The Billionaires Fight

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The Day Of Truth

The guys are meeting in the office this morning with Ericka. They finally have his dad’s contract released from being sealed. The lawyer is suppose to bring the papers here shortly so they can be compared and see if Danny can get out of this contract or not.

I am pacing the room in a nervous sweat “I am worried baby. What if you can not get out of this? What’s going to happen with us?” my eyes are starting to tear up.

He stands up from the bed and stops me from pacing the floor “I promise, I will get out of this. You are my wife, my life and my soulmate. I am not letting that spoiled, rich brat get her hands on me. I can not stand her at all. She would not be a good addition to this family by any means. She wants the money and fame, she does not care about anything else.”

“I know” rubbing my temples “I am still worried, it is not just me you know. I worry about you and what will happen today.”

“Please don’t worry” he cups my cheek in his hand “I will see what we can do here shortly.”

He picks me up and lays me on the bed, crawling on top of me and making love to me to ease my mind. When we are finished, we take a shower together and get dressed. I go to the kitchen and grab some breakfast. He eats with me and then disappears into his office with the guys. The doorbell rings and his lawyer walks in and goes straight to the office. Shortly after, she walks in and has a smirk on her face as she heads to the office.

Her eyes look around at the dark furniture and the off white walls “Yeah, this house is definitely going to need a designer come in and redecorate it. It needs a real woman’s touch in here.”

I snear at her back as she smugly sways her hips and disappears into the office with all of them.

Bailey sits down beside me and looks at the door as it closes “Don’t worry, you know she will be leaving here shortly in tears. You know these men, they will tare her down and make her wish she had never tried this.”

I start to cry and she holds me tightly in a hug “I know, but it still in the back of my mind that we might not be able to save this.”

“Don’t think that” she wipes a tear off my cheek “He loves you and will do everything he can to keep you and this marriage.”

Danny’s Point Of View

This annoying woman has walked into my life trying to rip me from my perfect life now that I have one. She tries her best to turn my head, but I have ignored her every move.

I am sitting behind my desk and she pulls a chair up beside me as close as she can “Now, down to business. Let’s see what is going on with this contract.”

I pull out hers and then our lawyer hands us the sealed on. I start flipping through them each on the same page as I read and compare both of them.

Smiling, I look over at her “Here is a question for you that is a condition that I require to make the contract valid.”

Smirking thinking she has won she asks “What is it?”

My smile goes wide and I wink at my bothers with my left eye, they grin. “Are you a virgin?”

“What kind of question is that?” she looks at me in shock “It says that I have to be before we are married. I saved myself for my future husband just like it says I am suppose to.”

“So, you would not object if we set up a doctor’s appointment to prove it then. To make sure you are pure just like it states.”

She rolls her eyes and turns them on me “I am not having a doctor verify what I already know.”

I lean back in my chair steepling my fingers together. Turning my head, I look her in the eyes. “That is my choice to make sure you have held your end of the deal with that.” I turn toward my brother and smile “Cory, set it up for her. He should be able to fit her in today.”

He whips out his phone and starts to dial the number “Sure thing.”

Her voice pitch goes up and she screeches “I am not going through with that part.”

“Well then, you are in breech of the contract. If you were sixteen and we were going through this then I would believe your word. Since you are older now and this is something that is rare to find, I want to make sure.”

My dad takes the paper of hers and looks at it “Yeah, it is in her contract so you have the right to make sure she held up her end of the deal.”

Cory puts the phone down and smiles “It is set, he will see her in a hour.”

She crosses her arms and stomps her foot “I am not doing that, it is my body and I refuse.”

“Fine” my dad lays the paperwork down “That is a breech of the contract and my son is now free to do what he wants without this over his head.”

“Ugh!” she groans “Fine, he can check.”

“Well, will you look at this part right here” pointing to a sentence on the paper.

“What now?” she is getting agitated.

“Your contract is a fake. It has been altered. The contract that my father has on file says a son of his choosing will marry you. I was looking over this right before you walked in and comparing the two. Seeing how my dad’s was sealed away and could not be touched until a lawyer got a court order, his has not been tampered with” pointing at the differences in the two.

Her eyes go wide and she sits up and looks at them “No it is not! Mine is true!”

My dad’s lawyer shakes his head no “These have been in a sealed vault and still had the seal on it when it was taken out. There is no way that it could have been altered since it was just delivered this morning from the sealed records. I also have four witnesses that were appointed by the court to go through all of the steps with me from getting it out of the vault, road with me here and held it in their hand then put it in Allen’s hand themselves. That way we would know that this document was true and not a fake.”

My dad chuckles as he looks at her “I did that to ensure it would never be contested that it was a fake. I am a smart businessman that knows how things can get twisted around and then something like this can be turned against me. Sorry Ericka, but you have lost this one. You changed yours around to make it look like Danny had to marry you. Then you showed up for the last week waiting for him to come home after you learned he got married. You did not know that I had an ace in my pocket, did you?”

She looks at all of us and screams. We all smirk as she throws a huge temper tantrum.

“It says that you dad has to choose correct?” she has finally calmed down from her madness of being caught in a lie.

“It does” my father grins “That way if I had more than one, then I could see which one was closest to you in age and also which one would be better suited to have you hand. Since I have three, then it is left up to me to choose for you.”

