The Billionaires Fight

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The Next Few Months

The next few months seem to fly by with our kids. Danny and Cory have had to go back to work and Bailey and I have fallen into a routine with the babies. They are sleeping better now during the day and most of the night. For weeks, Danny and I were dragging around the house due to only having a few hours of sleep. The twins got colic and were a nightmare to deal with. We tried everything to calm them down and the only thing that would was either pacing the floor for hours or rocking them in the chairs non stop. Easton has been an easy baby compared to our two. He started sleeping through the night at six weeks where ours just started a few weeks ago when they were about two and a half months. Allen and Becky have been a huge help with the babies. They are always there when we need them to help. Allen of course takes Rylan and Becky takes Nellie. I think they each have their favorite. Today is their four month check up and we are trying to get them ready to go. Mine are being a handful to dress due to they squirm and try to get away from me by pushing themselves away on their backs. Easton just lays there looking around and cooing at everything.

“Why can’t mine be like yours” dragging Rylan back down by his leg.

She giggles “Allen told me that Danny was hard to dress and change his diaper on. Maybe they picked up his trait on that part?”

“You just had to have the easy baby and I get stuck with the demon seeds” rolling my eyes as he pushes himself away again.

“Cory was an easy baby and so was Steven” Becky comes in with an outfit for Nellie “Danny was the hard one to handle.”

“I can see that. Easton just lays there while mine try to run away from me.”

“Danny use to scoot away just like that. I would have to fight him just to get an outfit on him then he would cry and cry wanting it off. He was happy in just a diaper for a long time.”

She picks up Nellie and gets her dressed for me while I struggle with mine. Finally, I get his snapped and he then lets out a huge fart and his face turns red while he grunts, then it stinks really bad.

“Ugh! Really? I just put a clean diaper on him” starting to unsnap his clothes to change him again. After cleaning him up and getting him changed, we are finally ready to leave. My phone dings and I look down at it.

“Are they going to make it today?” Bailey says while looking over my shoulder.

The guys had a huge meeting today that they could not get out of and said that they would meet us there. “No, they are still in the meeting.” I fire off a text to let them know that I will text him all the information that they tell me about the twins.

“We need to go, the limo is waiting for us and our appointment is in twenty minutes” as she walks out the door with her son. Becky takes Nellie and I walk out with Rylan. We get them buckled in their seats and get in. The driver takes off and we get to the office with about five minutes to spare. Becky walks in and gets us checked in while we get the diaper bags and I grab Nellie this time. She wanted the other and we walk in with everything. By the time we are inside, they are holding the door open and we walk right back to the room. We get them weighed, temps checked and then are waiting on the doctor to come in when my phone rings. I put him on face time to see his face as we talk. He is on his computer in his office.

“Hey, what did he say” Danny’s voice comes through the phone in an aggravated tone.

“We just sat down and waiting on him to come in. I have their weight and lengths for you though.”

“How big have they gotten?”

I tell him how each of them have grown and gained weight since our last visit. Rylan babbles at him and Nellie whines a little.

“They miss their daddy I see” he makes faces at them and they coo and laugh a little.

“Why don’t I just leave this phone on a place and you can sit there and entertain them for awhile. We are going to go shopping.”

“Wait, honey! I am at work. You can’t be serious?”

We all laugh and I take the phone looking at him sitting behind his huge desk “No, I was just kidding but they love to see you through the phone and try to talk to you. I had the roughest time this morning.”

I go to tell him how they try to run away from me and then Becky tells him he use to do the exact same thing. Just then the doctor walks in.

“Good Morning everyone. How is my crew today?” Dr. Means has walked in and the kids look at him trying to babble some.

“Well, I guess I need to let you get back to work then?” playing with him knowing that he will not let me hang up.

Cory walks into the picture and then makes a face “You know if you hang up on us, we will call you right back or call my wife and see this through her phone.”

“Yes, I know. I was just kidding anyway. I know that is why you called and are wanting to see their visit this way.”

Just then, Steven is seen rolling into the picture in his chair “How are my favorite niece and nephews doing today?”

“So far so good. We are getting the final update from the doctor now as he checking them out.”

The doctor hands me Nellie back and she reaches for the phone. “Hey there sweet girl! How is Steven’s favorite niece doing today?”

She makes a squealing noise and then tries to babble. “We know who she likes out of the group.” Cory lightly punches Danny.

“That is just because he never puts her down when he is at home. If you see him, she is in his arms.”

Steven rolls up behind him closer “If you are not careful, she will be calling me daddy and not you huh?”

Danny spins around in his chair and slaps Steven on the head “That is for trying to take my daughter away from me.”

We all laugh hard and then his intercom buzzes “Mr. Tucker, the men have gathered back to continue your meeting.”

“Thank you Sherry” he sighs and runs his hand through his hair “Sorry love, we have to get back to this meeting. We can not come to a final decision about something. They are wanting it one way and I want it another.”

“Don’t worry about it baby. This is your work and it is what you need to be doing to make sure everything is running smoothly. I will text you with all the information that he says.”

Just then his voice is heard saying “No need, they are in perfect health and I will see them in two months when they turn six month old. They will need a few shots then but all three are in perfect health.”

Cory and Danny both say “Good to know, we will see you tonight when we get home. Love you!”

They hang up and we get the final things that we need from the doctor. Gathering everything up, we leave to head home for the afternoon.

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