The Billionaires Fight

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Good News Arrives

Some time later, I wake up to the beeping of machines of a private room. My eyes slowly open to see Danny sitting in a chair beside the bed holding my hand with his head laying down on the side of the bed.

My mouth is dry as I try to speak “D-Danny, where am I?”

His head snaps up and his eyes show the relief in them “Oh thank god, your awake. How are you feeling?” he stand up and lays his hand on my forehead.

“Exhausted, what happened?” looking around the room.

“When you took a step, you blacked out and collapsed. I caught you before you hit the ground. We cleared the area and called an ambulance which took you to this private room here.”

“Why did I black out?” comes out weakly.

“They are running tests on you now, drawing blood and have been watching your vitals for the last hour.”

“I have not felt to good lately. The last few days, I just have not felt like myself.”

He bristles with a rush of anger “Why haven’t you said something?” it comes out a little harshly.

“I thought maybe it was like a stomach bug that made me feel bad or I had eaten something that just did not agree with me” trying to calm him down.

“You need to tell me these things please” he sits back down in the chair “That way if we need to get you checked out, we can.”

“I will from now on. I was going to say something after the museum but I guess it caught up with me before I had the chance to let you know about it.”

His dad pokes his head in the room “Hey son, how is she?”

He walks in and then is followed by everyone else. They have a worried look in their eyes but when they see me awake, it fades.

“Hey beautiful” Cory grabs my other hand gently “How do you feel?”

“Like I have food poising or something. I have felt bad for the last few days but this evening it got worse.”

Steven steps up with his arms across his chest and an angry look on his face “Woman, you know Danny was about to burst a blood vessel when you collapsed? He asked all kinds of questions about your food, what have you touched and how long have you been like this.”

“I was worried and trying to get all the details before the ambulance got there because I was worried to death about her. One minute she was talking and trying to walk, the next she just collapsed. I barely caught her before she hit the floor” he glares at Steven.

“We all were son” his dad pats him on the shoulder “Has the doctor been in?"

“Not yet” in a weak voice “Danny said they are running tests.”

Just then the doctor appears at the door with a smile on his face “Mr. and Mrs. Tucker?”

“Yes” Danny stands up and holds my hand a little harder.

“Good evening. My name is Dr. Ethan. Are you feeling better Mrs?”

I look at him and smile “Please, call me Danielle. A little but I still feel weak. It feels like I ate something that did not agree with me.”

“Well, I can tell you that it is not food poisoning thankfully. Do you want the whole family to hear the news or just you two privately?” he looks around the full room.

“Is it bad?” Danny’s voice cracks a little.

“No” he smiles reaches his eyes “It is good news but some people just want the news first and then share it with family.”

“Oh please!” Bailey is sitting in Cory’s lap “Just tell us what is going on with her!”

“If it is not life threatening then I agree, you can just tell all of us together” Danny looks at me and I nod.

“Your pregnant. I want to do an ultrasound to see how far along you are exactly, if you don’t mind” he walks over and looks at the monitors.

Bailey jumps up out of Cory’s lap and is jumping up and down “Ahhhh! Are you kidding me? I am going to be an Aunt?”

Cory grabs her and calms her down “Calm down love, come on. Let them do what they need to and we will come back when they are done.”

“Come on boys” his dad steps out of the room “We can run down and grab some coffee. I need some caffeine real quick.”

“Me too” Steven says “Your buying dad” he says in a joking voice.

“You have you own money” he turns to him and then pokes him in his chest.

“We are all connected to the same account dad” Cory pats his dad on the shoulder “He is just picking on you.”

“Come on, I need something anyway myself. I want to grab a coke” Bailey drags Cory out of the room.

They leave and I smile as they do. Looking over at Danny, his eyes are dancing with delight as he looks at me.

“I’m so excited. I know this is what I wanted but now I’m very excited to see what we are having” as Danny lays his hand on my stomach.

“I am too. I don’t care what gender it is, as long as it is a healthy baby” laying my hand on top of his.

“Same here. If anything, we can have more down the road also” he smirks as he thinks about more kids.

The doctor comes back in and takes me to a different room then helps me up on the table and pulls my top up just a little bit.

“Ok, this will be a little warm but it will feel better than a cold gel hitting you. I going to slide this wand over you stomach and see what we can find” the doctor’s smile is reaching his eyes as he talks to us.

“Let’s see how our child is doing” looking at the monitor as he gets everything ready.

Danny’s eyes are glued on the monitor as he slowly slides the wand over my stomach. He slides it over until he finds what looks like a little peanut but bigger. He stops over it and takes a picture of it.

“Good, that’s one” as he moves the wand again.

“Wait, what?” Danny’s head snaps towards the doctor “What do you mean that’s one?”

He pauses and turns the monitor up a little. “That’s the babies heart beat. There are two if you listen very carefully.”

“So we are having twins?” Danny’s voice cracks a little.

“Yes, the gender will be reviled when you are closer to 4 months” smiling as he is talking.

“How far along am I now?” trying to see the size of the babies.

“Hum, let me find number two real quick” he moves the wand over and finds the second one. He takes a picture of it and then look sat them on the monitor. “Ok, from the looks of this you are right at 8 weeks along. So we are looking at you having these in the summer around mid July.”

“I know that Christmas is in a few days so I’m glad that we have good news to give the family” he rubs the back of his head while smiling.

“Well, congratulations is in order for you two. If you want to make an appointment to return here for your term, I will be glad to help with that. If not, I can refer you to some OBGYN doctors.”

“Your one correct?” laying my hand on his arm.

“Yes I am, when they got your blood work back they called me to come in and look at it. Then I came to talk to you.”

“I’m fine with just staying with you. We’ve already gotten to know you and I like you a lot” smiling at the doctor who is watching me.

“I’m fine with that also” Danny nods his head.

“Well, let’s get you back to your room after I get you cleaned up. Then the doctor can release you and you should be out of here within a hour or so” he rubs the paper that is draped over me cleaning the gel off.

“Sounds good. Thank you so much” he shakes the doctor’s hand.

“Oh, here are your prints of your babies. Congratulations again” handing Danny the two pictures of the ultrasound.

We go back to our room and he kisses me. “I can’t believe it. Twins of all things”

“I know, its wonderful.” We wait until the others come in so we can share the news.

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