“No, that can not be” she is getting irritated again “My father told me that it would be the eldest one only. Not your choice.”

“Then either you father lied to you or did not remember the correct way we worded this contract” we are all smiling now “Since it is my choice, then I will tell you who you will marry. My oldest is already married and very happy, so he is out of the picture on this.”

I let out a breath and smile at him “Thank you dad, I would have made her life a living hell if you had chose me and I had to divorce my wife due to this piece of trash.”

“I could not do that to you. She has brought you out of your shell and you are in love. Who am I to break up a beautiful bond like that?”

“He is my age and I want him” she points her skinny finger at me.

My dad’s voice gets snappy at her “It is not your choice is it? That choice is for me to make.”

Her eyes go wide and she glares at my dad. That is the one thing you do not do is challenge my father. She crosses her arms, stands up to leave the room while stomping her foot again.

“If you walk out on this contract, you realize we get everything you have right now” my father stands up blocking her path out the door “It is also in the contract.”

“WHAT?” she squeals at the top of her lungs.

I point to the section that my father is talking about “Says right here, that if you breach the contract that everything you own belongs to us. Did you not read yours correctly? It also says that if we breech, then you only get half due to our bank account was a whole lot more than your father’s was at the time.”

“Why the hell did my father come up with that stupid deal?” she scrambles to look at the papers.

“At the time, you dad was just getting started in his business. He did not have much at all. My business was already built up very big and I was not willing to bet all of it so I did half since mine was over twice what he had. At the time, it meant that you would get only two hundred million if the contract was breached. He was happy with those numbers but to even it out, he put all of it up against mine. I did not even touch mine or nothing close to it. It still does not even get close to what we have now. You are rich, but nothing like we are at all” Allen has his hands on my desk leaning over it while talking.

“Fine” she slings the paperwork down “The I choose him.” She is pointing at Cory who chuckles. He shakes his head and looks at her with an amused look on his face.

“You do not get it do you girl?” my dad is mad now and he is not holding anything back. “It says ME " pointing to his chest "NOT YOU! The only son that I have that is not taken is Steven, You can marry him if you really want to go through this and become a part of this family.”

She has tears in her eyes now as she looks at us “What if I don’t want to go through with it? Then we will loose everything?”

“There is one way to get out of this” pulling out new papers that we drew up.

“How?” she is looking at them as I lay them down.

“This is a new contract saying that you will never come around us again. That includes talking, looking or even being in the same place as us. If we walk in or are already there, you leave immediately.”

Steven then pops up and adds “Or, I can handle taming you down a few notches. The women we deal with are not so hot tempered as you.”

If you could see steam coming out her ears then it would be smoking hard “I am not a dog that you train. I am a woman.”

“Yeah, so you think. It says here that if you do marry one of us, you live by our standards. That means our rules, whatever we say basically. Seeing how you have this spoiled rotten attitude, that will have to be changed immediately. We do not accept that type of attitude around here” Steven also is flipping through the papers.

“That is not what I signed up for, I was told differently. My dad told me that I would marry the oldest and be able to run his empire with him.”

Steven laughs very hard and snaps his eyes towards her “That is very funny there. Our women DON’T work. They stay at home and run the household only. Taking care of children when they have them.”

“Wait, what? I would have to chase children around the house all day?”

“Yes” Cory’s grin has gone evil “Our wives have to take care of the children and we work to provide the money and house that they need and live in.”

“I thought that is what a nanny would be for?” her lips are quivering at the thought.

“Nope” Steven crosses his arms over his chest “We do not do that. Our mother raised all three of us herself while dad was at work during the day. That is what we expect out of our wives, to do the same thing that our mother did with us.”

He winks as me and I try to hide my smile. They are doing everything they can to run her off for good.

She shakes her head like trying to clear all of what we had said “Nope, that is not the life I want. I thought I would live the lifestyle of the rich and famous.”

My father chuckles and adds to the fire to get rid of her. “Not here. Everyone puts their own efforts in to help. If you have a child first, the other two wives would help you out every now and them but the child would be your first priority. If they are busy doing something else, they can not stop and change a diaper. That would be your job to make sure your child is clean and fed.”

Steven leans forward with a smirk on his face “Trust me, if we were married, you would be pregnant very quickly. I would make sure of it with shots and everything out there they make to help a woman have a child faster, maybe even artificial insemination. I want children very quickly and I would make sure that you were within a month, you would be pregnant one way or the other.”

“Ew!” she gags “No, give me that contract.”

She snatches it out of my hands and our lawyer shows her all the pages that she needed to be signed. When she is done, she storms out and we all sigh and then laugh hard and loud.

“Thank god!” Steven stands up “I could not have handled that crap from her.”

“Same here” Cory links his hands behind his head “I am glad that she is finally gone for good.”

“Good riddance” slapping my hands together like I am cleaning them off “If she had gone through with it, sorry Steven you would of had to have moved out. I could not stand for here to be in this house with us.”

He shoots me a hateful look “Really man, you would have done that to me?”

Cory leans forward and looks at him “You know if you lived here, even if you were married, she would have been going after Danny the entire time trying to ruin his marriage.”

“Yeah, and the minute she did that it would have been grounds for an instant divorce. I do not take well to that” he slaps Cory on the shoulders “Perfect way to get rid of her once and for all.”

We walk out of the office, grab our girls and kiss them sweetly.

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