two times and maybe three.”

Her voice is weak but I hear it plan as day “D-Danny?”

I stumble to the bed and drop to my knees “Oh my god! Your awake! Thank heavens.” I lay her hand on my wet cheeks as she slowly looks over at me.

“Where am I?” she blinks at the bright lights that surround her.

“The delivery room baby. You just had our children. Thank god you woke up.”

“How long have I been out?” her brow furrows just the slightest.

“Five months. Steven has our son and our daughter is getting cleaned up” raining kisses all over her face.

“Her vitals are good. I am done down here with her. She will need to stay here for at least a week to have some tests done, but she looks to be fine” the doctor’s voice comes from the other side of the sheet.

“Where’s Bailey?” looking around the room for her sister.

“She went into labor just before you came in here. They are in the room beside us.“The nurse hands me our daughter and we show both of them off to my wife. “Look love, our babies. Here are our children finally.” She smiles at them and reaches out to touch them one by one. Her fingers graze over their faces and she starts to cry. “What is it?”

“I had a dream that I would wake up after they were born. I saw them being taken from my body and then the sudden urge to wake up. That is when I came back, I woke up.”

The doctor looks at me and her then smiles “Someone wanted you here for this. Welcome back Danielle. So glad to see you awake.”

After a short time, we leave the room and head back to her room. The entire family minus Cory and Bailey are there to see us as we are rolled back in. They each take their turn talking to both of us and holding the kids.

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