The Billionaires Fight

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Museum Trip

It has been six weeks since that day we got rid of Ericka and we all have enjoyed having a quiet life in the house. Bailey and I stay at the house most of the time while the guys go to work at their business. We have gone shopping some, and we all have been getting along so good with each other. Steven found a girlfriend about two weeks ago and they started dating. He is taking it slow with her to make sure he does not rush into anything.

My sister is whining at me right now “Danielle, come on please! I really, really want to go.”

“Alright” snapping at her with a rough voice “I am working on it. Jeez, give me a second to get my shoes on.”

There is a huge museum opening today with all kinds of art. The guys said they would meet us there soon. They were in a huge meeting and could not get out of it for at least another hour. We offered to pick up Tina, Steven’s girlfriend to ride with us. As we pull up in front of her mansion and she walks out to get into the car with us. Her family is very wealthy also, but nothing like our family is. Her name is Tina Ware, twenty-two years old and a very beautiful woman.

“Hey ladies” as she slides into the car with us “Thank you so much for picking me up with you. I did not want to arrive by myself to this event.”

“No problem. The guys will meet us there shortly after their meeting. They hated not being there with us. The press is going to be horrible” Bailey smiles at her.

“Yeah, we need to wait until the guards make sure the crowd is settled before we get out. They will open the door when we can leave and walk into the building” pointing to the black SUV that is following us.

“How do you handle all of this? I know my family is well off, but I am not use to being in the middle of all this type attention” she talks quietly.

“Well, we had to get use to it also” Bailey throws her hand in the air like it is no big deal now “We came from a background where we never had any of this. It just takes time but it is becoming background noise to us now.”

I chuckle quietly “Yeah, the first time I had to go through it, I was sweating and extremely nervous. Danny had to calm me down for about an hour before we left.”

“Steven has helped me some with it also. I really like him a lot” she blushes as she talks.

“He is a wonderful guy” nodding at her “He has a wonderful sense of humor that the other brothers don’t’ have as much as he does.”

“I have seen that side of him a lot here lately. Do you both live at their house with everyone?” she looks between both of us.

“Yes, we all do. I am married to Danny and my sister is dating Cory. He practically made her move in when I did. She has her own room for a few weeks, but that did not last long at all. He moved her into his room while I was on my honeymoon” glaring at Bailey because I had told her NOT to do that.

She blushes hard “Well, his room was very big and my clothes just kind of disappeared into his closet one day so I really did not have a choice. It was either move into his room or have to walk in there to get my clothes. After we talked about it, I just decided to stay in his room.”

Crossing my arms over my chest I look at her “Yeah, you did a lot of things while I was gone. The big sister leaves and the younger one goes wild.”

“That is funny” Tina smiles at us “I can understand that though. My younger brother does a ton of things he knows is wrong. He thinks since he is the baby that it does not pertain to him, drives my parents crazy.”

“How old is he” Bailey looks at her with a small smile.

“Seventeen and wild as a buck. He will be here with my parents today. Don’t let him bother you, he can be very rude sometimes.”

We talk and get to know each other. When we pull up, just as expected the limo is rushed by the press. The guards back them up and we finally step out. They blast us with questions. “Bailey, when are you and Cory going to tie the knot?” one reporter screams out “Danielle, are you pregnant yet? Where are the men this evening? Why did you arrive by yourselves? Are you having marital problems like the rumors say you are?” We smile and walk into the museum. The guys have told us to not answer any questions because they have a problem where they will twist the truth around. We step inside and start to walk around looking.

Bailey grabs my arm and tugs me towards a section to the left “Come on, I want to see the ancient paintings first.”

“Yeah, I know. You love your history” I turn to Tina “It that fine with you?”

“Yes, I will just hang out with you until the guys get here.”

“Eeek!” she bounces on her toes “Come on then!”

She takes off and we walk slowly behind her. I have had a few times that I have not felt too good for the last few days. I do not know if it is because I am coming down with something or what. I take a deep breath and walk towards the paintings.

“So, how did you and Danny meet?” Tina stays beside me seeing I don’t feel good “Steven told me a little about you but not much.”

I tell her about the add in the paper and how I answered it. Then we just fell in love from there to where he did not need the contract anymore and shredded it. We have just moved on from there and have started a life as a couple.

“Wow, that is a weird way to find a wife” she scrunches up her nose.

“Well, he was not wanting a wife at the time. He was just wanting a child by a woman. He then got to know me and we both fell in love so the rest is just as it is now. We are just living for the future and whatever comes with it.”

“That is a neat story, weird kind of but also very interesting. I did not think doing something like that was legal” she looks at me with a kind face.

“As long as you sigh a contract and agree to the terms, then it is. I was hesitant at first for doing it but my sister needed medicine I could not afford. That was the main reason I did it, then Cory fell in love with her and the rest is history.”

Allen walks up behind us and I jump at his voice “Hey, the boys were wondering where you got off to.”

“We got in here and away from that wild crows outside” smiling at his wife hanging on his arm.

“They were screaming questions at us as we walked in too. The boys are over at the medieval area looking at all those things” he nods towards the direction.

“Thanks, we will head over there and meet up with them. Let me grab Bailey.”

I go and find her looking at all the paintings. Telling her where the guys are and that they are waiting on us, she walks with me and we take Tina with us. We all walk over there to the area that they are standing, waiting on us.

Danny comes over and puts his arms around me “Hey love, we were wondering where you were in this massive place.”

“You know Bailey with her love of art. We were over there looking at the old history paintings” pointing to the wall we come from.

Cory rushes up to Bailey and spins her around “Hello, baby. You doing good?”

“Of course” she giggles “I was looking at all the art over there. It is absolutely amazing.”

As we are walking around, I start to get a little dizzy. I shake it off and grab some water. Danny looks down at me with a concerned look “Are you sick? You look a little pale.”

“Yes, I am fine” trying to gather myself back up to continue the tour.

I take his arm and we continue through the museum looking at all the pieces. We make it though the entire place when I need to sit down for just a minute due to being tired.

“Here, just take it easy. You have not been looking like you feel good at all” Danny hold me steady as I feel like I am going to pass out.

“I am just tired. I have a wave of just being very weak come over me all of a sudden” weakly smiling at him.

Cory walks over and stoops down in front of me “Hey, you don’t look good at all. You look like your about to pass out.”

“Can you just get me some water please?” lifting my head to look at him “I need a few sips and I should be fine after that.”

He takes off and brings me a bottle of water back. I drink about half of it and start feeling better. “I feel better now. Thank you Cory, my mouth went dry all of a sudden.”

Danny holds me down on the bench “Don’t get up yet. Make sure you are not dizzy at all. Don’t move until you feel better.”

I sit there for about fifteen minutes. I finally feel better and with Danny’s help, I stand up slowly. As I take a step, everything goes black.

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