The Billionaires Fight

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Happy Moments

Not long after we get settled back in, everyone files back into the room. Danny’s smile is still showing off his teeth and I think his face is going to break.

“I take it with that smile that the baby is doing good?” his dad looks at his son.

“I think the space station can see his smile as big as it is” Steven leans against the door frame.

“So, I’m guessing that it was good news?” Bailey plops down on the side of the bed where my legs are.

“You can say that. The doctor was very nice and helped us with a lot of information” looking at everyone in the room.

“We’re having twins” he spits out of his mouth quickly.

“Really? Oh god, two of your running around the house. That’s not good” Cory flops down in a chair and face palms himself.

“Hey, I was the decent child. You were wilder than I was” pointing at Cory’s reaction.

“Yeah, but they say kids can be worse than the parents. If these are boys, then you are in for a world of trouble. They will fight, bicker and argue all the time” Steven has pushed off the door frame and moved to the wall now with one foot propped against the wall behind him.

“That was you too, not him. He would boss you around but he was always firm with what he said. You two basically did what he said” Allen points at the two younger brothers.

“They knew not to buck their older brother” Danny chuckles.

“Yeah, you would beat the shit out of us if we did” Cory leans forward in his chair putting his elbows on his knees.

“Hey, one way to be commanding right?” his lips curl at his youngest brother.

“Yeah, then I would get a hold of you and beat you for hitting your brothers” Allen smiles.

“Yeah, those spankings hurt” as he rubs his butt with the memories of getting punished by his dad.

“Well, these won’t get away with that. I can promise you that. No child needs to be hit” grabbing my stomach with my hands.

Cory looks at us with a shocked look “Didn’t you two fight?”

Bailey shakes her head as she answers “Nope, we were always good kids. We only argued a few times but it wasn’t much. We got along really well.”

I smile at those memories “We were more like best friends than sisters in a way. We had a bond that a lot of people couldn’t believe. It was nice to be like that.”

Shortly after, the doctor walks in and releases me. After we leave we are headed home.

I look over at my husband “How late is it?”

“Not real late, why?”

“Um, I’m kinda hungry” rubbing my stomach.

Fine, well stop at this restaurant that is really good. Are you craving seafood again?”

“Yeah, I am. I don’t know why I am craving it so much.”

Allen chuckles as he looks at me “My wife craved all kinds of weird things when she was pregnant with these three. Danny she craved hot and spicy things, Steven it was fried foods, and Cory was pickles all the time.”

“Yeah and I love hot and spicy things” he licks his lips as he says this.

Cory nods and adds “I also love pickles.”

Steven smiles “Mine is fried foods. I guess its passed down from the parent to the child.”

“So these babies are going to love seafood then. I have been eating it so much here lately”

Danny places his hand on my stomach and looks down “Yeah, we will have to be hitting a lot of seafood places or eating a lot at the house.” We walk into a seafood place and get a big table for all of us. A waitress comes by and gets our orders.

“So, I know it’s early but what are you hoping to have?” Allen asks.

“I would love to see two girls” Bailey says.

Cory smiles “I’m banking on two boys. Mom only had boys so I think that is what they will have.”

Steven nods “Me too, you will have twin boys.”

“I wouldn’t mind having one of each” looking at everyone.

“I could handle either both boys or one of each. That is what I’m hoping for” Danny looks at me.

Our food comes and we all eat.

I sigh and pat my stomach “This hits the spot. I love these crab legs, they are cooked just perfectly. We had some in Florida but this place is amazing and it just tastes better.”

Danny laughs and then shakes his head a little “I guess I will have our cook start fixing her things like this.”

“Maybe a few times a week but I can eat other things” trying not to be too complicated with this pregnancy.

“I will make sure you get it whenever you want it. Just tell the cooks and they can fix it” he looks at me with a look that tells me he is not kidding.

“Ok, I will” not wanting to start and argument with him “Can we pick out a room for them to this week?”

“Yes, we’ll have them close to our room. There are plenty of empty rooms around us.”

Good, I like the sound of that. We will look at them and then choose.”

Bailey interrupts us as she grabs my hand “Ah, I still can’t believe that your pregnant. I’m so happy right now I could scream.”

“Please don’t” giggling softly “We would like to keep our ear drums thank you.”

“I can’t help it, I’m super excited about this. I was hoping you would have a child in the next few years.”

“How about this since we are already out. Let’s go look at a store and see what each of you like and maybe buy somethings also” Danny squeezes my hand.

“Isn’t it a little early for that?” looking at him.

Allen looks at me with a huge smile “Its never to early to buy for a baby. We started at five weeks with Danny.”

“We can wait on the clothes and things until we know what your having. The beds can be bought, and some other items. I want to buy for my future nephew’s or niece’s” Steven claps his hands together a little to loudly.

“Fine, well tell the driver to go by the baby store on the way home. We can look and if you find something you really like we can get it" he pats my hand.

The bill comes and he pays for the food. We all go and get into the cars then drive for a short time arriving a Baby Superstore.

“Eeek!” she is back to bouncing again “This is going to be so much fun.” She grabs Cory and takes off with him dragging him down the rows of baby items.

“Your sister gets very excited about things doesn’t she?” he asks as he interlocks our fingers.

“Yes, she has always wanted kids of her own. Now that the medication that she is on is helping her so well, she may have a fighting chance to have them.”

“I’m glad that she may be able to have her dream. She is a wonderful person. My brother absolutely loves her to death.”

Steven scoffs then smiles a little “Yeah, she is so bubbly and has such a wonderful attitude.”

“She’s always been like that. My parents always told her to she had a good attitude but she needed to calm down.”

Allen pats my shoulder lightly “We love her spirited attitude. She can always make us laugh at things.” We walk down the rows looking at cribs, crib sets, strollers, bottles, toys, and all the accessories.

Cory runs over to us “We got a buggy to start loading things up with. We have two cars so we have plenty of room” his eyes have a very happy look in them. I laugh as we walk some more. The guys are grabbing all kinds of items. Diaper Genies, refills, bottles, bibs, bath tubs, training potties, basically anything I say I like they snatch and put in the buggies. Steven has grabbed another one since the first one is now full.

“Let’s see what cribs you like” Danny guides me to the furniture area. I find two white ones that I love and also two black ones.

“I love those. I want to wait until we know what they are then go from there” pointing at the very nice cribs that have caught my eyes.

“I can handle that. We have time and that would make sense.”

“Look at all these cute clothes! There’s yellow, beige, white and green ones. That will go for either of them” Bailey holds up outfit after outfit.

Cory is also getting into it and holds up some “And we got all kinds of sizes. From newborn to twelve months.”

“Ok, were waiting on the cribs due to if their boys, were getting the black ones” Danny looks over at the cribs again.

“That sounds good son. If your torn between them then it’s best to wait” his dad nods but has a small glimmer in his eyes. We check out and stuff the cars with all our purchases. We spent over $1000 in there and haven’t even touched the big ticket items yet. I also looked at a lot of themes and got a ton of ideas for the rooms.

“Now we just have to pick out their rooms and go from there.”

“I think they need to be in the same room until their older. That way your not running from room to room. Oh, did we get those two baby monitors that she likes that were top of the line?” as she looks at the bags the guys are carrying.

“Yes we got those. There back there with dad and Steven” Cory nods to the bags behind him. When we get home, between the guys and the servants the bags are taken upstairs. Danny and I look at a few rooms and pick out one that is across the hall from ours. We put everything in there, hanging up the outfits and putting the rest in the closet for later.

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