The Billionaires Fight

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Going Home

A week later, I am discharged with a clean bill of health. Bailey is also getting out with her new born son.

“Girl, this is going g to be so much fun now that we both have kids and are going home. I hated getting stuck in there.”

“Yeah, me too. Hate you had a few problems with your surgery. After her son was born, they did emergency surgery to take her ovary out. The tumor had grown to where they were very concerned about her. It made the child come early but then she is feeling better than ever. She told me how much pain she was going through before he was born

“How are my babies today?” ready to get home to be with them.

“Mom and dad have them love. They are just fine” he rubs my arms softly. The kids went home 2 days after being born. They were healthy and discharged quickly. Bailey insisted on Cory staying with theirs at the hospital until she got out.

“I can not wait to get home and see them” wishing they would hurry up and discharge me.

Danny chuckles “My parents may not give them back. They have not put them down much at all. Both of them have been feeding them, they have beds in my parents room and we can’t get our hands on them hardly.” His parents moved into the house temporarily while helping out with the kids.

Cory brushes himself off as he walks in “I am just glad to be out of that stuffy room.” Cory has his son nestled in the crook of his arm. The baby looks so tiny in his huge arm.

I snicker as I point at the tiny person in his arms “Cory, I can barely see your son in those arms of yours.”

He laughs and looks at Danny. “Wait until you see your tiny daughter in his arms. She looks like a baby doll. We all laugh and head home after being released. When we finally arrive at the house, Danny helps me out and then into the house. I am still very sore from the surgery but it is not as bad as it was a few days ago. Bailey is also sore and having to be on bed rest for a few days until she heals up.

His parents come down the steps with our children in their arms “Welcome home you guys. I am so glad that you can finally be here with your children” Allen says as he give me my daughter and Danny takes our son from his mom.

Looking around the house, there are flowers and gifts lining the walls and on about every couch and chair “What is all of this for?”

Peggy smiles “These are gifts from family members and friends that either could not come to the shower or just bought more for you after they found out what happened. Some are for the two of you, they are over in that corner with your names on them” pointing at Bailey and myself “Over here is for Cory and Bailey’s son and over there is for your babies.” She points to each corner that is stacked with box after box and that stand about five feet high if not higher.

Bailey looks around the room and smiles “You have a ton of good friends and family.”

“We do and they hated to see what you had to go through” Allen kisses my cheek.

“We never found out what you named the babies, we know their first names but what did you come up with for their middle?” his mom asks.

“For our daughter it is Nellie Olivia Tucker” as I cuddle her close to my chest.

“Our son we decided on Rylan Jackson Tucker” Danny says as he rocks our son in his arms.

“Those are nice, what about you Cory?”

“We finally come up with it the other day, Easton Skylar Tucker” he smiles down at his son in his arms.

Bailey goes over and starts sifting though the boxes “Come on Danielle, lets see what all we got. I can sit down and open them, it won’t hurt me then I will retire to bed.”

Cory looks over at her “You just can not wait can you?”

“Nope, this is like Christmas early, look at how many we got!”

Allen steps forward and takes Nellie from me and I slowly sit down in the chair beside her. Becky hands us each a present and we open them one by one. There are tons of baby clothes for the kids that range from newborn all the way up to a two in toddler. Then boxes upon boxes of diapers for each of them along with wipes, booties, hair bows for Nellie and then more blankets than I think we could ever use in a lifetime.

“Wow, they wanted to make sure we had plenty of things in case we run out or ever need one due to another one being wore out or dirty” holding up the eighth blanket that I have unwrapped so far.

Becky laughs “Maybe they are getting you ready for your future kids?”

We all groan at her and then burst out laughing. There is no way in the world that we are even thinking about future children right now. We have to get into a routine with these that just arrived.

Just then Rylan starts to get fussy and then the other two start right behind him “Great” Cory grips “this is not going to be fun if they are in sync with each other.”

Allen gets up and starts towards the kitchen where they have bottles made up “These two are just like that, when one cries the other follows very closely.”

The other two guys follow him into the kitchen toting the kids while we continue to open our gifts. They come back in with bottles in the kids mouths and sit down on the couch in a row. I laugh as I see these three huge men, holding and cradling these three small babies while feeding them. They look up at me.

“What?” they almost say in unison.

“I was just remembering the day that I walked into that office and the four of you were across that couch looking like a brick wall that could not be taken down even with a wrecking ball. Now to see you sitting there, holding these small babies in your arms and melting to their will is just funny.”

Danny grins “That day was one that I thought I could get out of that contract with if I just rejected every client that came into that room. Steven said that if I did not snatch you up, that he would have come to your house afterwards with Cory and brought you home with him.”

Steven has walked back in the room after a long shower, his hair glistening due to still being wet “I would have too you know. If you were not going to pick her up, then that could be me sitting there holding our child and not yours.”

He gets a glare from his brother but it does not faze him at all “How do you know you would of had twins?”

“We probably would of only had one but like I said, if it was not for me twice now you would be married to Ericka also!”

Danny and Cory make a gagging noise and then look back down at the kids “I do owe you Steven, twice you saved me from a life of misery. The first time is when you had to push me to go and get Danielle, then when you scared her off and saved me from a long life of misery.”

“That is what brothers are for man” he claps him on the shoulder as he goes to the kitchen for something to drink.

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