The Billionaires Fight

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First Real Night As Parents

We finally finished all of the presents and the guys took them to the rooms hanging up all the clothes, putting the diapers in the closets, the wipes in the changing tables and splitting the blankets up between the upstairs and downstairs bedrooms. It has gotten late and after we all ate supper together while the babies slept, Danny has finally gotten the bassinets from his parents room and into ours after a small arguing about it. They said I needed my sleep for a few nights until I felt better but Danny insisted that they will be moved into our room and he could take care of them by handing one to me to feed and he would tend to the other one. I am not breast feeding due to after a week in the hospital and my stomach still being sore with stitches and didn’t want to lay the children on it.

“Here, let me give you your wipe bath real quick and then we can settle down for hopefully a couple of hours before they get up” Danny has warm wipes in his hands as he starts to give me a bath with them.

“Are you sure you are up to this?” looking at his tired face.

“Dad said since Cory and I both have these new babies, he is going to step in for a few days with Steven and run the company for a week or so. That way it will give you time to heal and hopefully get these two on a regular schedule also.”

“I love your dad, he is so good to you” smiling at him as he gets finished and throws the towels away.

“I don’t think you will ever find a man that is willing to step up and do things without even being asked like he does. Every time I have needed him for something, he has always just said ‘I will do’ it or ‘I got it’ before I even ask. At least we will have some bonding time with them over the next few days and be taking tons of naps also when they do. Dad said they wore him out and he was sleeping during the day when he never has before.”

“I can think of a few other men that are willing to step up and do whatever it takes to help out” smiling at him.

“I guess you can say that us brothers are the same as he is. It is the way we were raised by him and I guess we just followed in his footsteps closely.”

“How many bottles did you bring up and put in the fridge?” looking at the medium sized refrigerator that sits in our walk in closet now.

“There is eight in there for the night. Mom showed me how to make them after dinner while you sat and talked to everyone else. I brought them up here when we were done and then come back down there to sit with you.”

“I wondered where you disappeared to. I thought maybe you went to the bathroom or something to do with work.”

“Mom had told me and Cory to come in there so she could show us how to make them. She made us do it ourselves so we would know the correct way to make them and she didn’t have to all the time.”

He crawls into bed with his boxers on and lays down on the pillow looking up at the ceiling. I snuggle down into the covers close to him and he puts his arm around me.

“I was thinking about what Steven said earlier. It made me think what would have happened if he was the one that came and got you for himself and not me. I tried to imagine seeing you here in this house everyday with him, seeing you happy and your sister happy with my two younger brothers and then there I would have been with no one at all if not that bitch Ericka. I shiver and want to throw up just thinking about how that might have been me tied to her. Having her on my arm doing things, then trying to have a baby with her. Never mind, that would have never happen. I would just have blue balls for the rest of my life. There is no way I would ever have a child with that.”

He shivers and I kiss his cheek. “Well, you made the right choice when you did come and get me, even though I could tell by your looks that it was the hardest thing you ever had to do.”

“At the time, no I did not want to but they told me that you were the perfect person to fill that empty spot that I needed in my life. Little did I know, that they were absolutely right about everything they told me that day. As Cory and I were on our way to your house, I was growling and complaining the whole way and then when he said he wanted Bailey, that just made things worse for me. I could not believe that he was going to do that and then here you would be still hanging around after our marriage was over due to them being together.”

I giggle at a thought “You know, Steven would have waited on me I think if you had stayed the way you were back then.”

He pins me with a stare and then laughs hard “Yeah, it did take him a while to find a girlfriend. He would have his usual fuck flings come over but he never did really start looking until I told him that our contract was over due to I was madly in love with you. Now that I think about it, I wonder if he was making sure that I would commit to you fully or just get out of our relationship what I wanted and that was it?”

“Well, you found yourself and also a wonder life to have a family like you wanted. Just think, if we were getting divorced, you would have two children to raise without the help of a woman by your side.”

He rolls over on his side and moves a piece of hair out of my face “If that had happened, then yes it would be hard on me but between my family and nannies I think I could have survived.”

“And what if we were getting that divorce and Steven was standing there with a ring in hand ready to snatch me up as his?”

He furrows his brows and then looks up at me with a blank look “You know, it would have been hard for me to see that all in all. I had feelings for you very quickly, but I tried to bury them deep. You were so kind, sweet and had this amazing look on life that I never even tried to see it from. You looked at the world as how you could fix this and that, what could be done to improve this part or take that part away due to it was not worth it. Your background is something that I had never seen in my life. I did not want to touch anything in that house due to it was not up to my standards. Then when you brought that nasty old bag out and your sister had one to, I felt a little pity towards you. Here all my luggage is leather, polished and high dollar and you had a wore out old bag with just what you could afford stuffed into it. When we got here, I actually did not let that bag in the house really due to I had no clue what might have crawled into it trying to find a new home. You brought it up here and as soon as you left, it was taken outside, emptied and then thrown away. What few clothes my servants found that was worthy of being in this house was washed immediately and then hung up. When I looked in that closet and saw what little you had, it made me start to think that maybe my high life was not all it was cracked up to be. I had everything I wanted and still had this void in my heart and life.”

Just then, the kids start up crying. He gets up, heats the bottles real quick while he changes them and he hands me Rylan and a bottle. I sit there rocking him while he is fed and then he comes over with Nellie sitting down on the bed.

“I just have the perfect life right now you know. A very loving wife, two amazing children and nothing in the world I could not give them with a snap of a finger.”

I smile at him as we feed our kids and then try to get a few hours of sleep before the next feeding.
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