The Billionaires Fight

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That is Life

I look over at my sister with a shocked look as Ericka storms past us and slams the door “Please tell me that with her storming out of here, she did not get what she wanted.”

Steven steps up behind me making me jump as he speaks due to we got up looking at the door “Oh she did not want what we offered her. It was so funny.”

I spin around and he tells me everything that went on in the meeting and how Steven scared her off finally. We laugh and talk about how stupid she will look now to the public.

“Now, we can give that press release that her papers were a fake and she signed this one where she said she would never bother us again.”

“Thank god! I was worried that we were going to get stuck with that whining bitch” my sister crinkles her nose up.

Cory puts his arms around her and kisses her neck “Nope, that would not have happened in a thousand years love. We had a plan last night so that we could make sure she did not get into this family at all.”

“You did good Steven” smiling at him as he stands there in a proud posture “What would you have done if she said yes?”

“Pfft!” he rolls his eyes “With her lifestyle, when I talked about not having a nanny I knew she would bolt. She was thinking that she would just lay on the couch and do nothing all day. Her way of thinking is everyone else do her things for her while she talks and plays on the phone.”

“She has been raised where everything has been handed to her all her life. She thought she was going to waltz in here, sit in my office and boss everyone around. Then stay here and have someone else chase the kids around while she inspected her nails and entertained her friends with our money” Danny wraps his arms around my waist.

“Well, I am so glad you're on our side with that part. It is nice to have such powerful men to back us up when we need it” Bailey smirks.

Cory spins her around in his arms and kisses her hard. He smiles as he picks her up and spins her around “When a Tucker chooses a woman, then we do everything in our power to protect, satisfy and have that woman for the rest of our lived. Danny chose your sister and I chose you. So sorry baby, your stuck with me forever.”

“I can see that” she squeals as he swings her around “You dad had been with your mom forever, right?”

“Oh yeah” Steven looks at her with his eyes sparkling “They have been married for thirty years. Fell in love in high school after dad asked her out and she shot him down the first time.”

“Really?” I look over at Allen with a puzzled look on my face.

“Oh yeah, I had to pursue here for a few months. She was dating this guy that was real popular. My family was well off when I was growing up. A few weeks later, I walked in on him hitting her due to she had said something that he said insulted him. I beat the shit out of him and became her friend. I got to know her and then we started dating. From that, we fell in love and got married when we were in college then found out she was pregnant when we graduated. Then we just moved on with our lives from there” smiling as he thinks about the past.

“You then founded and started your business you have now?” I ask him.

“Yeah he did” Steven clasp him on his shoulder “Then the rest is basically history.”

“That sounds like a romantic novel that could be written. From No to Thirty Years Later” my sister teases him.

He chuckles as he looks at her “Yeah, it could be. That is what I want for all my sons. That same spark, pull and love we have had for our whole loves and marriage.”

“Well, I don’t have a problem with it at all” Cory scoops my sister up in his arms.

Danny tightens his grip around my waist “Me neither. I thought I was just getting a wife for a year just to have a child, now I know that it was fate to meet you.”

I giggle as my lips peck him on his cheek “Well, I had hoped that you would maybe see me more than just a baby machine for you.” He grabs me and kisses me hard. I smile at him afterwards while cupping his cheek with my hand “I love you so much, you just can not imagine.”

“I love you to sweetheart, even though some times you do things to drive me crazy” pecking the corner of my mouth.

“Please tell me you had that dress on before we left last night” Bailey looks at me with those excitable eyes.

“What dress?” Cory looks at both of us in confusion.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it” Danny cold tone echos through the room.

“I will tell you about it later” Bailey giggles.

“Yeah, you have my interest peaked now” he looks at us again with a sparkle in his eyes.

“I would love to know what in the world you two are talking about myself” Steven crosses his arms over his broad chest.

Bailey walks over to him and whispers in his ear. He laughs out loud hard and shakes his head. “Yeah, I can see why they were late now. I don’t know if I could have left at all. I might have just drove my own car with that.”

Danny straightens up and drops his voice “Ok, enough trying to get into my personal life. What we do behind closed doors is up to us. Not for all of you to know what we do all the time.”

“Well, you sure have a minx for a wife. She will keep you on your toes for sure” Steven smiles at both of us.

“She does surprise me all the time. I am blessed to have a woman that can keep up with me and keep me entertained” he hugs me.

Cory smiles at him with a half cocked smile “I think it is the other way around there. I think it is you that has to keep up with her.”

I step in and look at all of them “Now boys, I think we just keep each other occupied pretty well. We both have our own way of surprising each other.”

The guys look at me like I just socked them in their stomachs. Allen steps in “That is what a strong bond is. Loving each other, keeping your relationship fun and always interesting. I have to say Danny, you have made a really good choice in your wife. I know it was suppose to be for other reasons, but I think you have done a wonderful thing and found your true wife.”

The guys are still looking at me in shock “Did she just call us boys?” Steven asks.

Danny grabs me and kisses me. He whispers in my ear so the others can not hear him. “I think I have shown you that I am not a boy.” He then backs up and says “I know I have, she is perfect for me in more ways than one.” He flashes a wicked smile at his brothers.

“Now, I will have to put an add out and get me a perfect wife. Both of you have it, now I need someone” Steven has a pout on his face.

I snicker behind my hand as I look at him “There is one that just left you can go after.”

He lunges at me gently and wraps me up in a loose hug “VERY FUNNY!” he says in a agitated voice as he lets me go “I will find someone soon. Who would not want to be on the arm of this sexy hunk of a guy” as he runs his hands down his body.

I turn around and grab onto his arm, looking at him with a big smile and he laughs as I peck his cheek. Danny grabs me and pulls me away. “Your mine honey” he grunts in my ear.

“I know that. I had to make him laugh a little, he looked so down about not having a woman. I would never do anything against you like that.”

He wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my cheek while everyone laughs at my statement. We take each others arms linking them together as we walk into the dining room for lunch.

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