The Billionaires Fight

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The Gala

We pull up to the gala and there are reporters everywhere. As we step out onto the red carpet, we all wave as they shout questions. The guys answer some of them and then we walk inside. I let out a breath and Danny kisses my forehead.

“You will get use to it eventually” he says with a smile as he pats my hand.

“Yeah, I guess I will” looking around at all the people moving about.

“Oh my gosh!” Bailey’s eyes are darting around the room “This is absolutely amazing. Come on girl!”

She grabs my wrist and drags me off. Danny shakes his head but stays close with his brothers to handle talking to guest and business potentials.

“I need a drink” she bounces up to the bar “What do you want?”

“Just some sparkling cider is fine with me. I am not really that thirsty” trying not to make a scene about not having any alcohol here.

“I want a strawberry milkshake” she tells the bartender.

The guy behind the bar nods and makes our drinks. I sit down on the stool to wait for mine. He keeps looking at me with side glances. When he brings us our drinks back he smiles at me again “Are you here with anyone tonight, beautiful?”

I nod over to Danny and look back at him “He is my husband.”

“I am sorry, I did not know” the guy apologizes. He then moves to the other end of the bar and I shake my head while I walk away. Finishing the drink, I set it down on a tray that passes then walk around greeting people, talking with them for awhile getting to know their wives better as the men talk.

Allen comes up behind me and lays his hand on my arm “Danielle, are you doing alright?” he looks at me with concerned eyes.

“Yes” patting his hand “Just walking around and talking to people. That is all.”

I link my arm through his and he walks around with me introducing me to a lot of his friends and people he has done business with in the past. The music starts up and he looks over at me smiling kindly. “May I have this dance with you?”

“Who am I to say no to my father-in-law?” smiling up at his handsome face.

He walks me out onto the floor and we start to glide across the floor with ease. He moves very well and also with a lot of expertise.

“You must have done this a lot huh?” looking at his sparkling eyes as he leads me across the floor “All these years of running a huge business must have brought you to these things all the time.”

“Yes, they did. My wife isn’t much into them now like she use to be. Her getting older, she has arthritis in her knees and she can not move as well as she use to. That is why she does not come to these things anymore with me, it bothers her to stay on her feet to long.”

“I was wondering why she did not come tonight.”

“She hates to miss it but I understand why she can not come. I tell her about them but do not ask anymore, if she wants to come she lets me know” his eyes have a hint of sadness in them as he speaks.

“I can understand that. It would be hard to stand all night with your knees hurting like that.”

I feel a tap on the shoulder and Allen stops us. He smiles at me and walks off the floor. I turn around and see my Steven taking my hand in his “My dad will keep you out here all night if you let him. He loves to dance.”

“I can tell, he is very good at it” as he puts his hand around my waist to start dancing.

“Him and mom use to dance for hours. They would barley come off the floor at these events. He would have to be torn off it just to talk to people.”

I smile thinking about that. The two of them dancing the night away together. He looks at me and speaks which brings me out of my thoughts “You look like you are feeling a little more relaxed at these things now.”

I sigh a little as I look at him “I am getting there. Coming from nothing to now have all of this has been very hard to handle for me. Having to save for months just to buy a dress to now buying dresses that cost more than I made in six months. It is a lifestyle that is just hard to wrap your head around at times.”

“I wish I could say I understand where you are coming from on that. I was born and raised in money, so it is a natural thing to me to go buy a four-thousand dollar suit and not think twice about it.”

“You did not bring a date to this?” looking around for a woman that might be looking for him.

“Nope” he grins as he looks at me “There are plenty of young women here. Besides, who could resist a body like this anyway?” he runs his hand down his body.

I look at him and he does have a point. He is built like his brother and they all share a very close resemblance to each other. Strong jawline, dark hair, rock hard bodies and very tall also. Each of them are probably within a half an inch of each other and well over six feet.

I snicker at his comment “I guess your right on that. My sister fell hard for Cory when she saw him.”

He smiles with all his white teeth showing just how straight and perfect they are “Too bad you did not have a sister in between you two. We may of had a threesome in our family.”

I pull back and look at him in shock. “Not like that” he chuckles hard “All three of us brothers with all three sisters. If Cory had not taken her, I would have. I also would have definitely taken you if Danny did not. Out of all the women in that interview, you stood out the most to me. I was thinking that entire interview how nice it would be to have you as my girlfriend.”

“Were you mad when he picked me?” I am curious about this question.

“A little, but you were right for him. He was in a shell that none of us could get him out of no matter how hard we tried. You brought him out and he is like the old brother we use to have.”

As we make a few more turns, a voice pierces the room silent.

“There you are my love” Ericka’s voice rings out through the room “I have looked for you all night, where have you been hiding at?”

Steven freezes as his eyes lock onto her “Oh shit! This is not going to be good at all.”

Danny’s voice is firm and harsh “I am not your love for one thing. Second, I have been entertaining people and talking to others about making donations to the cause.”

“I want to dance with you, my future husband” she tries to reach out for him but he bats her hand away.

“Back off Ericka” Allen has stepped up now and is towering over her “We have not finished confirming anything yet” he growls.

Reporters start to swarm at the news of this. Eyes have shifted my way and they start shouting questions at Danny and myself.

Ericka steps into the spotlight with a huge grin “I have a contract stating that Danny and I are going to be married in a few months.”

“That’s enough” Allen’s voice is demanding and very cold as it rings through the room and it goes silent “She does have papers but they are being overlooked to see if they are authentic or not.”

He has stepped in the middle to take control of this mess making the reporters shout questions at him. “We are having a meeting tomorrow with our lawyers and hers, then I will release a statement about our findings. As for now, my son is happily married and that is all you need to know.”

He walks off but the reporters swarm Danny, he holds up a hand and they all go quiet. His posture is straight, demanding and almost terrifying. As he stands there looking at all of them, he slowly speaks as if to make sure he gets his point across very clearly.

“Like my dad said, we do not know if the papers are legitimate or not yet. Our lawyers are looking over them and we will have our final answers tomorrow about everything.”

A reporters voice breaks the silence “What are you going to do with your current wife if these papers are authentic?”

Danny glares in the direction of the voice and his voice has dropped to deadly now “Like my dad and I both said, we will release a statement tomorrow afternoon when everything is settled.”

I grab onto Steven’s arm hard as she flounces up there and wraps her arms around his “I can promise you that I will become the newest Tucker and this will be my husband.”

I feel Steven’s anger vibrating in his body “Damn, she is such a bitch! Doing all of this for attention.”

Danny pulls away and then takes a few steps away from her. She tries to follow, but he gives her a look that stops her in her tracks.

Steven wraps his arm around me “Come on, I need to get you out of here before they swarm you. You do not need this right now.”

He pulls me out of the crowd and into the waiting limo outside. Reporters rush down the steps towards us but he turns around glaring at them and then shuts the door. Tears prick at the sides of my eyes and he grabs my hand.

“She is not going to win this. I promise you that we will do everything we can to make sure of it.” His phone rings and he tells Danny we are in the limo. A few minutes later, He pushes his way through the crowd and finally his bodyguards get them under control. He gets in and find me on the floor crying like a small child. Grabbing me hard, he pulls me up into the seat and holds me close to him.

“Don’t worry, please. I am doing everything I can to get out of this mess she created. I promise you that I will not leave you at all” he pulls me against his chest as I sob into his shirt.

“He won’t do it Danielle” Steven puts his hand on my shoulder “Your his love, he won’t let you go. He has been working hard on it for a week now and tomorrow we will have the truth.”

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